Escape To The Beach To Re-Charge Your Brain & Body!

The beach and our family cottage truly is my “happy place”. Even just spending an hour there my brain and body is completely relaxed and at ease. Personally I find the fresh air and water incredibly relaxing. My creative juices get flowing and this is where I take the majority of my photograph’s during theContinue reading “Escape To The Beach To Re-Charge Your Brain & Body!”

Getaway at the Cottage | My Family

This past long weekend my family and I took an extra long weekend and enjoyed a couple days just the four of us before our family and friends joined us on Friday! What a fantastic weekend – the company, weather, water, food, drinks… just fabulous! Hope you had a great weekend as well with yourContinue reading “Getaway at the Cottage | My Family”

Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin

Cottage Life… sunrise and sunset with the beautiful birds on the water. Although these birds are quite beautiful and a pleasure to photograph, they are extremely dirty on the beaches. Thankfully once summer is in full swing the birds know they need to stay away and we are able to enjoy clean sand by theContinue reading “Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin”

Cottage Life | The Beginning of The 2014 Season

For us the cottage means 3 very important parts of life, family, friends and relaxing! With enjoying the cottage, comes work. We like to get the majority of that work and upkeep done before the summer cottage season truly begins! The more hands that pitch in the faster we can get it done. Simply amazingContinue reading “Cottage Life | The Beginning of The 2014 Season”

Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores

Lake Huron at the cottage has always been ever changing, but without a doubt so very beautiful. Over just a few days the water changed with the weather. I enjoyed getting down to the beach to shoot the peaceful view, while inside our lil lady spent Thanksgiving weekend sick on the couch. While the kidsContinue reading “Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores”

“Sunrise” Won 2nd Place – Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest!

I am so very excited to share that my photo received 2nd place in the Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest Photo Contest in the Sunset/Sunrise Adult Category!!! My Photo will be printed and displayed at Pumpkin Fest 2012 on both Saturday and Sunday!!!

Beginning & End of a beautiful weekend ~ Sunrise & Sunset

What a gorgeous way to being Summer with the weather we were blessed with this Victoria Day weekend. My family and I were lucky to spend the weekend at my Grama’s cottage in Port Elgin, it is just breathtakingly beautiful there! Not only was I lucky as a child to spend every summer there, butContinue reading “Beginning & End of a beautiful weekend ~ Sunrise & Sunset”

Beach season has begun!

20120506-328C0905-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Our kids are very much like their mama. As soon as I could get in the water at the cottage I did. The weather was gorgeous there, water wasn’t the warmest but it wasn’t as cold as it has been in many past years. I loveContinue reading “Beach season has begun!”

Camera Club {Path} Photography – April

Met with the Mount Forest Camera Club last night, was so fun. I truly do enjoy seeing everyones photos each month and how each individual photographer interprets the theme word of that month. This past month was “Path”. Easter weekend we as a family went up to the family cottage and I was able toContinue reading “Camera Club {Path} Photography – April”