Wedded Bliss, Rest and Relaxation in CUBA! |January 2015

We were so very lucky to attend my dear friend (and cousin)’s wedding in Cuba a few weeks ago. We had a blast – the people, food, resort, weather – all fabulous! Not to forget that it was hubby and I’s first time “away” in 11 years… well deserved and we enjoyed every minute! IContinue reading “Wedded Bliss, Rest and Relaxation in CUBA! |January 2015”

Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores

Lake Huron at the cottage has always been ever changing, but without a doubt so very beautiful. Over just a few days the water changed with the weather. I enjoyed getting down to the beach to shoot the peaceful view, while inside our lil lady spent Thanksgiving weekend sick on the couch. While the kidsContinue reading “Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores”

Thinking of buying a new camera?

Over the past week Ive had a couple people contact me asking questions about what type of camera I would recommend for them to get as their first DSLR. First of all, flattered – thank you, second I LOVE talking cameras – love it! I am not the best photographer out there and nor wouldContinue reading “Thinking of buying a new camera?”

She think’s we’re just fishin…

I’m lost in her there holdin’ that pink rod and reel She’s doin’ almost everything but sittin’ still Talkin’ ‘bout her ballet shoes and training wheels And her kittens And she thinks we’re just fishin’ I say, “Daddy loves you, baby” one more time She says, “I know. I think I got a bite.” AndContinue reading “She think’s we’re just fishin…”

Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!

When we went away for a weekend a few months ago (hard to believe it was a few months ago now), we joined the Niagara Estates Wine Club. Yesterday we received our very first shipment!!! We are saving these wines for an at home date night for hubby and I. Hopefully tomorrow night will beContinue reading “Wine Club… our 1st shipment arrived!”

Signs of Spring

In the tree beside our driveway is a tiny little nest… our kids are excited to see if someone might make this nest their home. Mady even called up asking “is anybody home in that nest?” LOL Children enjoying the outside ! Gorgeous green grass and very happy (and finally tired) dogs! The end ofContinue reading “Signs of Spring”

Tips and Hints for a Mom with a Camera {Photography for Moms}

I am no genius and certainly not famous when it comes to photography, however I have had the pleasure of being asked by many family, friends and aquantainces for my opinion, questions, tips etc, all of which are merely based on my experience and growth since I became a “mom with a camera”. So youContinue reading “Tips and Hints for a Mom with a Camera {Photography for Moms}”