Unlock Your Happiness

My family and I just spent a few days away together. It was really interesting because I totally felt myself level up in what I now expect to be standard accomodations when we go away. I enjoy paying for value and just because something is presented with value but is a totally crazy deal –Continue reading “Unlock Your Happiness”

Happy 10th Anniversary To My Hubby… | Wedded Bliss, Real Life and Everything Inbetween

10 Years ago today my husband and I were wed. 10 amazing years ! Both good and bad, happy laughs and tears, new lives and deaths, buying and selling, raising two children, staying sane as individuals and connected as a couple, hard working and fun loving. We’ve been married for 10 freaking YEARS!!! WOW!!! AnContinue reading “Happy 10th Anniversary To My Hubby… | Wedded Bliss, Real Life and Everything Inbetween”

Why today is an important day… the day my entire life changed!

Today will always be a date I will remember. For both the great feelings and awful pain. A memory of my own battles over the years and also the strength these battles have given me. A reminder of how precious life truly is, and its surely not easy. The reality that there is no perfectContinue reading “Why today is an important day… the day my entire life changed!”

Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!

Our kids love their family, they love spending time just as a family of 4 and as Madison says “I love it when our whole family gets together…” they are too cute! The past few weekends they have been lucky to get to see lots of their cousins and had a blast!!! SO many memoriesContinue reading “Kids just wanna have fun… family fun with cousins!”

Our Christmas Celebration(s)!

Our Christmas celebration began Saturday, and ended boxing day. Yes 5 straight days of family, food and fun! It was so much fun, so wonderful to see the family we did and the food was amazing! Our kids are so very blessed. I feel so very blessed for the time our children had with ourContinue reading “Our Christmas Celebration(s)!”

A Very Merry Christmas With Wonderful Family <3

Today, on Christmas morning our kids were SO excited – was such an amazing moment, hearing first our son get up, then his excited voice as he went to wake his sister up. Hearing the excitement in their voices as well as their patience at times being tested to the extreme – for a kidContinue reading “A Very Merry Christmas With Wonderful Family <3”

She think’s we’re just fishin…

I’m lost in her there holdin’ that pink rod and reel She’s doin’ almost everything but sittin’ still Talkin’ ‘bout her ballet shoes and training wheels And her kittens And she thinks we’re just fishin’ I say, “Daddy loves you, baby” one more time She says, “I know. I think I got a bite.” AndContinue reading “She think’s we’re just fishin…”

Father’s Day Love For Daddy!

We spent the afternoon with our little family and visiting family on Hubby’s side, something we have been doing now on Fathers Day for many years, the boys enjoy the fishing opportunity and I adore it as a photo op! 😉 Even if the little miss got eaten alive, they had a blast, we hadContinue reading “Father’s Day Love For Daddy!”

They are what we want to be… they are our future!

Last night we spent the evening with good friends of ours and our kids. Friends we became closer with because of our kids. No doubt we are proud parents, we are also real, during our visit we of course we’re talking to walls while attempting to get our kids attention, but they and we hadContinue reading “They are what we want to be… they are our future!”

Littles who love to think big

20120501-328C0738-WM-2, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love these kids, they are just so excited and proud with each passing day more excited to grow bigger and do more things. I love to cherish how little they still are yet appreciate their thriving independence, and be proud. Proud of these two great kidsContinue reading “Littles who love to think big”