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I am SO excited for you to get started on your journey! Here are the starter packs I personally recommend to get you on your oily way with the highest quality oils you can buy!

Enrollment Collections & Create Your Own

View all the kits available from the United States Warehouse –> HERE
(Canadians have the option to order from the US or Canadian warehouses)

View all the kits available from the Canadian Warehouse –> HERE

Aroma Essentials Collection
PV 115.00
Save: $57.50
Wholesale: $155.00 USD

Healthy Start Enrollment Kit
PV 100.00
Save: $25.00
Wholesale: $160.00 USD

Home Essentials Enrollment Kit
PV 235.00
Save: $104.50
Wholesale: $270.00 USD

Lets Get You Started!!!

When you are ready head over to My doTERRA Office to get started!

At the top click on “Become A Member” and then follow through with the questions. You will select your Country of where your order will be shipped and the language. The next page allows you to choose Canada or US (Canadians we have the benefit of ordering from Canada OR the US!).

If you select an enrollment collection, all collections include a discount of 25% that you will be able to use for the following year if you choose to purchase more! Lets be honest, you will love the oils and you will appreciate this 25% discount moving forward trust me!!!


Please reach out – these oils have transformed our life and I am willing and able to guide you in the benefits of natures medicine in your home. ❤


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