Navigating Healthier Living | Food Sensitivities & Allergies

I have been on this health and wellness journey “officially” since June 2014 when I introduced oils to our home for our physical and emotional health. I am grateful for this journey as I have found how to best support MY health and wellbeing nutritionally and also to support and strengthen our immune systems.

With each step, comes a bit of a stumbling block, which is completely ok!

In 2019 I shared on my blog about my enlarged spleen issue and seeing a specialist, learning about the FODMAP diet for IBS triggers and understanding better how to eat for my health and body to thrive.

Ive known for years if I was to drink Milk or eat Ice Cream, this wouldn’t go over well with my digestive system… I also figured out wheat from the FODMAP diet as well as some other things. I switched over to a gluten free diet and have felt SO much better – there truly is wonderful options now. However I was still having challenges.

To be completely honest, I was NOT mentally prepared for what I was told after my allergy/food sensitivity testing. If anything I know I can navigate through anything, however this rocked me. To the point of pulling over multiple times while literally bawling to my husband on the phone.

THANKFULLY… my husband and kids are so amazing and are open to whatever I need to do for my health. Ive never once restricted my family, even though I do the majority of the grocery shopping, however they have been introduced to things that I found worked better for my lifestyle and those things have stuck well with all of us!

So the bombshell…

  • Wheat
  • Cows Milk (Casein)
  • Tomatoes
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Sulfites
  • Food Colourants (Tartrazine) – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Candida Species
  • Tree/Grass Pollens
  • House Dust/Mites

What hit me… hard was I switched over to alot of “corn” products, which now makes sense even more. Also cow’s milk in general, I had a feeling because I was buying lactose free yogurt and was having issues with feeling stuffed up and just awful, almost cold/flu like. Honestly, if I wasn’t in tune with my body, when going somewhere and being asked all these “questions” I would have to say yes BUT knowing my health and knowing my triggers… I honestly sincerely wish more people took the time to dive into their own health and figure this out!

I had to get this out of my head because its feeling like a LOT. It really is. I will navigate through this, however I am realizing even more how sneaky, yes thats a good word, our government allows major corporations to be… lets use corn for example and I wont tear up knowing popcorn was a friggin fav of mine…

Read food labels for some of the most common corn by-product names, including:

All those listed above are different names for corn used on ingredient labels… if anything this journey is pulling away the veil to show the truth behind what the government allows in our various foods, drinks etc… Its not only under handed its really sneaky AND damaging people’s health.

I am sharing because much of what I have shared on my journey, is that this is a lifelong health and wellness journey, there is no quick fix, no one pill that will make everything better or drop piles of weight. It takes work and now, for me the work is much of within my mind and cupboards to navigate through and figure out what works for me and my health. Many people may be surprised of the allergies and food sensitivities I do have, however that’s because I really didn’t speak up much. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings telling them I couldn’t eat this or that because I didn’t or wouldn’t feel well or just didn’t want to attract attention or listen to people tell me I was “fine” and just eat it.

Its been a journey, with many sleepless nights – not from worrying. I truly do find it AMAZING how when I expanded our oil collection and began using the oils to cook with, at how gentle they were on my stomach AND tasted great. Or my one child voicing more so in the past few years not wanting or liking cheese, and us respecting that, I love that we can honor that and not just say eat it “because”. Thankfully I have an amazing spice girl now who has been such an incredible help for me to let me know what products have corn or dairy in them and that all are GF!

Im very much in the adjustment phase, Ive found a new protein powder that’s Gluten Free, Dairy Free AND Yeast Free… I will blog more about my journey as I know there are so many women out there like me who possibly have been suffering in silence. Know that its OK 100% to align in what YOUR truth is, which includes healthy eating as well!

The other night as my family enjoyed gluten free spaghetti for dinner, I enjoyed gluten and corn free pasta with some fresh veggies and a delish oil and vinegar dressing/sauce with hemp hearts and sunflower seeds.

The treats with tonight’s dinner… fresh strawberries and peas!!!

Although this felt very overwhelming the other day… Im HERE FOR THIS and Im here for LIVING a healthy lifestyle where my body, soul and mind can all THRIVE! ❤

Be Educated & Informed | MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns about Censorship of Doctors & Scientists

MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021

I had a few people send me this video through social media. I listened to it recently and wanted to be sure to share this.

A critical question we should ALL be asking is… why is it ok by the government to believe “their” approved doctors and scientists and anyone else who speaks out against or questions the narrative… they are wrong and are censored and harrassed?

Why is one educated medical professional reliable and not another? Especially those who are literally speaking out and putting their lives and livlihood on the line? They are standing up for the people – something the politicians should be doing given we the working people pay for them (and are paid WAY too much IMO).

Use discernment. Use critical thinking and ask questions. Its your right. If someone chooses to make you feel lesser than, because you are choosing informed empowered health vs blindly listening to a government and pharmaceutical companies who have been proven to be deadly wrong in the past…

As someone who has had her own sh*t show with my health and health professionals, more recently with my eye sight and now in 2021 with my husbands health journey… YOU MUST FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH RIGHTS AND DO NOT BACK DOWN! ❤ Especially, when children are involved and the government and public health units are baiting them! NO, No, no! FUCKING NO! 😀

Living with IBS | Flare Up

The more I understand my health and body, the healthier I truly am. Especially learning about the FODMAP diet to figure out what foods are actually trigger foods for me!

Reality hits and one may not be thinking as clearly and this can result in a lot of pain… which is what happened to me last weekend. I want to share my recent experience because it was a very good reminder for me!

My house bound husband was craving some pistachio’s so I picked up a couple packs that were on sale. They were already shelled… making it even easier to eat… (can you see where this is going…).

I enjoyed some on both Saturday afternoon and Sunday. My guts began loudly rumbling Saturday evening. I even looked at my husband and said what the heck is going on what’s wrong? Typically I do watch what I eat, I have to otherwise it results in a lot of pain, discomfort, very little sleep and feeling dehydrated.

Late Sunday night, I was woken up with intense pains. I knew the pains and I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping well at all. Will save you the TMI but it was just NOT fun at all. At all.

Monday I was chatting with a co-worker and she mentioned a “handful of nuts” and that’s when it hit me… The f***ing pistachio’s!!!

I looked it up in my FODMAP app and sure enough… they are RED – which means for anyone with IBS this could be a major trigger food, which it was.

Life happens. When life happens it can be very easy to become unconscious to what we normally would be very conscious about… much like my choice to eat the pistachio’s. It hit me how I wasn’t as conscious as I should be, especially when I was feeling beyond exhausted (from the lack of sleep), and then began feeling horribly dehydrated and when I feel like this I just feel like crap and do not want to be around anyone.

The snowball effect… I share this because the better each of us individually know our bodies and health, the more profound shifts we can make not only in our own life but in society in general!

The Smoothie

I was “that” person… nope do not like smoothies, will not eat them, not going to try, hard no.

Last week, I realized we had berries in the fridge that needed to be eaten… knowing they weren’t fresh like a few days prior I thought of a nice summer evening strawberry daiquiri type drink.

It was so friggin good! We ended up having them a few times ✌

This evening while getting things ready for dinner, I was feeling quite emotional over something that a loved one experienced. As I was preparing dinner, I thought more than once just scrap this and make a smoothie (also what I had for lunch). I was already in full prep mode, so it continued moving forward. However what I was reminded of was what Holistic Nutritionalist, Laura Bourne said in one of her videos in the last two weeks. She was speaking about how she was fired up inside, but knew because of how she was feeling, the smoothie would support her body and digestion best feeling that way emotionally. In this moment, tonight, I got it completely.

Ease and nutrition. No overthinking. Put in what you like.

We have been using frozen strawberries and blue berries, water, the doTERRA Greens, Fiber and Protein mixes! Not only are they delicious, they are filling and hydrating! Perfect for a warm summer day!!!

Our Gut Health and Trauma

Don’t be ashamed of your trauma. I really enjoy listening to podcasts (aka you tube videos) while working or doing housework. It totally helps pass the time, I am SO much more productive and learning all the while 😉

This was one of my video’s from today. I found it truly inspiring about the importance of eating real food, ditching processed “convenience” foods and actually knowing what you are putting in your body and why or how it could be shifting your mental and physical health!

Details from Marie Forleo’s show notes:

Trauma affects EVERYONE. From war-torn nations to quiet suburbs, the effects of traumatic events are the same, and they’re heartbreaking. The silver lining? Healing from trauma is not only possible, you can become a kinder, more connected, and resilient person because of it. Dr. James Gordon will show you how. In this MarieTV, Dr. Gordon explains how everything from injury, illness, divorce, or losing a loved one, to the extended stress and uncertainty of living through a global pandemic, can trigger a trauma-response. You’ll learn how trauma affects your brain and body, five symptoms you might be experiencing right now, plus four simple practices to reverse the stress response and heal your trauma — for good. Dr. Gordon is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, former researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and chair of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. He’s spent the past five decades working to help us all learn how to heal trauma and turn it into post-traumatic growth. He’s written for countless publications like “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” and “The Atlantic,” and has authored ten books, including Marie’s personal favorite, “Transforming Trauma.” “Trauma will come to everyone sooner or later,” says Dr. Gordon. Watch this episode now to equip yourself with proven tools for healing — so you’re ready when it does. #MarieTV #MarieTVInterviews #TransformingTrauma

Good Night | May 2021

As this month comes to an end I spent some time this evening reflecting.

Mostly on who I am. Beyond my “normal roles” of wife, mom, business woman…

Purposely stepping back from electronic usage. The eye doctor check up and ability to actually see without strain and discomfort has been a beautiful reminder to be grateful but also always trust your inner knowing.

This month has energetically been challenging. In so many ways. The month felt heavy as soon as it started. Unfortunately as it went on, we encountered more challenges that we could not have imagined…

Once I got my husband home mid-week last week and we got settled into our new routine for this time being, I literally felt the exhaustion hit me – hard! I slept a LOT on Saturday. Ive processed alot, have sat in silence. I also took out a big distraction, as much as I truly do enjoy Instagram… “social media” isn’t “social” at all. Its isolating. Don’t get me wrong, it can FEEL social… but in reality it really is not. Its simply consuming our minds with a lot of “stuff” that we maybe do not need.

So this past weekend, I unplugged and it was great!

You know why… because social media is not what I would call an ally. Especially if you are emotionally charged. We were rocked back in October. That was when it hit me PTSD is a very real thing and it can hit you when you are least expecting it. It reared its ugly head again back in October after my husbands accident.

Truthfully. What I find hard, might be easier for someone else, just like what I find easy, might be hard for someone or our “hard” and “challenging” times may be like nothing to someone else. What matters is how I am feeling in the moment, or if it was for you, how you are feeling in the moment. No one can tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel, that’s simply not realistic.

Much like, every bit of our individual lives does not need to be publicly shared. I truly am grateful for my blog – Ive got some fun plans to freshen up my website with things better organized and relevant to ME! To also set an example for our kids. Taking a step back into my true self… who I am before any of my “labels” of Wife, Mom, Office Administrator…

Which is coming more into alignment every single day. I looked over and saw this sunset, where our dog was laying and it was just the perfect image for this post… Especially as I pull myself back into alignment and embrace. All in divine timing.

Good Night May – The energy for June feel’s bright and beautiful! ❤

The importance to me of living an authentic life.

Going With The Flow

We have been reminded, in a strong way, that if you feel something isn’t right, believe yourself 100%. Even if no one else believes you!

Discernment and truly advocating for yourselves and your loved ones is crucial, for proper mental and physical health.

This is a time of healing, in so many ways. For all of us.

I have been taking care of myself, much more emotionally and for my mental health, than physical health. It’s ok to take a break, to be aware of what you need to feel and release to gain strength again.

As A Mother | I will stand for what is right

A conscious decision to forever alter your body and life.

Someone who was once a girl, becomes a woman, who then chooses to become a mother is already making decisions based on her future. For not only herself and her mental and physical health, but also for her child. This begins even before getting pregnant, before giving birth, before raising the child to adulthood.

This begins when the decision is made. A piece of your heart will forever exist out side of your body. You have the incredible honor of raising that child from birth to 18, giving them a foundation in life, guiding them to make informed and educated decisions, encouraging them to honor themselves, their mind and body.

As a mother trying to bring her child into this world, the doctor asked me… what do you want to do? Why? Because this is my child to watch over, my child to raise, my child to empower. Isn’t that the role we took on as their parents ?

Whatever your choice is – that is  your’s to responsibly make. No one should ever feel coerced into doing anything. No child should also be irresponsibly given “permission” by a government entity that they can make a life altering decision when they are not even legally allowed to vote, drink, buy lottery, a CHILD does not understand the potential repercussions. For the love of all things my doctors in my 20’s did not explain to me the repercussions of medications I was on, and able to stop.

This is not ok.
As a mother we must stand for our children’s rights and NOT be ok with children being  bribed with ice cream to take a shot that they have also said, that information does not have to be released to the parent.

As a mother, I loved my child before I conceived both of them. I endured months of infertility which emotionally and physically rocked me. I will stand for what is right. ✌

Look up Vaccine Choice Canada


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