“Mom I need the throat spray”

My son said to me after hockey. I immediately knew what happened. This happens if my kids have a sugar overload. And by overload I mean over a few days and typically at least one other factor. We honestly are much more conscious of the amount of and how sugar is used in our home.Continue reading ““Mom I need the throat spray””

Supporting Kids with Big Emotions

Our little man, who really isn’t so “little” anymore haha was struggling with overwhelm and emotions last night. We just let him be and have his space with quiet time in his room. With big emotions, we have found this is the best option – to offer space and support when ready. I went inContinue reading “Supporting Kids with Big Emotions”

Change your mind, change your life

I’ve been on an incredible personal development journey intentionally for the past 4+ years. What I am finding fascinating and extremely interesting is in fact how many of our beliefs can come from when we are younger and can be from 1 moment, memory or experience. Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve learned more inContinue reading “Change your mind, change your life”

Wisdom Wednesday – Raising Them Up

Raising little ones is the best and most challenging part of my life. One I wouldn’t give up for the world and also one that has made me cry great big alligator tears. Being a parent has been a journey in itself. What is right for one parent or child will not be exactly rightContinue reading “Wisdom Wednesday – Raising Them Up”

Raising Healthy Children Naturally | Essential Oils

This evening I am hosting an online Facebook class – you can see the event details on my Facebook Page Your Life As Art Home Comfort Essentials In the almost 2 years that our family has been enjoying Essential Oils, our family has reached a new level of healthiness within our home. We are overallContinue reading “Raising Healthy Children Naturally | Essential Oils”

Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!

Our close family and friends know of certain struggles we’ve been having with our wee princess. Shes a very smart, gorgeous, stubborn, creative girl… perhaps I should place more emphasis on the STUBBORN part. (Would be great if I could say she gets that from her dad lol šŸ˜‰ ) . Tonight was an eveningContinue reading “Life lessons can be very hard… especially on the mama!”

Bullies and sports don’t mix…

As a parent with young kids I am always putting their feelings first, especially when it comes to their feelings. Even things or comments that do not even relate to my kids I take notice to, such as at a Patriots game this winter a family was completely bad talking and being so very disrespectfulContinue reading “Bullies and sports don’t mix…”

Littles who love to think big

20120501-328C0738-WM-2, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love these kids, they are just so excited and proud with each passing day more excited to grow bigger and do more things. I love to cherish how little they still are yet appreciate their thriving independence, and be proud. Proud of these two great kidsContinue reading “Littles who love to think big”