Are you Healing or Skimming the Surface?

Are you truly healing or just skimming the surface!April and May have brought forward a LOT for us to face, transition with and to grow from. Have you felt it? I know I have. In the depths but also some incredibly amazing highs as well. June feels sparkly brand new and abundant. As you areContinue reading “Are you Healing or Skimming the Surface?”

Womb Healing Blend | Root, Sacral & Solar Chakra Healing

Following your intuition, can feel and smell like magic! Even in an oddly combination 🤣 Dill – Learning Jasmine – Sexual Purity & Balance Eucalyptus – Wellness Ginger – Empowerment I can feel the shift in my own mental health when I lean in to me and trust my intuition and the oils that IContinue reading “Womb Healing Blend | Root, Sacral & Solar Chakra Healing”

Lean Into Your Truth to Truly Love Yourself | WOWSA Follow-Up

I am truly grateful for the opportunity today! Such a great day with WOWSA and @saugeenconnects Thank you for inviting us to share our stories, part of our heart and surrendering to feeling vulnerable and embracing it all. A beautiful group of women who came together to honor ourselves and the gift of our bodiesContinue reading “Lean Into Your Truth to Truly Love Yourself | WOWSA Follow-Up”

After the Rain | Diffuser Blend & Macro Photography

After the rain 🌧💐Reading The Artists Way, within this transformational book it’s about bringing creativity into your life, whatever that is for you.For me… that’s bringing my photography to life, “your life as art”, embracing the various arts within my heart of my strongest senses… smell and visual! The Intuitive Blend today to brighten upContinue reading “After the Rain | Diffuser Blend & Macro Photography”

Catch Yourself As You’re Falling

It’s incredible how aligned your body and soul can be, sometimes without your brain even realizing. I caught myself, saying to my husband Monday evening, that I just didn’t understand why I slept horrible and just feel so off today… Truthfully, I was feeling it a bit yesterday, but didn’t give in to more sleep,Continue reading “Catch Yourself As You’re Falling”

2023 Spring Collection Released | Custom Macro Photography

I am SO excited to share with you my recent Spring Collection that was just released today! I am passionate about my macro photography in capturing the beauty of nature into art for our home. Click this link –> Click SPRING 2023 to view the NEW Collection of Macro Blossoms and Bee’s. Here isContinue reading “2023 Spring Collection Released | Custom Macro Photography”

Happy Mothers Day | Sacred Devotion

This image… one of many from the weekend of all levels of life, human, plant, animal. Its been good! This image… not only drew me in, really tight and encompassed, it also pulled my husband in. During my journaling this morning, I had an incredible download. As you may know, I love working with essentialContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day | Sacred Devotion”

Mom’s Weekend – Start with YOU!

It’s MOM’S weekend this weekend… So, I’m starting with myself 💖 I’ve ALWAYS wanted THIS space, for me, to just be, to create, to relax, to expand, to Heal, to treat. For me and for my family. Until now, I’ve always put the “what if’s” ahead… you know the, well we need to have spaceContinue reading “Mom’s Weekend – Start with YOU!”

Level UP!

Leveling up this am!Did a Healy scan on someone… IYKYKNot surprised Skin was the first thing that came up…Time for energy work to take the wheel ✨️💖🙏 Did you also know our Essential Oils also work with frequency within the body… seriously powerful. In 2.5 yrs performing health care giving duties for two… I’ve realizedContinue reading “Level UP!”

Using Essential Oils for Muscle & Joint Support

After my husband fell and broke his leg/ankle quite badly we have been using a beautiful blend of holistic supports since his surgeries. Although there is some significant damage, the oils and energy work can assist in the muscle health as well as encouraging movement for circulation. Easing discomfort, even if short term, to loosenContinue reading “Using Essential Oils for Muscle & Joint Support”