Boost Your Immune System

This time of year its important for everyone of all ages (kids and seniors especially) to boost our immune system! Not just for the change in temperatures but also for the variety of foods we typically eat during the holiday season – especially those which contain more sugar! Sugar works against your immune system andContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System”

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!¬† I will be honest, I wasn’t raised all natural, it wasn’t until a few years ago when I was struggling (again) with my health and my children were having their own challenges when we discovered the natural healing power of doTERRA Essential Oils! Every single personContinue reading “Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!”

Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!

I am excited to offer these fabulous back to school essential oil kits which will empower you within your home and family to strengthen your immune system, provide a calming and relaxing sensation, uplift and invigorate and so much more! Its so incredibly important to invest in yourself and your health! Best investment Ive everContinue reading “Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!”