Encouraging A Child’s Intuition & Trust In Themselves

This blog post is kudos to my daughter. Children are always learning and this weekend proved to be a great life lesson for our girl and us as her family! During a walk at our family cottage, we walked down to a stream where each year minnows and or tadpoles like to start their life.Continue reading “Encouraging A Child’s Intuition & Trust In Themselves”

The Mess Doesn’t Matter

When I became a mom I had a struggle within myself about ensuring everything was always in order. Physically and mentally. I put a lot of stress on myself in those early months and years. It was honestly somewhat of a blur. My husband was early in his career, after making a switch from constructionContinue reading “The Mess Doesn’t Matter”

Our Disney Western Caribbean Cruise

Saturday morning we headed off to the airport for our flight to Miami. We were officially ON vacation! Excited and nervous to be headed on vacation… I will be completely honest. I love boats, I love water… but living on a boat for a week. I was a tightly wound wreck. But put on aContinue reading “Our Disney Western Caribbean Cruise”