The Right People Are Put On Your Path

I had a beautiful reminder today, multiple times actually.

When you follow your heart and soul, while living in true alignment, the right people are put on your path.

The other day we received an email from our daughter’s school. To be completely honest, I rarely read these emails as soon as they come in. However this one, for some reason I did.

Two things jumped out at me.

1. Children no longer need to wear masks outside.

2. Public health is recommending students double mask.

Being completely transparent, everything in me began spiraling and I could literally feel the energy rising up from the tips of my toes. I have been reserved with what public health has been demanding. I have been respectful with our local businesses because I am within one myself, and it’s not our local businesses who have asked to be in this position. CHILDREN however have been completely 1000% innocent in ALL of this and yet, they have been the ones who truly have taken the brunt of alot of what has been happening the past year.

Children SHOULD be outside and breathing fresh air. Honestly all of us should be. I refuse to live in fear and happily walk mask free (they aren’t keeping you healthy anyway). I thanked them for finally removing this “rule” as it shouldn’t have been in place in the first place.

Then this morning… we received another email from our daughters school. Retracting the “double masking” statement. Thanking “the parent who communicated with the principal to voice her concern.”

I was “that” parent.

I was… but then it hit me. I didn’t tell my husband what was in the email, I asked him to read it. I was THAT parent. I was. I was the only one who contacted?! Really?! Granted, as I mentioned I rarely read the emails immediately when they come in, the principal also sends the emails from a no reply email, I happened to have her email, but also did include our daughters teacher, I am transparent.

Today, I reached out to a few people, who I had reached out to on Thursday to share this email with them. On Thursday when I felt like I was literally peeling myself off my office ceiling, I was faced with a mix of feelings. Do you need to rock the boat? Will it cause problems for her? Should I really bother? They wouldn’t really make the kids do this? What would [whoever] think of me?

What it all came down to was I DON’T CARE IF I AM JUDGED. I have been working really fucking hard to rise up, to clear and work through past trauma and honestly what whoever else cares about MY life or ME… does not matter. As long as I am living in alignment with my truth. All that mattered in that moment is how I knew I did not want my children (or myself and my husband for that matter) to be treated or made to feel. Because public health or whoever decided another “rule” to “keep us healthy…”. I’m still by the way waiting for these public health units and government to communicate in the same mass media way that the fear has been spread about the importance of LIVING a healthy lifestyle, the effects of endocrine disruptors and the importance of removing them not only from the many products they are in, but completely from our lives, or the multitude of chemicals and toxins in many foods and drinks consumed daily. The fact that our health and energy are directly related and how bringing both into balance can completely transform your health. I digress.

Today, I respectfully had the most amazing people put on my path! Honestly. The right people are put on your path at the right time. Not that I needed validation for what I voiced, cause I didn’t. What was done was done and if it was to be enforced or somehow mandated, my children would be pulled from the government’s education system and we would figure out how to work full time and homeschool. It was super freaking scary saying that, and also admitting in my email that we would have no choice to do this, even though I had no clue how it would work. Bottom line, it felt completely in alignment and 1000% MY truth! I can claim it as mine because I reacted before talking to my husband, however once he heard why I reacted he was also completely behind me.

There truly is hope in the world. All is not and will not be lost. The world truly is waking up and as daunting as this past year has felt, massive change is coming which is so exciting!

Thank you to those on my path today✌!

Authentic – Honoring – Triumph

Some of my FAV things on a Saturday morning…

πŸ™Œ Slow start to the day!
πŸ™Œ Journal and Quiet Mind Time
πŸ™Œ Turmeric Tea in my FAV mug
πŸ™Œ Oils in the diffuser – intuitively selected and wow bang on!
πŸ™Œ Husband making eggs to go with the waffles I made for the littles (can I really call them littles when one is taller than me and the other is quickly approaching πŸ˜‚)
πŸ™Œ Vitamins, Minerals and Omegas next up!

Cheers to a beautiful Saturday and a reminder to always use your voice 🎀, set that fear aside and listen to your soul, it knows the way!

The Narrative and Timelines

I debated about writing about this, honestly thinking about the “big” picture of what’s going on in the world can feel horribly daunting, isolating and sad, just straight up sad. Our lives a year ago today, were so different.

Yesterday I received an email from my daughter’s school. To be completely upfront, I typically do NOT read them during the day, but something about this one, made me open it, made me download the letter and made me read it.

It didn’t take me long that I almost had to peel myself off my ceiling. Reading the words…

“Public Health are recommending that students double mask.”

But then after that, that they can remove their mask outside… forgive me as I pull my eyes back straight in the sockets – they should NEVER have been told that they HAVE to wear a mask outside – ever! If someone chooses to, to help keep their face warm during winter, that’s fine, but it should be a PERSONAL choice.

Children and adults, but especially children and seniors have had their lives turned upside down. Many are sadly still in isolation. Mental health is taking a hard hit. Fear is literally being injected into children through social media, school etc. Its really really sad.

My children will NOT be double masking and I made it clear to my daughter’s school if this becomes expected I will be pulling her from school. I honestly hope the school board does NOT do this, its not fair, not warranted and will simply cause much more anxiety and mental health issues in the future.

Then today… another letter arrives.

“The Ministry of Education has mandated that school boards make voluntary asymptomatic (without obvious symptoms) COVID-19 testing of students and staff available.”

Ironically, look what the Toronto Star published last night…

As soon as I read this letter, the light bulb lit up. THIS is how they will push the narrative of the “third wave”.

How does any of this make sense!?

Other than to push the Government’s narrative. Control.

Please don’t just trust my info though, I highly encourage if you are reading this and are rolling your eyes at me, PLEASE do your own research, think of this from YOUR perspective, are YOU healthy, do you live a healthy lifestyle, do you eat and drink healthy, have you eliminated endocrine disruptors from your home?

My top personal strength is Futuristic. Empathy is also in my top 5. I truthfully worry for those who are not thinking for themselves. However I also have compassion, as I was once there. Sometimes until you have a reason to push for answers, there is no push to actually figure it out. It’s easier to trust the medical system and believe that pharmaceutical’s are the only answer… My Futuristic and Empathy strengths I once saw as daunting, ones that could potentially increase feelings of anxiety worrying about the future and other people. However that’s not it at all. Its sllowing myself tondeep dive into me and what these strengths mean to me. It’s being able to have a vision towards the future, whatever that may be and holding empathy for myself and others. Which to be honest is merely scratching the surface.

Resiliency of Nature | The Greatest Teacher

A couple weeks ago my daughter and I found these cute little money tree’s at the grocery store! They looked awesome, beautiful green leaves and a strong plant base.

It was very cold that evening. Unfortunately the store ran out of paper plant wraps, Valentines Day, so we ran to the car. By the morning the leaves looked off. By the end of the day, it was obvious they were “freezer burnt”. Many of them released from the plant. It looked really bare.

Diffuser blend of Elevation, Cinnamon and Wild Orange

Then brand new baby leaves were growing on our trees.

See those two leaves in the back. They were the only leaves that hung on. They are beneath our diffuser every single night.

The plant in the front window, didn’t have any leaves that hung on. Every single leaf released and all brand new baby leaves have grown.

Tonight’s blend of White Fir (I savoured this) and Air X β™₯️

Just over a week of fresh growth!

So beautiful and those two leaves are still hanging on, bright green at the top half.

Sometimes we can feel frozen or stuck, things feel like they are falling apart. In reality, they may actually be falling into place, with divine timing.

Allow yourself grace, love, patience, truth. Choose to live in alignment. Nurture yourself with healthy food and water. Much like a plant, we are so similar and yet also tend to make our living far too complex. Live simply and honestly. Sometimes it takes shedding layers (or leaves), releasing what doesn’t serve you to attract in what is meant to be in your life. You will thrive. Just like my little friend! I purposely loved on these two little plants. Touching them and encouraging growth.

Everyday is a new opportunity for growth. πŸ’–

Full Moon In Virgo | Diffuser Blend

On the day of the Full Moon In Virgo, our diffuser blend is high vibe energy. With averting, protected space, physicality, zest for life, love and trust, honoring the body, and spiritual.

  • πŸ’§ Citronella
  • πŸ’§ Lemon Eucalyptus
  • πŸ’§ Patchouli
  • πŸ’§πŸ’§ Lime
  • πŸ’§ Geranium
  • πŸ’§πŸ’§ Grapefruit
  • πŸ’§πŸ’§ Roman Chamomile

Trusting my intuition, feeling inspired by Adam Barralet and Vanessa Jean to trust what I am called to use intuitively. Knowing that I have exactly what I need in this moment.

Full Moon Rising

It’s never easy hearing sad news, the day started that way and this was the beautiful morning view. Truthfully as I was heading off to work and glanced over, what caught my eye was the way the ice on the farm fence was glistening in the sun. It caught my eye, captured my complete attention.

It wasn’t until tonight, when I sat down, enjoying some quiet, reflecting on my day and truly being reminded of the value of time and the people in my life, when I noticed what I had captured early this morning. I didn’t initially know it. The sun and the moon.

I have recognized in myself that my energy is sensitive to the moon cycles. Actually everyone is, but everyone learns to reign this in, in their own way and time. The energy for the past week and a half almost 2 weeks has felt heavy at times. Like it is shifting, but a little stuck, almost like walking through a revolving door that’s sticking. You can push hard and squeeze out, but it’s not exactly enjoyable. It wasn’t just me feeling this. I’ve learned to sink down and into. Put the “worry” of time aside. Rather than being hung up on what time it is and I have to do this, that and the other. It’s so much more productive to be in the moment.

This evening I was prompted by my sister to check out the sun and the moon…

(This is not our completed railing, that’s a spring project πŸ˜‰)

Standing on our deck to the left, the beautiful sunset and to the right a bright strong vibrant moon in the early night sky.

I was reminded today how incredibly precious life is. How much time matters. But more importantly quality time, BEing in the moment. Don’t live with regrets and love unconditionally. Appreciate boundaries and truly love yourself first. Allow emotions to be felt, feel them to their depths. Shine a light.

As we enter this full moon, I send you love and light. Honor yourself and how you feel. Tend to your heart just a little bit more.

I’ve got this blend in the diffuser cleansing the air of our home.

Inspired by Adam Barralet, who I had the pleasure of listening to the other evening in the Gifts of the Essential Oils Masterclass. Learning more about the emotional uses behind each of the oils. Until I receive my book, my Emotions and Essential Oils App (or book) is a FAV resource!

From the Emotions and Essential Oils Book:

  • Clary Sage – Clarity and Vision
  • Eucalyptus – Wellness
  • White Grapefruit – Positivity and Confidence
  • Myrrh – Mother Earth

This evening I plan to lay low, to sit in silence, sage myself, shower, journal, meditate and use my floral oil collection topically.

Moon Omens – This Full Moon in Virgo is reminding us to honor our progress while inviting us to keep striving to become the best version of ourselves we can be.Β Virgo inspires us to make the most out of any challenge, to keep getting better, and to commit to seeing obstacles as stepping stones for deeper levels of self-mastery and self-knowledge.

Reality Check

I find it fascinating when the energy shifts around the moon, as the full moon approaches this weekend!

I can honestly say I have been much more conscious in my thought process, especially this past year and all that’s gone on. Catching myself when I feel I might be slipping, from happiness from external distractions.

This week, both Monday and today, I had a bit of a reality check of how much they care and how supportive our Government and the people within it are for the working people of the province.

I honestly do respect my children’s rights and opinions, as they are growing and learning, expanding their minds. Given all that’s happened in the past year and more so recently with censorship and big social tech companies now “working” with the government, I am very selective what goes on these platforms, especially where my children are concerned. However what I will say is that everyone’s mental health has been negatively affected over the past year in some way.

Monday I answered a call at work, I am going to preface this story with the fact that I am grateful for working in an essential business which has been operating during the entire past year. Has it been easy, no. I am also a parent of two teens, just under 18 months apart. The struggles with school for them is real. Very real.

What triggered me very hard on Monday, and again today. Was answering phone calls from the PC Party looking for… donations! DONATIONS! The government who has literally shut down our current world, multiple times, injecting fear with massive propaganda via any electronic and print form that they can, are calling around asking the hard working people of Ontario for their money to support the government political campaign!!!

I cannot be the only one who is seriously disturbed by this.

How is this right!?

I have been working very hard at keeping a positive optimistic outlook on things this past year, to open up my mind to do my own research (much like I did when I chose to shift my health) to support my kids and myself as best I can.

But yes, the government is calling around asking for our money. Which, our money, a lot of it they already have. They spew out these “promises” for millions for this, billions for that… but then turn around and call for donations!? When at times I feel like I may crumble hearing of my children NOT wanting to go to school and me literally in a position where both my husband and I work full time, like most people I know, to provide for our family.

I am fucking torn and the government is calling around asking for donations.

What is wrong with this picture?! Why do we, as a collective “WE”, who lets be honest, pay for the government and those within it… why do we allow this?! I guess in reality it should be, why do they have this much power? When will others begin to see how fucking corrupt this system is. I have been careful with my words, but also becoming stronger in what I know. What I KNOW is how I have shifted my life, away from toxins and chemicals, when I used to literally be sick and in pain all.the.fucking.time. I have never used a mask until it suddenly became mandated to do so to save our health… FYI a mask isn’t going to save your health. That’s NOT what made me healthy back in 2011 when my eyes were opened to our medical system or in 2017 when I finally got really fucking serious about making a shift. Because to be completely honest, masks and sanitizer did NOT make me or KEEP me healthy. I did that myself. Shifting MY health and lifestyle.

I am not just here to “complain” on my blog. I am here to share important information. Especially as parents. Our children’s lives have been significanty changed, mental health has been negatively affected. After the phone call, I did reach out to the political party, also the Premier, Prime Minister to express my disappointment. To also free it from my mind to move on with my day. It’s not the first email either. Now more than ever its crucial to use your voice.

Unfortunately this reality check had me pissed about the “current reality”. After work, I came home and got the diffusers out to fill. I remembered the “Gifts of the Essential Oils Masterclass with Mara” I virtually attended last night and got the oils into the diffuser and began cleaning the kitchen!

The oils that came to mind…

  • Green Mandarin – Pure Potential
  • Geranium – Love and Trust
  • Douglas Fir – Generational Wisdom
  • Kumquat – Authentic Presence
  • Frankinsence – Truth
  • Myrrh – Mother Earth

Alot of oils I hadn’t used in a while and oh my goodness! Smells fantastic, calming, uplifting, assuring and confident. Justified in how I feel, what I believe and that I am always on the right path when I follow my heart. Grounded and re-aligned. πŸ™

I Hugged A Friend

I don’t know about you, but the past almost year has been emotionally challenging for a lot of people.

Having fear literally being injected into us through all forms of media, tv, radio, online to wear a mask and stay at home.

This weekend, I hugged a friend. One who I’ve seen a few times over the past year, but hadn’t hugged, until the other day.

As I write this I am tearing up, because this is our current reality. People feeling like they cannot BE with their loved ones, or even physically touch them. People need human contact, they need physical connection.

I’m not talking about sex or intimacy in anyway. I am talking about basic human contact with one another.

I truly am grateful that I work with family, we have been able to see each other pretty much every single day. So honestly the “shut down” hasn’t affected too much of our life, except seeing people outside of our immediate/extended family we work with.

Which is sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, I love that my husband works within our family business and lord knows I am so grateful for our team at work. We truly do have an awesome group of people to work with. We are also grateful for being able to be working, as a provider of essential services.

I have hugged a couple other friends, one actually in a store haha! But this friend I saw the other day, who we normally would hug, we hadn’t in over a year. It felt good. Not just one hug either, a hug when I arrived and an even stronger one when I left.

Why All The Oils?

I’ve been asked before, why do you have all the oils?

Firstly, I do not have all the oils, however I do have almost all of the oils from doTERRA! πŸ˜‰

Each oil is unique, many do have similar constituents, similar uses. Intuitively selecting oils, truthfully I do not look at each of the bottles, the name comes to me or I reach forward and grab a bottle.

Last night, I initially heard Cypress, one I don’t use alot, next was Breathe and Adaptiv.

  • Breathe – The oil of Breath – a great oil if anything feels heavy, or “grief”.
  • Adaptiv – The oil of Adaptability. A beautiful oil that is supportive for mental health.
  • Cypress – The oil of Motion and Flow. Beautifully assists in energetic flow, especially with the heart and mind.

I really love a Friday night evening at home to unwind. It’s very much a mental health unwind and refresh, to sit breathing in these amazing scents that together created this beautiful blend. Sitting in quiet, without the tv, radio (music) or podcasts. Sitting within myself, to re-center and ground.

Why all the oils? This has been the base of our health since June 2014, when I began with a handful of oils, our collection has grown with each month. I am truly grateful for these oils. They truly have transformed our health! Plus our house has never smelled better πŸ™Œ!

Consciously Raising Kids

If there is one thing that I have learned while raising kids, it’s that I am so much more conscious of who I am.

When kids are younger, it’s the norm to do pretty much everything for them. We cooked their food, cleaned up after them, bathed them, did their laundry, then put it away.

As the kids get older and start naturally taking on more responsibilities, it really shifts into this next phase where these mini adults are learning to thrive in their life.

When I remind them for the 8th time, oh wait that was just one of them πŸ˜‚ inside family joke, but on the topic of asking… “Can you please put your laundry away!” … and then remember the basket sitting on my foor and the shirts still on the drying rack. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Or after using a dish or utensil, give it a quick rinse so that it’s much easier to clean! Then I remember those nights I totally did not feel like cleaning the kitchen and guess what… it only got worse!

Lead by example!

Being a parent and learning to live a more holistic route, has heightened my consciousness to an inspiring level!

The past year has been interesting. Honestly, even given the lows that each of us felt, but I will only speak for myself, it’s been the best year for personal growth, by far!!!

To live consciously and feel in alignment, positive energy flow. Awareness to face any challenges and shadows of your life. To free your mind of past burdens and live a life you love.

To be an example to my children. To love the life we live. To laugh and have fun. To understand and be compassionate when shit hits the fan and focusing on what is within our control and what isn’t, allowing myself to process those emotions.

Being a parent has made me realize how important it is to understand that our energy truly is the basis of our mental and physical health. To model that for our children and all while doing so continue to rise up myself.

Choosing to not live in a “do as we say not as we do” home. Being conscious about our choices and possible consequences. Yes this is a topic with food that used to happen all the time. Until I began to honor my body for the food it chose to avoid and focus on what I can eat.

That being said everyone has made mistakes. If I am feeling frustrated and snap at my kids, honestly, I have learned the best thing to do is call it out, recognize it and apologize “I am sorry I snapped at you, I was feeling frustrated and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you!” Then allowing myself to feel, my feelings. The biggest benefit I have found is Forgiveness. Whether someone emotionally hurt me or I hurt someone.

Forgiveness truly sets you free. It has empowered me to be a much better mom and wife because I am living out of love vs anger or regret. Once I learned that Forgiveness, does not give that person permission to hurt you. You are extending love. To someone who is purposely mean or harmful/hurtful to someone else, they are hurting inside. Its true when people say they “carry baggage” in relationships, its true! For all kinds of relationships, not just romantic! Allow yourself to process emotions, to feel your feelings and shine a light in the shadows.

Living consciously, as a parent is being a model to your children. Living authentically, teaching vs telling, life learning, holistic health options and always encouraging them to always ask Why?!

Honoring when downtime is needed and normalizing that time for everyone in the home. Paying attention to how the energy feels, check out using the Bagua Map for Feng Shui in the home! Its SO fascinating!!!

Pick up a journal and a pen and just let it flow. Get “it” out of your head. Rip it up or throw it out if you need to. Respect each others personal space.

Learn about holistic options for your health and wellbeing! I highly recommend your base be a beautiful collection of essential oils, honestly a collection can be a few if you are just getting started! Commit to learning more, pay attention to your body and when it communicates with you. Read labels and support small business whenever possible! Be an example to your children, that you do have power in what you buy, choose to invest in health and wellness. Actions – Consequences!

Patience is a freaking virtue and so is giving yourself permission to sit on the couch after work with a bowl of popcorn to write this blog. 😊

Stretch and move your body. I am so much better at this in the warmer months. When it’s cold out my body truly does want to “hibernate”. I’ve noticed the kids inspire us in a big way with this! Balance your energy, get grounded, the warmer months are awesome to be in nature barefoot! Get out in the fresh air and breathe! Clear chakras and embrace energy alignment! Body strength as our ultimate weight. We truly do have all we need in life. When you shift your perspective, it’s awesome to feel the alignment!