Go The Distance

I am greatly appreciative of an opportunity that has been presented to us this year, that is getting truly in touch within. One way I love doing that is through Oracle cards. I really like Colette Baron Reid’s online oracle cards! My messages today, feel very much inline ❤ I am grateful for these remindersContinue reading “Go The Distance”

Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir

Do you feel like you need to cleanse ‘negative’ energy from you and or your home? The renovations continue so I feel like I need to neutralize the energy. I’m a “before and after” girl, the in-between has me actually feeling quite anxious.  3 drops each of Lemongrass and White Fir will cleanse the energy. Continue reading “Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Life | Lemongrass & White Fir”

The Best Moments of Christmas 2015

This Christmas I must say was the absolute best. This afternoon I sat and simply wrote whatever came to mind. When I then began to write about healing. Healing as  a “whole” for myself. Over the very many years of my life there has been a lot of happiness but also heart ache. Truly appreciatingContinue reading “The Best Moments of Christmas 2015”