Boost Your Immune System

This time of year its important for everyone of all ages (kids and seniors especially) to boost our immune system! Not just for the change in temperatures but also for the variety of foods we typically eat during the holiday season – especially those which contain more sugar! Sugar works against your immune system andContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System”

New Year, New You!

Welcome 2018! A new year, a new chapter in life that can be anything you want it to be! This year, I am choosing health and happiness with the gift of “Balance”! What my life has been craving is balance, so in 2018 I am giving balance to our life. Balance between the working businessContinue reading “New Year, New You!”

Ive Lost 40lbs and 40″ !!!

When I think of this I get so EXCITED! I LOST 40LBS AND 40″ FROM MY BODY – AND – I HAVE PCOS & HYPOTHYROIDISM!!! Im still somewhat in disbelief that I did this… for YEARS I struggled. I would yo-yo back and forth, my physical and emotional health was in jeopardy. A part ofContinue reading “Ive Lost 40lbs and 40″ !!!”

The Multivitamin Revolution | Experience the Full Benefits of Multivitamins!

​Multivitamins have evolved over time as research has improved. Read this Nutrition Corner by Dr. Carsten Smidt to learn about the history of the multivitamin and why doTERRA supplements are the best available today.  Personally my life has been completely changed with using doTERRA Essential Oils AND the Supplements as well! I was once aContinue reading “The Multivitamin Revolution | Experience the Full Benefits of Multivitamins!”

Do You Have PCOS Or Hypothyroidism?

Do you or someone you love have PCOS and/or Hypothyroidism? Through infertility, raising children, working full time, trying to get a grasp on my health and figure out ‘why’… I am so thankful to have found a beautiful natural way to balance my body that works and is a simple addition to our life! ForContinue reading “Do You Have PCOS Or Hypothyroidism?”

Traveling Essentials | On The Go With doTERRA and Pam

​TRAVELING ESSENTIALS!  While away at the #doTERRAOne Convention in September I made sure I was armed with these #TravelEssentials to keep me healthy!  With the Christmas holiday season fast approaching these are some great tips to stay healthy while on the go! Plant based Lifelong Vitality Supplements to support the body – Cellular Complex, FoodContinue reading “Traveling Essentials | On The Go With doTERRA and Pam”

Gut Health and Happiness

Who had a fantastic time with Halloween last night!?!? I know we did with our kids… This morning the first thing they will be having will be their pro-biotics, PB Assist Jr, to help support their bodies in digesting all of the candy enjoyed and getting back on track 😉 Did you know that yourContinue reading “Gut Health and Happiness”

Energize Your Fall with doTERRA & NEW Products – Convention Kits!!! | October 2016

If I have talked to you or presented a class for you, you will know just how I feel about our Lifelong Vitality Supplements!  I highly recommend them – especially for those of us with an invisible illness like I do with PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis. PLUS what’s even better is they have a 30Continue reading “Energize Your Fall with doTERRA & NEW Products – Convention Kits!!! | October 2016”

doTERRA Canadian Launch | Co-Impact Sourcing, New Products, Enrollment Kits & More!

The weekend has officially wrapped up however for us in Canada this is truly the beginning!!! The energy was AMAZING! My hubby came with me, this was his first doTERRA event and he came home with a new outlook on doTERRA as a company. He knows the oils work, seeing how we’ve used them withContinue reading “doTERRA Canadian Launch | Co-Impact Sourcing, New Products, Enrollment Kits & More!”