Growth 🌱🌎☘We can all learn so much from Nature. The way the leaves fall before winter, a dark quiet time with little visible growth, but survival, strength builds on the inside, maybe not as obvious, until spring blesses us with its sunshine and warmer temperatures. Nature knows. Nature trusts, when the timing is right. What’sContinue reading “Growth”

Spring Apple Blossoms | 2016 Macro Photography

I simply love these two apple trees in our back yard, especially in the spring when they blossom! This weekend, I feel, truly kicks off a very special time for me… the camera comes out and is rarely put away until winter! I LOVE the natural light, I love the deep vibrant colours. I loveContinue reading “Spring Apple Blossoms | 2016 Macro Photography”

Apple Blossoms Growth | 2014

Growing up with apple trees in my parents back yard, although I loved to climb and run through the trees I never truly stopped to appreciate the beauty right before our own eyes. The tiny buds on the trees beginning to open, the flowers beginning to bloom. The beauty of new life. Now as anContinue reading “Apple Blossoms Growth | 2014”

Apple Blossoms in Bloom

We arrived home from our weekend away to see our two apple tree’s in full bloom! Gorgeous!! Have you ever just stopped, taken in a deep breath and looked around? Ive never really been someone who has a real green thumb or really has even truly taken the time to appreciate the beauty in nature,Continue reading “Apple Blossoms in Bloom”

Nature’s Natural Spring Beauty

What a fabulous way to wake up on a Sunday to the sunshine flowing into the bedroom windows. What is more exciting is it is supposed to be a high of 14 today. Would be wonderful if this sunshine and warmer weather lasted! 🙂  Im going to enjoy this beautiful day outside with my family!Continue reading “Nature’s Natural Spring Beauty”