Travel Essentials

When traveling, especially by plane, we are exposed to alot of people and germs! Stay your healthiest when traveling with these tips! Click the photo above to listen to my video! On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist can be conveniently carried in your purse or carry on. The mist when applied to your skin will killContinue reading “Travel Essentials”

Is anything missing from your life?

Do you have an interest in making a positive change in your life? Would you love if you had more energy, felt more at peace and was less stressed? Would you be open to learning something new or sharing with others? My doTERRA Essential Oil business is growing and I am looking for like minded,Continue reading “Is anything missing from your life?”

Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!

Ive always love being busy, love having a to-do list, however with my hours being re-arranged with back to school and new work responsibilities (that Im loving) Im slowly but surely fitting into this adjusted role of a fulltime working mom while still enjoying my photography as well (my sanity saver lol). Summer is suchContinue reading “Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!”

Raising children… the next generation

Raising children… everyday it is a part of us, watching the new things they do or say, laughing at their pure innocence and child logic, listening to them explain and tell stories. Watching these feet grow, that started so tiny. As I sit here this early morning, in absolute silence in our house awaiting ourContinue reading “Raising children… the next generation”

Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!

When we went away for a weekend a few months ago (hard to believe it was a few months ago now), we joined the Niagara Estates Wine Club. Yesterday we received our very first shipment!!! We are saving these wines for an at home date night for hubby and I. Hopefully tomorrow night will beContinue reading “Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!”

Mount Forest Camera Club

I am so honored to share this write up by the club’s very own Lori Blair who was also the co-founder of the Camera Club. She wrote up an excellent article featuring the Camera Club! Check it out below or pick up a copy of the Mount Forest Confederate.