If you are interested in expanding your own knowledge with doTERRA Essential Oils, experiencing them for yourself and empowering you and/or your family my doTERRA Education will meet your needs!

As a working woman and mom I know first hand the importance of keeping things simple, effective and affordable!

I support you how you want to be supported! If you want to learn on your own as you go, awesome, if you need assistance with questions getting going, awesome Im here for that too! If you need a more step by step how to use – also here for that!


Online, One on One and/or Public Education Classes Available!

Join us  to learn more about being empowered for your health and wellness in your own home!

Essential Oils For For All Seasons
Raising Healthy Kids Naturally
Natural Solutions for Healthy, Empowered Living
Emotions and Essential Oils
Women’s Health … and so much more!

Curious to experience oils, have any questions or would like to get signed up to enjoy your own wholesale account and oils in your own home? Drop me a line or connect with me at one of my upcoming events !

Be Empowered In Your Own Home and On The Go…
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