Is “Cancel Culture” Our Current Reality?

Tonight I read an article titled “Ontario Education Minister Accused of Scrubbing Social Media of Critical Comments“. Not long ago we heard of Trump being censored, many people have a hatred for the man so from what I was hearing was it was “justified”. Now it has not only escalated to many people and groupsContinue reading “Is “Cancel Culture” Our Current Reality?”

The Candy Hangover!

Another Halloween has come and gone. I’m sure we aren’t the only parents who watch what their kids eat, including the candy they get at Halloween! We had some ah-ha moments in our home this past week that I wanted to share. We do let our kids enjoy Halloween and their candy… and use thisContinue reading “The Candy Hangover!”

The Mess Doesn’t Matter

When I became a mom I had a struggle within myself about ensuring everything was always in order. Physically and mentally. I put a lot of stress on myself in those early months and years. It was honestly somewhat of a blur. My husband was early in his career, after making a switch from constructionContinue reading “The Mess Doesn’t Matter”

Just a Tuesday Evening at Home!

Yummy Turmeric Tea, Diffuser Blend, Bath Bomb, Essential Oils, Food and My Family. My kind of weekday night! I am always curious about natural ways to support a healthy metabolism. My body needs a little bit of loving to keep the metabolism going so I am grateful my oils can support me with this! AContinue reading “Just a Tuesday Evening at Home!”

Grateful Mom | Raising Them Right

🤩 Mom Brag! 😍 Every day I am reminded how awesome these kids are! This morning we bowled with Big Brothers and Sisters Bowl for Kids! After bowling we did groceries and when we brought the food in, hubby said to Carson about helping put the groceries away. Not only did he put all theContinue reading “Grateful Mom | Raising Them Right”

On Guard & Smart and Sassy Essential Oil Blends

Let me introduce you to two blends you will find helpful in your home and with your health! On Guard and Smart and Sassy (Slim and Sassy in the US). On Guard is an incredible protective blend for supporting a healthy immune response and respiratory function. This is one of our absolute staples! It protectsContinue reading “On Guard & Smart and Sassy Essential Oil Blends”

Parenting Without Expectations

A couple months ago I came across a video of Oprah and Dr Shefali. It began playing after a video I had chosen to watch. It was a thought provoking, inspiring, revolutionary video. So much in fact that after I listened to it that day at lunch, I listened again in the evening and againContinue reading “Parenting Without Expectations”

Boost Your Immune System

This time of year its important for everyone of all ages (kids and seniors especially) to boost our immune system! Not just for the change in temperatures but also for the variety of foods we typically eat during the holiday season – especially those which contain more sugar! Sugar works against your immune system andContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System”

Change your mind, change your life

I’ve been on an incredible personal development journey intentionally for the past 4+ years. What I am finding fascinating and extremely interesting is in fact how many of our beliefs can come from when we are younger and can be from 1 moment, memory or experience. Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve learned more inContinue reading “Change your mind, change your life”

Oils to Add to Your Collection!

I am very excited for these oils to join our collection! With their value and benefits you too will be making room in yours! I had the opportunity to experience the new oils tonight and oh my! They smell delish – well except tumeric haha its lucky it has some incredible benefits 😉 ! EvenContinue reading “Oils to Add to Your Collection!”