Oils, Energy and Forgiveness

A very powerful trio – Oils, Energy and Forgiveness! At some point in everyone’s life we have done someone wrong or someone has done wrong to us. It’s a fact of life, no one is perfect. However where we go is how we grow! Always learning and striving to be the best person we canContinue reading “Oils, Energy and Forgiveness”

Just a Tuesday Evening at Home!

Yummy Turmeric Tea, Diffuser Blend, Bath Bomb, Essential Oils, Food and My Family. My kind of weekday night! I am always curious about natural ways to support a healthy metabolism. My body needs a little bit of loving to keep the metabolism going so I am grateful my oils can support me with this! AContinue reading “Just a Tuesday Evening at Home!”

Essential Oils for ADHD

In 2014, the most loving, curious, inquisitive little boy set me on a journey. A journey within to follow my heart. This special little man has ADHD, I knew in my heart before we heard the words. I embraced it and we welcomed this to our lifestyle. As a family we now all embrace andContinue reading “Essential Oils for ADHD”

Littles who love to think big

20120501-328C0738-WM-2, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love these kids, they are just so excited and proud with each passing day more excited to grow bigger and do more things. I love to cherish how little they still are yet appreciate their thriving independence, and be proud. Proud of these two great kidsContinue reading “Littles who love to think big”