What Do You Do When Triggered?

How do you react when you feel triggered?The old me, wouldn’t have been so motivated.The new me… when I said to myself “what should I do…” (had some alone time at home for a few hours), my voice suddenly said “let’s work out”.The confusion that crossed my face haha 🤣Ok let’s at least go changeContinue reading “What Do You Do When Triggered?”


TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY 💖 I shared this over on Instagram… where I’ve spent most of my digital days between many avid breaks of “social media” since Novemeber of 2020. As I am healing I am realizing the toll that my husband’s accident had not only on him physically and mentally, but also for me (and theContinue reading “TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY”


There are no perfect pictures or perfect moments.Because EVERYTHING IS perfect in its own way, whatever that is.Not much is “perfect” to what “perfect” is in this picture.Bed is not made perfectly.My bag and journals, books on the bed.Most likely various oils as well. Probably don’t have any blankets without oil stains! Garbage is sittingContinue reading “Unapologetically”

March 11th | 2023

Three years ago today, was our last “normal” day in this current world we are living in. Thankfully our today life is drastically different than the days following March 11, 2020. I woke up this morning and was hit with this realization. First step, get the diffuser going! This blend is 👌 Its incredible toContinue reading “March 11th | 2023”

Deep Healing – Forever Consciousness | March 10/23

A favourite empath Healer of mine, Avalon Starlight – The Empath Healer shared this with me and I am truly grateful 🙏 “There is a big astrological energy calling up old wounds to be healed once and for all. If you are experiencing feelings from the past, know that this is part of a bigContinue reading “Deep Healing – Forever Consciousness | March 10/23”

Do you believe in Fate/Destiny

Do you believe in fate/destiny? Yes, as when we align ourselves with divine timing, everything unfolds exactly how it should. Sadly this can also mean heartache as we cannot control anyone else’s soul contracts, which can lead to pain and suffering. When we are able to fully Feel, to Heal this will be the catalystContinue reading “Do you believe in Fate/Destiny”

March 2023 | Are You Living Authentically

The energy for March is POTENT! Last week was challenging, with a tragic sudden family loss, the week felt heavy and sad. Also beautiful how the family pulled together. ✨️The duality of life. As March enters, the energy has felt potent. There are some big shifts happening. Which also means a beautiful opportunity for deeperContinue reading “March 2023 | Are You Living Authentically”

Life Will Shift Us Before We Are Ready

Life will shift us before we are truly ready.We declare we are “ready”, and the universe delivers the challenge to “test” if we truly are.At a level, once previously unknown.The power… is sinking in deep to those triggers, allowing the most fucking beautiful growth to not only come to blossom, but into full bloom!The pastContinue reading “Life Will Shift Us Before We Are Ready”

Photo Tour with my Man

There are times in life we are handed lemons, rather than sitting around wondering what to do with them, lets make lemonade!!! Its sometimes easier to sink into … poor me, this sucks, “we used to…” type thinking when our lives shift and change. Some can be positive, other can be challenging and feel negative.Continue reading “Photo Tour with my Man”

Ice Crystals in the Morning

This morning felt beautifully magical! ✨️ The ice fairies were busy dancing beautifully over the branches of the trees. An incredible blessing to come upon this morning, truly felt magical. A pause in time, the glimmer of the sun slowly rising as the moon graced the sky ahead. ✨️ Th energy felt good! I’ve feltContinue reading “Ice Crystals in the Morning”