Weekly Drops of Wisdom | TriEase

I have quite a few dōTERRA products I would consider to be essential in my collection but one I use with the changing of the seasons is the TriEase® Softgels Seasonal Blend. TriEase is so helpful to take before heading to the garden, going on a family hike, or even just to the park while theContinue reading “Weekly Drops of Wisdom | TriEase”

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and into something that I have never been very comfortable with – I presented my first class all by myself! Surprisingly enough I was not nervous, not worried and was incredibly comfortable. Why? Because I was sharing our life with essential oils. I was telling my storyContinue reading “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015

This summer is flying by, soon the kids will be back to school and the cool fall evenings upon us – I just LOVE Fall! The colours, the temperatures… its my favourite season! Even though the summer is flying by… we have had SO much fun! Fun with our family, friends and especially our littleContinue reading “Dog Days of Summer | August 28, 2015”

Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015

I had the opportunity the other day to have a couple hours completely to myself later in the afternoon. I took a walk and found a couple gorgeous falls – it was so extremely peaceful, quiet and tranquil. I felt completely refreshed and inspired. The entire drive there the rain was falling, until I arrivedContinue reading “Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015”

Saugeen Shores Pumpkinfest Photography Contest… 2 first places & a third!!!

I received an awesome phone call today from the lovely people at Saugeen Shores who run the annual Pumpkinfest! Last year I was pretty darn excited for winning 2nd place for this photo below. I seriously LOVE this photo. This year I almost have no words… I have received 2 – 1st place photograph’s andContinue reading “Saugeen Shores Pumpkinfest Photography Contest… 2 first places & a third!!!”

Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Ever since meeting my husband, I knew he had talent. One of those awesome talents is working with wood. He can build some pretty spectacular structures! It was a work weekend at the cottage, well many weekends are actually, being a part of a family cottage means putting forth work for the upkeep of it.Continue reading “Spring Cottage Project – Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola”

Darkness and Ice in April

I was up a little earlier listening to the wind whistling and whipping around, ice hitting the windows and deck, and then all was silent. Soon our room was filled with little voices who were woken up by pure darkness… *insert sarcastic mommy face here* So we all slept until about 630 when the kidsContinue reading “Darkness and Ice in April”

Every Picture Tells A Story… Grand Prize Winner {My sick day, turned Fabulous!}

Yesterday I woke up feeling very rough, two reasons I can admit, one having a kid-less night out and two, the cold I have been fighting for the past week or more had made its way from a head cold to a chest cold and it hurt 😦 This morning I got the kids fed,Continue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story… Grand Prize Winner {My sick day, turned Fabulous!}”

A winter morning of appreciation

I used to be the photographer who was only about family and what the kids did, until I began pushing myself to appreciate and enjoy everything else I could be photographing. It truly is amazing when you feel yourself reach that point of just being a “mom with a camera” to being a photographer (ofContinue reading “A winter morning of appreciation”

Its cold, we have snow (finally), a winter morning is breathtakingly beautiful!

Getting up this morning and walking out to the kitchen I glance out our front window and immediately turn to head back to the office to get my camera – the sky was gorgeous! Sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was a beautiful combination of pinks, yellows, orange and blue. It wasContinue reading “Its cold, we have snow (finally), a winter morning is breathtakingly beautiful!”