Sagittarius New Moon | Nov 23/22

I find the seasons and cycles so fascinating! Also fascinating at how it can shift and change sometimes so quickly!

The other night, during a call with my energy queen, seriously she is amazing and I feel SO aligned with her, Avalon explained to us that this moon is the, if it’s not completely authentic AF it’s not for me, bringing the light to even more darkness, calling out the BS and just straight up not taking any shit. But also this is the time to bring this to our consciousness to really free what isn’t for us, to just let it go. Especially that version of us that we thought was it!

I began crying. As that was exactly how I have been feeling.

It was when she added in and I heard was, it’s going to be time for all of us who are care givers to take a giant step back and finally allow ourselves to focus on us.

Tears 😭

Big, heavy, ugly cry tears.

I said this to my husband recently, which took a LOT for me to admit. I’ve always been that “caregiver” type person, my entire life, sadly that has also meant, yes most times I’ve put Pam last. It’s been the past 8 years that I’ve begun to pour waaaay more into me, with a little less guilt every day. Not fully, however!

Having to admit that it’s been so incredibly hard, was hard. I of course, was thinking of him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings or God forbid the kids hear me, I would never want that. But truthfully, it’s been so very challenging feeling at times. I’ve appreciated my writing and photography outlets. Especially getting out in nature!

So with this moon, as I am learning, it’s helping bring things into alignment. What do I really actually want in my life, from space to people to material things. What is MY perfect life, what is abundance to me, how does all of this feel? How does it align?

I love our calls, simple for the God wink, when I hear something that was also in a message previously received by me. That is alignment, that is the magic of life.

As Avalon kept talking she explained to us that this new moon is a time to really get clear, what-who-where in our life. To define abundance for ME. What does abundance mean to me, what is freedom, what is my perfect day?

It’s easy to get sucked into what we are told abundance is – having a lot of money, yes obviously that is a blessing, especially these days where my goodness everything has gone up! However REALLY get clear on what it means for YOU as an individual.

Truthfully I had a very high goal as I was working up through the ranks with doTERRA. As much as I said I want to be Diamond, I didn’t want what that meant… traveling all.the.time. (it seemed like), public speaking, major events etc. What I’ve learned, that’s just not Pam. Pam, the true soul in me is into what doTERRA’s essential oils can do for our health and living a holistic lifestyle. That is Pam. That is what draws me in, that, is true health freedom for me!

This new moon, as I’m learning is getting clear and confident, regardless of what that is. Even if it’s taking a different route. Shifting one thing in my day, from the “norm”… you know the one, drive the same way to and from work. Or sitting in another spot in your living room or when you eat in your kitchen. I’ve caught myself actually saying this not that long ago when my husband and dog were sitting on the couch and I didn’t want to bother the dog so I sat somewhere else, it’s a different perspective than what we may always be in.

I truly appreciate the insight from Moon Omens.

I’m also going to share the beautiful journal prompts from Avalon! I truly appreciate and am grateful for the connection we have and the work she has helped me do. Best choice I made back in the summer of 2021 when I was almost beginning to spiral… secretly sadly!

If you are an empath and/or highly sensitive person you will appreciate Avalon’s brilliance!

Invest in YOU this Black Friday!

Anyone else’s inboxes being inundated with “deal” after deal!

It can be easy to get pulled in thinking you “need” this or that… when truthfully this is the time when we all begin to unsubscribe to the companies who we forgot we subscribed to and perhaps take overview of our life.

This Black Friday I urge you to NOT just buy more material things…

I suggest you lean in to YOU!

Lean in and do something for you, your family and your health.

Here is a few things I would personally recommend for you!

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5. Healy Frequency Medicine
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Everything I have suggested can easily be shared with your family members – I would just suggest grabbing an extra journal for them so that you can have your own! 😉

The Importance of Honoring our Mental Health | Escape into Nature

What has help pour me even more into my photography, is its like my own “getaway” from reality sometimes, in a good way of course.

Regardless of what might be happening in life or in the world, when I get out with my camera… EVERYTHING else disappears. It’s me, my camera and nature.

One of my most favourite images, is also on the cover of my Rise & Rest Journal. When I captured this image, I was literally in a large patch of weeds, yup weeds. The sun was shining through absolutely beautifully, it was once I downloaded the images when I realized just how special it is.

Check it out…

Click on the image above to order your own photo print, metal print or canvas.

This image holds a lot of meaning, it was at a time when our lives suddenly changed over nignt. Even if I could get out for 5 or 10 minutes, it was a true solace for me.

Macro & Landscape Nature Photos FOR SALE!

I am VERY excited to share this with you! For the first time, I am now able to offer you a simple click and buy on any image within my gallery custom for your home!!!

For me, photos are not only a true expression of my own passion and creativity, to capture the moment, the people, freeze that memory in time to be enjoyed for years to come. As I recently discovered, for myself and my family it’s also a way of viewing our history, as I take photos of pretty much everything in our life ❤️

It’s also the artistic expression. Appreciation of the pure beauty of whatever the subject is – yes I’ve even photographed snakes 😉

Welcome to… my very own Photography Storefront!!! Something that has been ‘behind the scenes’ for a while and a beautiful opportunity arose this past week to bring this live and share with you ❤️

Exciting news! The Macro Nature and Landscape gallery are LIVE!

Click on the “View Gallery” button to view the online gallery.

Please feel free to share the gallery link with your friends and family. More will be uploaded as I pull from some of my timeless fav’s!

Macro Nature – Gallery Link:

Nature Landscape – Gallery Link:

I hope you enjoy the photos, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

You can also see the link in the menu above on this site, under “The Photographer”

Have a special request… drop me a line! I have something up my sleeve working with my creative juices for the spring and summer 😏

Click image above to access my photography site to purchase your own art for your home!

Healing and Resilience

This past month has felt really challenging… many things literally outside of *my* control, having a sense of control over me. Breaking down systems that I feel sadly stuck in… in many ways.

It’s a mix of emotions. Big mix.
There is such an expansive energy out there, I feel it in nature. I feel the explosion of peace all around.

Then reality.
Someday’s I just want to scream.
The past, just over, 2 years has OPENED our eyes like never before.

Although there may be anger and tears, there is also so much gratitude and happiness.

A fickle of a place to be in, one that I KNOW is strong and manifesting all at the same time.

Even Healers, need healing.

One thing to leave with… as I look back on how life has shifted in 2 1/2 years, how many times I heard about how resilient kids are… If kids were so resilient… we wouldn’t have SO much mental health challenges and issues in our everyday life. People my age, older and younger all working on healing.

Enough with excuses. It’s time to take a stand, if for anyone, for you, for your kids, for your future grandkids.

Healing is an integral part to our being, and here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter where you live, work, play, surround yourself with… YOU have to do the deep healing for yourself…otherwise it will follow you everywhere you go and you will never be happy!

I’m happy I made time for ME this evening, even if just 15 minutes. Heart filled 💗

Why I don’t teach classes!

I used to! I taught a LOT of classes, helped alot of people get these oils and holistic health products into their homes.

But, if there isn’t a desire to SHIFT… You can have all the oils and holistic health products in your home and unless you WANT to shift your life, those oils and products are worthless.

Here’s the thing too… I HAVE a desire to continually grow, expand my energy and honor how I feel. Which is the people I attract into my wellness business.

I attract in those who want to be empowered within their own lives and educate themselves. Versus relying on someone else all of the time to tell you what to do.

So… no more beating myself up that I need to do this or that. When we are IN alignment, magic happens, beautifully!

So what does this mean… I am here to support your self service. I am a hands on learner myself, so I am taking my own lead. Questions, by all means, I’m here to help to find your way and the answers you need.

It’s time for people to truly be empowered, truly know their body inside and out and embrace that.

What works for me, will not exactly the same way, work for everyone else, we are all unique. If you have the desire…

You life is about to shift in an incredible way!!!


Empower & Buy Essential Oils –

Healy Frequency Medicine –

Rise and Rest Journal –

Lean IN and Trust

For those moments when the universe is really urging you to lean, all the way in and trust.

When inside you want to scream and crying is so cleansing.

When you could make a batch of cookies just for the dough and to cook them so they are still soft and melt in your mouth.

For the perfect indulgence… these energy balls will satisfy, at any time of the day or night! 🥰✌️

To keep you going… whoa the MetaPWR drink is amazing and just what this mama needed this morning!

For all the aromas… Mmmmm this blend is ironically quite delicious, especially… Manuka. As I intuitively grabbed this bottle, and reminded myself the smell is, urm not the greatest, but it’s power behind nature is one of a kind… Being Upheld. I cried when I read that.

All while balancing my energy frequency with my Healy. The program of the evening, Being!

As I lean more and more into me, I can see how I truly am best supported and my holistic supports near and dear to me. Including taking all the photos, even many I don’t share that are for me or our family ❤️ One day… my heart will share more.

Trusting Your Intuition & Manifesting

The other day, a couple weeks ago, I said to my husband, I am ready to change our kitchen lights.

I had a very clear vision in my mind of exactly what I wanted.

The very next day, we found them. Locally, in town !

A light for above our table, pendants for above the island and one for our front door.

They shifted the feel in our home in a massive way – instantly!

In our living room, I had been envisioning another collage photo frame, I had an idea in my mind of the look that I wanted but nothing was coming through vivid other than the relative size.

While preparing our home for a special family event I felt excited to “finish” our living room – this frame and a few I already had – were two of the final steps. Print the photos, fill the frames, hang or place the frames.

A couple days before the event, I was in a local store, remembering they have frames. They had THE frame! Exactly what I was envisioning… a beautiful tie between our fireplace and floating shelves. A beautiful wood and white distressed look window vertical photo frame.

I was pulled to the store, truthfully its not one I frequent much, unless necessary. SO this was a beautiful manifestation that I am so thrilled for! PLUS as an added bonus, it was also 25% off!!!

Or like the other evening, I have been envisioning a shift to my zen den office. I knew it was feeling slightly out of alignment and something was blocking. I mentioned to my husband a couple months ago about what I was thinking would work as the perfect layout.

I knew, for me, for my space, I needed a place to work, a place to sit and a place to lay (tummy or back).

The other evening, I was alone at home for almost 2 hours. I was in a productive mindset so I was quite happy with what I was getting accomplished, when inspiration hit me in a powerful way… I began seeing how the room would best be shifted and kept feeling a strong nudge to GET UP.

I got up and in less than 90 min the entire room was shifted! Furniture moved, things re-organized, specific placement… it felt GOOD! Good because it is something I could physically do myself, and DID!

The more I focus on listening to my intuition and embrace the messages coming in, life gets easy, purposeful, and truly happy.

As I continue to embrace this energy of the power of visualization, I am reminded that I am at MY Best, when I do honor my energy and today, that means leaning in and surrounding myself with my holisitic care needs today as I call back in all of my energy after a beautiful event yesterday hosted in our home.

My heart is so full, the memories in my mind and on my camera are breathtakingly beautiful. The connections, the laughter, the people. The best is everyone coming together.

Walking into our home and feeling so damn proud of the shifts we have made within it and within ourselves, speaking for me of course.

Feeling blessed.

2022 truly is the year of healing ❤