Ive Lost 40lbs and 40″ !!!

When I think of this I get so EXCITED! I LOST 40LBS AND 40″ FROM MY BODY – AND – I HAVE PCOS & HYPOTHYROIDISM!!! Im still somewhat in disbelief that I did this… for YEARS I struggled. I would yo-yo back and forth, my physical and emotional health was in jeopardy. A part ofContinue reading “Ive Lost 40lbs and 40″ !!!”

Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset

What a gorgeous weekend to be at the beach! The water, sand and sun was simply fabulous – so warm, refreshing and calming! In and out of the water proved to heat things up with some of us getting a little extra sun. Imagine that, me as a red head under an umbrella for theContinue reading “Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset”

Life’s A Beach | My Happy Place

My Happy Place… It truly is our home away from home. The place where no matter the family or friends who show up, everyone is welcome. Where many weekends are filled with a lot of laughs and love and upstairs feels like one giant bedroom. A beach filled with chairs and beach toys – manyContinue reading “Life’s A Beach | My Happy Place”

Kids Life | Beach Stream and Tadpoles

This boy of mine has his daddy’s keen sense of adventure for discovery of all things new, slimy and gross 😉 The past few summers this small stream has been FULL of tadpoles, this year the stream was moving much more quickly so the kids were on tadpole duty rescuing them from flowing out toContinue reading “Kids Life | Beach Stream and Tadpoles”

Darkness and Ice in April

I was up a little earlier listening to the wind whistling and whipping around, ice hitting the windows and deck, and then all was silent. Soon our room was filled with little voices who were woken up by pure darkness… *insert sarcastic mommy face here* So we all slept until about 630 when the kidsContinue reading “Darkness and Ice in April”

Water babies in May!

20120506-328C0870-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Love this photo for the obvious, its our kids, but also for the scenic landscape view of the sand, sky and water. The cottage is a favourite place of mine and always will be. First a fav of mine, then my husband’s, our children, our familyContinue reading “Water babies in May!”

Natural serenity

20120408-328C0175-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Just looking at this photo brings a flood of memories, not only of my children but also from my childhood. Somewhere I feel at peace, relaxed, happy, content, both physically and mentally refreshed and enjoy time spent with loved ones family and friends. This is notContinue reading “Natural serenity”