Being An Empath In The Real World

The real world means at times dealing with negative or un-authentic people. Something that can be truly challenging as an Empath.

My job is 9.8/10 dealing with truly amazing people. The other 2% can truly ruin my day and this is something I am being much more conscious and purposeful about.

Over the years I have learned to trust my gut, now more so than ever. I can spot a lie or scam a mile away. Unfortunately sometimes its too late and this is where I can be hard on myself or feel this anger build up inside of me of HOW or WHY people could do this and how do they sleep at night.

  1. Journal and Read. The biggest lesson is getting my mind right each morning and each night before going to sleep. Literally brain dump whatever is in my head before bed. Goodness does that ever help. Just like reading inspirational pieces, ones that align beautifully in my life but also push me to be my true self.
  2. Meditate! I am still enjoying the Oct/Nov Meditation – “All Is Well” by Angela Kontgen. When I feel like I cannot slow my brain down or Im too up in my head or thinking too much about something beyond my control, I now know I NEED to meditate.
  3. Take action where I can make a difference. This can feel so challenging and like an up hill battle at times. However I am a firm believer in being true to your word and being truly authentic. When I deal with people who aren’t and are choosing to lie, cheat the system and take advantage of people, I look at how I can shift this. Its quite frustrating I will admit, especially when trying to challenge government who allows people to do this, with not much recourse. However, I am a firm believer that if we all just sat back, nothing would change. So its good to step up and use my voice.
  4. Supplements and healthy eating. Actions and consequences. My body has gotten really good at letting me know if I have eaten or drank something its not fond of. The same goes for neglecting my vitamin and mineral supplements, which can happen when I am too up in my head. As Ive said to my kids, what do most of us crave when we are feeling super emotional (um hello 2020)… salt and sugar! Fight that urge, or find a great alternative!
  5. Oils! These beauties are not only amazing to perk me up, wake up my brain, provide calm and peace and also cleanse the air. Start the diffusers in the morning and bedtime!

Ive been reading about this “pause” and “great reset” and think now is the time people need to be digging down deep within and finding our own truth – not what the news says, not what school says, not what the government says. What is truth to each of us individually. I know I think of many sides of government and its like a fire is lit within, its not a good feeling at all, it feels really off, bad, uneasy, not trusting at all. Recently yes this has to do with a very bad man who is literally taking advantage of a lot of innocent people and yet no government authority who over see’s his business regulations, will do a thing. He continues to operate while purposely being a fraud.

This is why Ive been reminded this week how important it is to stand in my own truth. Protect my energy. Protect the energy of the business I work in and help operate and the people within. Trust in the process that one day this person will not be allowed to do this anymore.

However then I am reminded of a very similar man years ago. Who did a very similar thing, hired work out in the 10’s of thousands of dollars (actually a lot more), didn’t pay and who has the rights… the crook. The government allows these people to hide behind corporations or put things into only their spouses name. Not only that but a few people who have done this to us, for legitimate work done, their spouses covered for them AND … to boot… these spouses were government paid employees!? Mind blowing right…

Empaths are the wave of the future. We truly are. We can sniff out a fraud, scam, lie with our eyes closed and heart open. Its just at times our hearts can be open a little too much. The pull of the heart strings of these people who can sweet talk, with zero good intentions behind their voice. It means putting some hard boundaries up and sometimes saying a firm NO.

I am trusting that change will happen, but that will only happen when us Empath’s trust our energy and trust for pushing for what’s right and standing up against what is not right. There is a very very blurred line right now, which is scary, yes. Especially for people running a business and those of us who know our health rights and how our health thrives with nature.

I read a beautiful quote today that made me think…

“If they can make the entire world population wear masks in 4 months, why can’t they make the entire world eat vegetables or exercise? If you can close businesses at will, without a thought for anyone’s livelihood, why not close the junk food producers or the porn industry? If junk food, alcohol and cigarettes kill 21 million people every year… why are those items constantly available?”

When I read this, it aligned with exactly how I was feeling yesterday and today of the government agencies who are allowing this man to operate multiple businesses all while meeting their regulations, yes, but being fraudulent by not paying the people who are bringing his facility(ies) up to code… is that right? Nope!

Much like these “health restrictions”, as an empath I know how critical “restrictions” are to health (mental and physical). Flip the switch to Health Education and Empowerment. Educate on the importance of ingredients and make these major corporations stand up and be responsible for the ingredients in their products, how and where they are made and who makes them. This is so key. Responsibility. But not just responsibility, understanding and education of truth.

After reading Body Thrive, I felt inspired to be more conscious in my daily living. What I was eating, drinking, when I was waking, house chores, the overall feeling in our house. It’s a true lifestyle.

I am so excited, especially this week to embark on my next journey. I started Master Of You this past weekend. A 5 point system to synchronize your body, your home and your time with your ambition!

Being an empath in this current real world, is challenging, its pushing me more than I have ever felt pushed in my life. Pushed to know and be firm in what I am and what I believe. Pushed to be true to me and honor that. To feel any feelings and be ok with whatever time that takes. To know there will be negative moments of whatever kind, but to always feel through and then pull back up to where I feel balanced. Where I grow and flourish 🙏💕

Friday Night Musings | Chicken Parm & Holistic Health

Always look back and reflect on how far you have come, not focusing on what you possibly haven’t achieved or that “to-do list”!

Including the path it took to get there.

My body used to cripple under stress. I spent many winters sick off and on multiple times. Stress was a huge factor. My immune system was quite weak. My health also not my top priority. I would almost freeze and be unable to move forward. That was then, this is now.

In the past 6 weeks alot has shifted in our life. Personally and professionally. There are times in life when you literally have zero control and are forced to go with the flow and navigate to strength.

The old me 5+ years ago, in these past 6 weeks I would have been an emotional and physical mess. Straight up we have had some very stressful moments, I have felt every kind of emotion I could have. That affected not just us at home, but for both of us at work as well. Exactly 6 weeks ago today.

And yet, so much has shifted.

With the current restrictions on top of my husbands accident, I haven’t been “pushed” like this in a lot of years.

I’ve been pushed to grow, alot. Pushed to step up in a very big way. To be ok with the unknown, to be ok with things outside of my control, to trust.

Admittedly there has been extra strain because we are both personal and professional. My husband, along with the rest of our team work together, collectively. I am so completely grateful for each and everyone of them. The compassion and understanding has been so supportive.

As I was standing in our kitchen preparing dinner tonight, it dawned on me.

If this was 5+ years ago, at this moment with what all has gone on, I wouldn’t be healthy. Straight up, I wouldn’t be. Given our ups and downs the past 6 weeks, I without a doubt wouldn’t be able to sign in everyday to say I am healthy to work.

This was a beautiful revelation. Once in a life of go, go, go, not really listening to my body, heart or soul, now forced to slow even more, spend alot more time indoors as my husband heals and as the cold weather is upon us.

Rather than allow the sleeping dragon to wake and take complete control, I lean into the feelings, allow myself to feel them and continue moving with compassion and understanding. Also important to encourage our kids to do the same, lean into those feelings and actually FEEL them, so they can be processed in our body and mind, vs repressing. Continue pushing forward. Honoring my emotional and physical health. Knowing it’s ok to lean in, it’s ok to honor my need for downtime, it’s perfectly ok to have breakfast or grilled cheese for dinner!

I was feeling a bit stagnant, not long before my husband fell. I remember thinking multiple times that I just couldn’t get myself “going”, like I did “before”, but I didn’t shift forward. Sometimes life gives us this gentle nudge. A reminder of what and who is really important. Because the truth of the matter is, “before”, I may have been more productive BUT I honestly wasn’t honoring or allowing myself to FEEL my feelings!

Even “simple” things like making dinner, could throw me off depending on the situation (aka stresses), thinking of making dinner with multiple steps and dishes, the old me would make every excuse in the book and then end up saying F it, just order something or grab those boxes in the freezer (ex. Boxed processed chicken fingers) and then park myself on the couch.

Tonight, I leaned into our dinner, I embraced the process. While our son helped my husband, our daughter gave me a hand in the kitchen. I leaned in and created our home made GF chicken parmesan with fettuccine alfredo and ceasar salad! Yum! Normally I would make every excuse in the book, because of the “process”. I’ve found the best help is not focusing on the time. At all. Being aware of what time it is, yes, but in a constructive way setting timers and going with the flow. Vs focusing on the time or “everything that I need to do” and allowing that to shift and increase anxiety, that’s when the “I don’t have time” worries can flow in. Combat that with just doing, and there will be time, there will be more than enough time!

One of my best tips, the timer. As I was creating the meal, I began thinking of how I have shifted and how proud I was of myself. I wanted to sit down and just write, I find so much comfort in writing, allowing my words to flow and honor my feelings. Once I got dinner IN the oven, I had 10 minutes before the next step of the process, that was my time to sit and begin writing. Words and photos are so impactful for me. Especially when I can SEE the shift!

I share this because at this time in 2020 our mental health (and for many, physical health as well) has been negatively affected, no matter who you are, and the government continues to push mad fear, which is so very harmful to our health.

This year has also provided awesome learning lessons with our health and happiness for our kids, we all learn with actions and consequences. Like connecting the dots from, I ate (or drank) this and now feel like this… is it related?! Ah the Joy’s that can come with emotional eating!

I encourage and have consciously been using oils a LOT more in our home. Pull myself out of my head and back into my body. I love how these oils can honestly shift our health, cleanse the air and smell awesome! It’s what our health and homes need right now! Natural health. I am meditating, supporting my body with other natural holistic options like herbs and vitamins. Boosting my immune system. Leaning in and feeling the feelings.

The past 6 weeks, especially, going from two very involved individuals in the business and our home and family life, to literally, going with the flow and doing what I can. Appreciating more home time and embracing all that we have created, together.

I am proud of the new me. I am proud of following my heart over 6 years ago to seek out the missing link to our healthy home, and to lean into the experience, whatever that may be!

Our diffuser blend tonight, I literally did not know what oils to pick… so I closed my eyes and selected off our wall.

  • Citrus Bliss – Creativity
  • Geranium – Love and Trust
  • Petitgrain – Ancestry

Our home was filled with a beautiful scent that also assisted in shifting our moods 🙏💕

The Energy Re-Direct | Dark To Light

This weekend, while I was prepping the living room for the darkness removal, I got to thinking about how as much as 2020 has been so unpredictable, anxiety driven, fear filled. We truly have been forced to redirect our lives.

Do I agree with the extremes the government is placing on us? No. Not in the very least, loved ones need each other, people need human connection, more than virtually. This “virtual” and “social media” online is a farce, that is not real life and never should be. I refuse to think this is our “new way of living”. That will kill more people than a virus. However I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. So… the re-direct!

From darkness comes light.

I’m sure many will agree, 2020 has been a pretty dark year. I strongly feel the beautiful light is coming.

In 2020 the government has literally forced people all over the world to spend the majority of their time in their homes, alone or with the people who also live there.

It is my hope for all, that during this time even one thing could have improved that perhaps there “wasn’t time for” before.

As I stood in our kitchen making my lunch, my fav kind… a bowl of left over chicken and pasta with an avocado, some feta, mustard and greek feta dressing; I felt completely at peace in our home and our life.

Something resonated for me the other night as I was reading about feng shui in the home.

In this article, she talks about Feng Shui House Basics To Prevent Fatigue. One of the points is a dark narrow hallway. How it can make you feel constricted. “If your home has dark, cramped hallways you’re literally being squeezed to the bone. Energy is being squeezed out of you. Hang some mirrors, paint the hall white, add pictures of nature, and install better lighting to boost you up.”

This instantly resonated with me. I absolutely love our house, but something has felt energy sucking, which was so conflicting because I am thrilled with the changes we have made.

This wall completely makes sense. It’s the main focal point in our home and then leads back to bedrooms and bathrooms. I could feel the energy and exactly how this article described it.

This article completely motivate me to get my buns in gear and remove the darkness. The result has me beyond thrilled. I even added a beautiful canvas that can be seen from the entrance, dining room and kitchen of water flowing over river rocks.

It was a lot of work BUT so worth it! Walking into our home now feels completely at peace, without hesitation!

A great reminder in life, the darkness is never strong than the light. Always reach for the light, its filled with peace, grace, ease and truth! ✌

Immune Boost Roller Blend

This time of year we begin using our immune boosting oils much more as the temperatures drop and fluctuate as we are used to living here in Ontario Canada!

I have a variety of roller bottles I use with our kids and the Immune Boost I will often mix up each time I refill.

When I refilled their immune boost this time I added in: On Guard, Tea Tree, Manuka and Arborvitae. I selected the oils intuitively, also knowing their physical capabilities.

On Guard – Emotionally is the Oil of Protection. It is one that gets a lot of use in our home and shop during the late fall and winter seasons. I contribute a lot of our health to this beautiful blend. This blend supports healthy immune and respiratory function and can be used internally as well as topically (with a carrier oil) and in the diffuser aromatically. When used in a spray cleaner this blend is also a powerful surface cleaner with a beautifully uplifting and energizing aroma. This blend contains Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils.

Tea Tree – Emotionally is the Oil of Energetic Boundaries. This oil is incredible for purifying and cleansing. I love using this oil for anything skin. Tea Tree can be used internally, topically and aromatically in the diffuser.

Manuka – This oil isn’t always available, but its another power house oil for our health. Emotionally is the Oil of Being Upheld. “Manuka also offers powerful healing energy to bind up wounds, soothe troubled hearts and nurture souls back into a state of centeredness.” “Manuka offers energetic safety and shielding from the intense problems all around that individuals feel powerless to change.” (source – Emotions and Essential Oils). Manuka is a grounding oil that helps center energy, emotions and helps promote courage and inner strength. This oil is also beneficial for skin.

Arborvitae – A beautiful woodsy oil that is sourced right here in Canada! Known emotionally as the Oil of Divine Grace. This oil smells like camp fire and is a powerfully cleansing to our environment when used in a diffuser or spray bottle (cleaning) and when used topically. Arborvitae is known as the “tree of life”.

I base my blends, now, on my intuition. I have been using oils for over 6 years in our home and have a knowledge of blend recipes as well as which oils we have used on our kids (all of them) in the past 6 years. So for this blend, I used 15 drops On Guard, 5 drops Tea Tree, 2 Manuka and 3 Arborvitae and then topped with coconut oil. I run this oil blend down their spines and while doing it on my neck as well.

(Please note – when referring to internal use of essential oils this is in reference to doTERRA Essential Oils – please do not take any other oils internally unless you are 100% confident they are safe to do so. This is one of the reasons we use and trust doTERRA for our health!).

Whose Responsibility is Health?

Whose responsibility is health?

Is it mine? Is it the governments? Is it my community? Is it the school? Is it my job?


Just like its yours, and every single person’s individual right to take care of your health.

There has been so many conflicting opinions varying from one side to the other. What it comes down to is this… Your health responsibility is yours and mine, is mine. Remove all judgment, simply take responsibility for your health.

I can appreciate how many people, who rely on the news, who firmly believe the government is the be all end all and they know what to do and why they are doing it. BUT the reality is… Each of our individual health responsibility is our own. The government, whether people want to believe or not, allows toxins, chemicals etc in our foods and drinks, body and hair care products, even feminine products which are right on and in our lady bits. The government allows this to happen.

But the government care’s about our health? That’s why the strict lock downs, pull backs of businesses, especially small business who have struggled – yet Amazon and many other large corporations are thriving due to the online ordering. Hmmm…

I understand people are getting sick, this is real and I am not a heartless human being. I am however very real and literal. I like to understand things and want them to make sense.

Given the numbers for the world, currently at a population number of 7,800,000,000 (which was reported back in March 2020 – so granted is probably higher now) and our current “case” count of 55,127,528 – 38,319,800 have “recovered”. Our of those numbers the “infection rate” is .007%. Ironically for Canada, its .00789% based on numbers today.

Why my purpose for writing this, because Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective. So let me get this straight. The government is pushing mass amounts of fear into people (which that alone can cause detrimental health effects) for a virus that is affecting .007% of people in the world and are pushing a vax thats 94.5% effective… hmmmm

I am very much a numbers person for everything and this math to me, does not make sense. Do I have elderly loved ones, yup. Do I feel its fair they are being isolated a lot more than what they should, yup. Do I believe them being isolated will help their health, nope. I have lost family members to Cancer, loved ones to unfortunate accidents. I know what loss feels like, and honestly I know it more than I would like to.

The sad thing is people die everyday, many people have died for many years because of the flu. A hell of a lot more people, adults and children, die of Cancer everyday. Also obesity… which affects so much more than just being obese. Yet no fast food restaurants are being shut down. They were allowed to stay open, they were deemed essential. Has the government stepped up and forced these restaurants or food and drink manufacturers to remove toxins and harmful chemicals from their products? Not that Ive heard… if I am wrong, I would love to know so please do comment.

So ultimately whose responsibility is it for our health. Each of us. To use common sense. Turn off the news, which honestly I did not know until 2020 how deadly the news was. If you are having a good day and want to have it turned upside down and the smile removed from your face, turn on the news.

Its each of our responsibility for health, but its also each our own responsibility to use common sense. Prior to covid being announced, we all knew to wash our hands after using the washroom, before eating etc… cough into our elbow. Common sense, doesn’t seem as common anymore and it really and truly needs to be. To take control of our own health and be respectful of others by using common sense.

Tomorrow its been 3 weeks since I stopped “scrolling social media”, Ive checked in for some messages but ultimately Ive been off social media to focus on REAL LIFE.

My best advise… get in touch with YOU! Not with whatever so and so is doing or going or being. YOU. You know you and your health best. Not the government, not social media, YOU!

Whose responsibility is health? Its Mine, Its Yours. Its each of ours because every single one of us, our own health is not identical to each others either. Personally my body thrives when I am gluten free, lactose free and eat real food (not boxed pre-made or fast food). What we eat and drink as well as the products we put in and on our body… has a direct relation to our MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Whose responsibility is health!? Its our job as parents to educate our kids – not just tell them what to do, but educate. Last night while making dinner, home made chicken fingers, my daughter came into the kitchen and asked what I was using, then jokingly made a blech sound lol! To which I promptly responded, honestly without even thinking… and told her the next time she ate anything fast food or candy etc to research the ingredients and then we would chat. Both of our kids happily ate our home made chicken fingers and fries – which I will pat myself on the back momentarily here because they were freaking amazing! Prob helped having my husband in the kitchen with me cooking them while I prepped them 🙂

Whose responsibility is health… I strongly encourage you to look deep within yourself and ask yourself that question and really think on it. If I had of listened to the medical professional’s years ago (most of them men at the time), I am very confident my health wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am SO thankful! Having lost over 60lbs and over 65″ my health is thriving in ways I never experienced before, and if I can do it, anyone can! It just takes time and patience 🙂

Empowered Natural Health | Today’s Deal!

For those of you who have realized the importance of empowered health for ourselves and within our own homes… this is a great deal to either expand your collection or introduce you to the world of holistic health and essential oils!

We have been using these oils since the summer of 2014 and quite honestly, my health and my family’s health has improved dramatically since we have introduced the oils to our everyday life!

The benefit to using essential oils, which are plant based, is that our body can naturally recognize them, unlike over the counter or other synthetic medications, which I will preface by saying yes there is a time and a place they are needed.

The Essential Oils we use are doTERRA, which are backed by science, are responsibly sourced and anyone involved along the way is compensated properly. When you use doTERRA oils you can trust what’s on the label is in the bottle.

Today’s deal announced is a good one! The BOGO Box…

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Now more than ever, its so important that everyone take a proactive approach to their own health. Our health care system is wonderful when needed, however it shouldn’t be the backbone to anyone’s personal health care – we as individuals should be.

Tis the season for runny or stuffed up noses, irritated throats, headaches, body aches, which come with the cold, damp weather.

From what I have learned in my own life, the more natural options one can choose, the better off their health will be when toxins, endocrine disruptors, chemicals etc are removed. These cause real, and sometimes detrimental health side effects. Have you ever watched those commericals on tv… this drug will help with x, y, z but “may” cause…

If you are interested in natural health – check it out! I highly recommend!

Monday’s BOGO… Adaptiv and Ylang Ylang!

Adaptiv Spotlight:

Ylang Ylang Spotlight:

Blog Post:

Life “Offline”

The weekends and evenings were when I scrolled the most, almost as if escaping reality at times, thinking of all I needed to do, still scrolling and then feeling flooded with anxiety of not getting anything done or being flooded with negativity from the online “warriors”.

I’ve picked up my camera more. Im almost done my book I’ve been reading (and implementing steps to shift my life). I’ve prioritized ME time each morning. Our house is more tidied and organized with each day. Being selective in what and who I allow into my life.

This morning, while reading my latest book, Body Thrive by Cate Stillman, something clicked even more.

In Chapter 10 – Live in Ease

Choosing to live in stress means – feeling overwhelmed; wake up feeling rushed; often wish you were doing something else; pressing for time or show up late; body feels heavy and sluggish in the morning; feel trapped in life or body; want to make changes but it feels difficult; wired but tired brain; depressed people in your life.

Choosing to live in Ease means – wake up in joy; work hard and give life your all, live life on purpose with time for reflection and course correction; inspired by people in your life, spend time daily in silence, inquiry or quiet reflection; others experience you as grounded, interesting and inspiring; relationships are deeply honest, in integrity, intimate and future oriented; lead when a situation calls for leadership; often find yourself tapped into a timeless, spacious experience, both when alone and when with loved ones.

Listening to Joel Osteen podcast, “Letting Go of Control”, reminded me the importance of believing. To have faith, always. That life happens, it’s important to release the need of having to know all the details or try to control the outcome. To spend time in peace, to be at rest and trust. When we release the need to control, we also release any fear and worry.

I have noticed that being off scrolling social media, not “needing to know” what anyone else is doing, speaking about, or others energy being projected, has drastically shifted my life.

Sarah Prout, said it beautifully in her podcast, “Kim Kardashian shared my Dear Universe Affirmation”. Honeatly I was reluctant to listen to it, I am by far not a “celebrity” fan girl, at all so seeing the title instantly pushed me off. However something in me said, give it a chance. What stood out for me, was this statement, “When people are mean it’s a projection of the disowned parts of themselves.” Sarah Prout.

Life offline, has been awesome. I think of all the time wasted, and some on people that in the big picture of things, doesn’t matter. Perhaps harsh, but now in these times our own individual mental health is our utmost important thing to focus on, as I’d we let our mental health slide, our physical health will also be affected.

If you haven’t taken a “break” from social media in a while, or even ever… I highly recommend! This quote below, I read in my CIM Magazine. Its so true, its within our own control, power to take care of our own energy and then help those around us to do the same. ❤

Magic Bar Energy Balls

I added a twist to my energy ball recipe this weekend. They are SO good and remind me of magic bars!!!

  • Bowl 1
  • Approx 1 ½ cup natural peanut butter
  • ½ cup cold pressed coconut oil
  • ¼ cup honey
  • Blend together well until smooth
  • Bowl 2
  • Mix in ¾ cup ground flax meal
  • 2 TBSP Hemp Seeds
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • Handful of walnuts chopped
  • 2 ½ cups of GF Oats
  • ½ chocolate chips

Once the peanut butter mixture is smooth and well mixed, stir up the dry I ingredients bowl well. Then slowly begin adding the dry ingredients to the wet and mix well.

I put the bowl in the fridge to help harden the peanut butter so it was easier to form and stay together. Once complete store in the fridge or freezer in an air tight container.

They are SO good!!! Hmmm maybe too good 😉

My Morning, By Design

A few years ago I signed up with a monthly meditation coach. The meditations were beautiful, she is woman who is compassionate and passionate in what she does.

I fell into the trap of “what is trendy”. I cancelled my monthly subscription to “follow” a world wide well know meditation “guru” with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

My heart, felt a piece was missing. This “guru”, didn’t always seem authentic and something pulled on me. But, this well known person supposedly “knows what to do”, hundreds of thousands of people “follow” her. Someone who has publically talked about their trials and tribulations and built their guru career based on it. But, It didn’t feel genuine, to me. It’s hard to create a routine that doesn’t feel genuine, and feel inspired to do it everyday. I cancelled this as well. Because I value the money I spend.

I worried that I would never become a morning person, that I’m a “night hawk” and that is who I am. I cannot change that.

But I can, and I am!

I enjoy how refreshed I feel in the morning. How calm my mind is when I get up and get out of bed. How productive I feel the entire day, by prioritizing ME first!

The first meditation coach, truly is remarkable. For a small, affordable, monthly investment, she creates meditations each month as well as hosts an inspiration call for everyone to join at the beginning of that month to explain why she chose this theme and to offer her support as a knowledgable and experienced meditation coach.

With all that 2020 has brought, I have felt challenged to shift my life to honor the morning routine I have been visualizing, for a while now.

Getting up before the rest of the house, carving out time for me, to do whatever my heart desires before the world wakes up. All feeling a true ease and grace within the start of the day!

Angela is not only an awesome meditation coach, she means what she says. During the call the other night, which I am so grateful I listened to, Angela offered her one on one support, she asked those on the call if there was anything feeling heavy for each of us. The call also talked about the importance of clearing our emotions from our body, trapped emotions can cause physical pain.

I reached out to Angela. The past 3 weeks have felt challenging, among many other “obscatacles” this year. We chatted and Angela asked me what I was wanting to get out of the call. I was honest and said I need inspiration, I felt stuck. Angela inspired me to a 30 day meditation challenge with myself! We had a wonderful chat!

4 days in and I am LOVING IT! Waking naturally, before my alarm even. Meditating, drinking 2 bottles of water, 1 when I first wake and 1 after meditating. My hot turmeric tea. Journaling in my DailyGreatness planner (its life changing honestly) and my journal, reading from my daily inspiration for empaths and anything else I feel inspired to pull out that morning. Most of all, feeling the ease, the natural flow. Starting the diffuser while my tea is being made.

I’ve felt truly aligned with me, us, our home. All while still enjoying my time off social media, to focus on real life. Which has felt really good. To release any fears, worry, negativity and welcome in grace, ease, health, happiness, abundance, love, fun in all that I do. Bringing the focus back to the core of what and who really matters. I am grateful for Angela and her inspiration, to continue with Symphony of the Minds into 2021.

Universal Signs

The year has been interesting, to say the least. There has been moments of turmoil, happiness, excitement, pain, love, quiet…

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the negative energy of whatever may be happening.

And then there is this,

Pure natural beauty!

This incredible view from the shop tonight as I was leaving work.

Today, I felt a shift.

Last night, I listened in on my meditation coach’s monthly call. During this call she tells us her inspiration behind that months meditation theme. Angela also asks us how we are doing, each of us, are open to briefly talk then about anything on our heart, or she extends an offer for us to contact her for a one on one call.

This months meditation, “All Is Well”, began in October with an 11 minute meditation to deepen our connection to our emotions, some of which have been buried for years. Repressed emotions can also contribute physical pain. I’ve learned this from a favoitite book by Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life.

As I listened to the monthly call, I could feel my shoulders loosening. As I focused on my breathing, slowing down my mind, focusing on what was within my control, refocusing on smaller chunks vs the big picture.

The Universal Signs that yes, everything happens for a reason. Something’s are to challenge us, to strengthen! Find the pivot, where the peace lies.