Saddle Shack – Photography for Avalon Magazine

I was graciously asked to cover the Cowboy Christmas at the Saddle Shack for Avalon Magazine (Twitter, Website and Facebook ) . Now that the Spring Issue 2012 has been released I have been given the go ahead to share my work! You will have to pick up a copy of Avalon MagazineContinue reading “Saddle Shack – Photography for Avalon Magazine”

Everyone has a story

There comes a time in life when all of us with have to deal with some sort of a health issue in some way. As many know I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2005 when we were trying to conceive our first child. I also have Endometriosis and Hypothyroidism. I used to be ashamedContinue reading “Everyone has a story”

Daddy & his Daughter

The relationship between a Daddy and his Daughter is something that is very precious. From the first time she grabs his finger or cuddles into his neck, when she calls him Daddy for the first time. Much like Daddy and his son have their own special bond, each are very much their own, a bondContinue reading “Daddy & his Daughter”

Signs of Spring

In the tree beside our driveway is a tiny little nest… our kids are excited to see if someone might make this nest their home. Mady even called up asking “is anybody home in that nest?” LOL Children enjoying the outside ! Gorgeous green grass and very happy (and finally tired) dogs! The end ofContinue reading “Signs of Spring”