Flash Back… To the beginning!

Pam + Jaz – 1WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. This Sunday May 6th my husband and I are celebrating being together for 11 years! In a way it’s almost hard to believe it’s been 11 years and yet even moreso it feels like it’s been forever… In the best way possibleContinue reading “Flash Back… To the beginning!”

Nature’s Natural Spring Beauty

What a fabulous way to wake up on a Sunday to the sunshine flowing into the bedroom windows. What is more exciting is it is supposed to be a high of 14 today. Would be wonderful if this sunshine and warmer weather lasted! 🙂  Im going to enjoy this beautiful day outside with my family!Continue reading “Nature’s Natural Spring Beauty”

Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!

When we went away for a weekend a few months ago (hard to believe it was a few months ago now), we joined the Niagara Estates Wine Club. Yesterday we received our very first shipment!!! We are saving these wines for an at home date night for hubby and I. Hopefully tomorrow night will beContinue reading “Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!”

What matters most to a child…

20120427 Kids Outside_WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Many people think that children need this and that… A ton of toys, clothes etc when really what kids need most is love, acceptance, support and encouragement from the people they love and look up to. Most of all they need and want time.Continue reading “What matters most to a child…”

Camera Club {Path} Photography – April

Met with the Mount Forest Camera Club last night, was so fun. I truly do enjoy seeing everyones photos each month and how each individual photographer interprets the theme word of that month. This past month was “Path”. Easter weekend we as a family went up to the family cottage and I was able toContinue reading “Camera Club {Path} Photography – April”

Friday Favourites… My Family <3 !

I finally got around to posting some Friday Favourites of the images I took this week. Over the years of our kids growing up Ive taken photos of them reading with daddy, these were from one night this week after bath time. One of our favourite night time activities to do with the kids isContinue reading “Friday Favourites… My Family ❤ !”