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Welcome To Your Life As Art Essentials! 
My name is Pam and I am going to help you simplify your health and life! 

I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate who sell’s Essential Oils and Health Products. I inspire and educate families on real, simple ways to positive change in their health.
Educating and empowering others all over the world
to be healthier and happier… naturally!

With a life filled with family, friends, our community and most importantly the responsibilities of raising two beautiful children with my husband while working full time, I found myself struggling at times with my health, of who I really was and what my true purpose on this earth is. I love my life, love being a mom and I love being involved in our family business dedicated to home comfort…
However something, for me, was missing.

Having been there myself through real life struggles with my own health and being a {working} woman, wife and mom, my health and life was changed with the introduction of natural plant based health products. If I can take control of my own health – anyone can!
I want to inspire and empower other women and families all over the world to be healthier and happier!

When We Are Healthier – We Are Happier!
Life truly is to be enjoyed, appreciated and valued – much like art!

With a life long passion for art, Your Life As Art was born.

Your Life As Art Essentials 20170819-IMG_5712.jpg


I am a successful, confident woman living my life fearlessly and passionately! Its about real life, true love, fun times, the good, bad and the in between… my journey through life with my passion for family, photography and essential oils!

I am SO excited to meet you! Our doTERRA Wellness Family supports people all over the world. From Canada, The United States, Europe, Australia or wherever you call home!

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