Shifts, Turns & Happy Things

This past week has been transformational once again.

With an event in our Chakra Mastery Academy, as well as the commencement of CA$H – Aligned Wealth with Melanie Ann Layer.

Truthfully, up until the day I saw a friend and fellow energy worker post about Melanie’s invisible offer, I was intrigued to learn more, who is this person, what has she done and why do I feel so drawn to her energy.

I signed up on the spot.

For a training I knew NOTHING about. Other than it would cost me $111 – today, as the price would continue to rise until the day of the course.

3 days into the course and my world feels like its literally shifting into alignment. With the work we do in the Chakra Mastery Academy with Avalon and the feminine and masculine energy work of business in CA$H with Melanie – my energy body is just buzzing with excitement.

After sharing a comment in the group, I have decided my best impact to give back is so very exciting for me!!!

Complete Alignment for me is trusting ME. Vs asking external. Knowing that my internal radar is always on and guiding me. Which at times may feel lost or blinding, but as I continue to learn, its always guiding me where I need to be. I have been pulled to various people through many years, here’s the thing. We can ALWAYS learn something from another human being, its whatever WE are able to pull out of that lesson. For every single person it will be different, as we are all unique. I have followed a few spiritual leaders who then, I didn’t feel as pulled to, which is ok. Energy, when honored correctly in your body, will always direct you where you are meant to be. There is a reason we were pulled here, as long as no matter who the person is, you always run it through yourself first, the opinions of others should be used merely as directions on the side of the road – there is ALWAYS more than one way to get there! ❀” Pamela Zmija

There are some exciting things happening and I am bursting to be able to share… and soon will!

Ho’oponopono | Believe


I’m Sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

The ending of day 1 of our workshop, BELIEVE. I absolutely adore this Chakra Mastery Academy, it truly is one of its kind. There are such similarities with so many of us yet we are ALL so incredibly unique. This song ended our believe journey meditation.

What an experience!

To experience a piece of this yourself, listen to this song. REALLY lean in and listen to the words.


Oh, check out today’s card pull too, the alignment is incredible! πŸ™πŸ’—

Tonight’s Diffuser Blend

  • Siberian Fir – Aging and Perspective
  • Elevation – Joy
  • Clary Sage – Clarity and Vision
  • Rosemary – Knowledge and Transition
  • Petitgrain – Ancestry

Always Choose The Road Less Traveled

Always choose the road less traveled!

Embrace the beauty of nature, the uniqueness, quiet, peace…calm

I had a niggle today to go check out a local store. I’ve wanted a lounger for a while. The thought dropped in yesterday and continued to get stronger. Even before walking in the store today after work, I found it! πŸ’— Awesome price, great quality. Better than what I had been originally looking for!

Got home, set it up, enjoying the sunshine and was joined by a dragon fly friend. First on my chest and then on my ankle. My friend sat with my long enough that I could call to my family to bring me my purse that had my phone! Just incredible!

While driving down this beautiful country road I had a thought drop in, if an animal runs out, just lift your foot. Smart too cause it’s a gravel road! Not even a minute later a elegant looking fox with something in its mouth almost darted out, but then turned and ran back into the trees.

In another area I passed by this interesting creature. Turtles I find so fascinating. They move so slow, and thought out. Not in a rush, just going at their own pace. Never in a race with anyone. Ahhhh what we can all learn from a turtle! I had to pull over and coax it off the road. I was impressed at how calm the turtle was. I found a stick and gently patted it to get him moving.

Feeling truly blessed for these manifestations! That are beginning to become effortless πŸ™

Sagittarius Full Moon | June 14, 2022

Beautiful Sagittarius Full Moon ritual last night after my CMA call!

πŸ™ Gratitude,
πŸ™ Release!
Celebrated it all, the good, bad and in between!

Intuitive Diffuser Blend
Cedarwood – Community
Fennel – Responsibility
Green Mandarin – Pure Potential
Geranium – Love and Trust
Rosemary – Knowlegde and Transition

Slept beautifully

Some bedtime oils for a massage for the kiddos too!

  • Community
  • Aging and Perspective
  • Protection
  • Breath
  • Tranquility
  • Grounding
  • Calm and Communication
  • Femininity

Start, By Trusting YOU!

This evenings diffuser blend, intuitively selected by Pam and absolutely delicious!

Cleansing – Lemongrass
Protected Space – Lemon Eucalyptus
Divine Grace – Arborvitae
Self Acceptance – Bergamot

Powerful blend to energetically cleanse our aura and frequency, lean in and silence your mind, breathe deep and listen.

What do you hear?

As I am sitting on my deck,Β  listening to the sounds of nature and the road, I am truly grateful for the way nature literally can over power the sounds of ‘the hustle and bustle’. Truly grateful to be living this life. πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’«

Become best friends with yourself and you will be amazed at how much flow and ease life can be.

Yup this comes after many hard falls, forward thinking can only truly happen when you allow yourself to feel, to heal. The true magical “thing”.

Feel, to Heal.
Genius, as if you ignore feelings, emotions, anything in life and push it aside or keep pushing down the emotions, one day, that volcano is going to erupt.

Continually honoring yourself, truly. Will shift your life in ways once thought unimaginable.

Yes shit happens in life, but everything does happen for a reason. YES, sadly the shitty stuff too. What did you learn during the process, or after, what introspection were you provided with, the direction of your life.

There have been many things in my life that I was sure, were going to break me… many times. Until I became rooted in me, to my core who I am as a person, first, and then as a wife, mom, daughter, sister etc etc. Now, looking back, I am SO proud of the healing I have accomplished. Of the time and dollars invested, and my current commitment to continue honoring ME!

Yes, I can say, from all the shit… some fucking incredible flowers have not only blossomed but continue to share the beauty!

When in the moment of anything, hearing “everything happens for a reason” DOES hurt. 100%! It’s a beautiful mind shift, so that when YOU are actually in the moment of something, the more clarity you have in your life, the easier to shift with your states of awareness, by literally calling yourself out.

What can I learn?
What is this meant to teach me?

Begins the feeling, to healing process ο’—

It is then, you and your intuition become besties and create true magic ✨️

Start, by trusting YOU!

Enjoy the blend and if you try the carpet/mat deodorizer let me know what you think of it too! I just love how fresh it smells!!!

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Being In The Flow

As Keeli Martinez described this earlier, this would be me listening to my spark. When a thought drops into your mind and it just all makes sense. Also what I refer to as, being in the flow!

Envision this, being in nature, listening to the birds sing and nature beautifully exist, ground down through your feet to mother nature and just breathe. When you truly have nothing to think about, except just being in that moment.

These moments continue to happen more.

I lean in to my soul and allow understanding.

Allowing divine guidance and unconditional love from my angels and guides.

Being in the flow is when time literally could feel like its standing still or racing by – whatever energy you put into that moment.

As a highly sensitive person and empath, living, working, existing in this world, I too have to remind myself about how important self care is.

My oracle card reading from earlier also demonstrated this in a few ways!

As well as my desire when I got home that evening. To go and stand in the gentle rain, in nature and ground into mother earth!

This evenings diffuser blend as well is outstanding. I’ve had incredible sleeping luck with a combination of these oils this week! We’ve got Tranquility, Pure Potential, Knowledge and Transition, Aging and Perspective and Ancestry. What a powerful combination and it smelled fantastic!

5/26/2022 Oils & Energy | All Paths Lead Home & Find A Balance

The world needs more truth and honesty. Mutual respect with ethics and morals.

When you dive deep, to truly LOVE YOURSELF first, you send a ripple out into the world of that incredibly powerful energy, that then causes a ripple effect of others.

Some made fade, others will come forward, bonds may be strengthened and you may be surprised at the power of your shadows. Keep putting YOU forward. Follow your heart.

ETA Since I posted this I’ve watched a few other videos over on Instagram. Check out Russell Brands latest Instragm video. Such an important message for everyone! This video is also in alignment with all the others I’ve watched today, even the cards I pulled earlier this evening. THAT is how connected we all are! The world needs so much more love and light at this time. A true revolution to free ourselves from the grips. I’ve often wondered why the grocery store has a “health food” section… what is the rest of the store considered?! These types of changes. Removal of toxins, chemicals, horrific pesticides that harm our health. From lived experience, the way we each heal individually, is starting with loving and respecting ourself.

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Water Droplet

Sometimes what we need is to zoom in, take in less of the big picture and be more specific with our time and energy.

Had I simply been looking at this plant as a whole (the big picture) I would have completely missed this incredible beauty in nature.

The tiniest little droplet can have such a profound impact in this shot, just like you can within the world!


Overwhem to Calm

Sometimes the big picture can feel too much, when we zero in and focus on bits of the big picture we can experience satisfaction as we go and keeping our mind positive, vs sinking into overwhelm.


We can then also truly appreciate each and every moment in different ways. I used this technique while weeding the garden. We have a large front garden with expansive space for our plants. Looking at “all that needs done” can be easily overwhelming. By focusing on each section at a time, it’s much easier to stay focused on the task, enjoy the moment and get completed much quicker! ✌️

I love macro photography for these similar reasons. By focusing in on a specific area of the plant, allowing a beautiful representation of nature. A focal point that is easily overlooked when looking at the “big picture”.


As breathing the blossoms on this tree are, when pulled back, can you feel the energetic shift from calm to, a slight increase to overwhelm.

Flower Power

A girl and her camera creating macro magic!

As we begin the long weekend, I encourage you to BE in the flow with whatever you might be doing. Find peace and happiness in the moments that may feel mundane. Reach deep down and be real, with yourself. Feel to heal. Be like a flower, regardless of what or who else, stand tall and be YOU!