Parenting Without Expectations

A couple months ago I came across a video of Oprah and Dr Shefali. It began playing after a video I had chosen to watch. It was a thought provoking, inspiring, revolutionary video. So much in fact that after I listened to it that day at lunch, I listened again in the evening and againContinue reading “Parenting Without Expectations”

What Have Your Children Taught You?

Just before Christmas my family and I were getting ready to head out to one of our family Christmases and before leaving we were taking a family photo since we were all dressed nice and the snow was absolutely beautiful in the backyard. During our coordination I misplaced my camera remote control. I knew IContinue reading “What Have Your Children Taught You?”

Let Your Kids Shine With Simple Living!

About a month ago after the kids went  to bed, I was sitting and reflecting on a LOT in life. Thinking of how living simple truly is THE best way to live and has been one of the best decisions in our lives to make. Life isn’t perfect, day’s go for a complete shit and turnContinue reading “Let Your Kids Shine With Simple Living!”

Prepare Your Family with Back To School Essential Oils! | Make & Take and Online Classes

Forget the notebooks, pencils and even the rulers! Instead, focus on the primary Essential Oils that will help your child THRIVE this school year with enhanced health, focus, energy and vitality! We have two wonderful classes available this week to meet your needs! We’ve had a great response for our Back To School with EssentialContinue reading “Prepare Your Family with Back To School Essential Oils! | Make & Take and Online Classes”

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Class | Mount Forest

Join me this evening as we discuss natural options to be empowered within your own home for you and your family. Essential Oils provide gentle, effective natural solutions to caring for your little ones’ everyday health needs right in your own home. We will cover sleep, relaxation, focus, mood, immune function, wound care and soContinue reading “Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Class | Mount Forest”

Bullies and sports don’t mix…

As a parent with young kids I am always putting their feelings first, especially when it comes to their feelings. Even things or comments that do not even relate to my kids I take notice to, such as at a Patriots game this winter a family was completely bad talking and being so very disrespectfulContinue reading “Bullies and sports don’t mix…”

A new summer look! They’re growing up too fast…

These kids make me smile so much! Yeah everyday isn’t all rainbows and unicorns but it’s pretty fricken awesome! The boy was stoked to have daddy pick him up after school… It was hubby’s last day of school so they were both actually excited to have some time just for the boys. The miss andContinue reading “A new summer look! They’re growing up too fast…”

Our kids will have a new adventure! (with a twist of change)

A few days ago I posted about a decision hubby and I had to make about our kids, something that very much would be life changing for them, but would also make things easier for our family. We have made the decision to change schools. Since moving to our new home we knew there wouldContinue reading “Our kids will have a new adventure! (with a twist of change)”

The mama-razzi strikes again!

20120506-328C0909-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. I just love letting these two be themselves and capture their true moments!!! Sitting back and just observing, giving them subtle hints and slight direction of what would be soooo fun… and of course perfect for a photo 😉 Thankfully these two are used to mommy’sContinue reading “The mama-razzi strikes again!”