April 2021 | Oils & Energy | Aroma Essentials Collection

With the beginning of each month, I feel excitement. A brand new chapter, a page to turn to create whatever you want to. To continue along whatever personal journey you might be on and perhaps lean in a little deeper to you! My monthly newsletter went out, so if you are one of my oily customers, you should have received it this morning! If you would like to get on my list, please Contact Me and we will get you updated!

This month I want to share some oil goodness as well as the card I pulled for my collective oil community from The Starseed Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell! “The Seven Star Sisters” – Birthing Creations – Tapestry of Life – Expression. What jumped out at me about this card, was “creations”.

“There are new creations that want to be born. Beauty thats yearning to be woven. New consciousness that’s longing to be breathed into life. If you draw this card you’re being called to surrender to these creations – to usher in a new era of consciousness and do your bit in weaving the web of life. This is the card of the artist and the midwife. You’re being called to ponder questions: What wants to be birthed through you? What new creations are whispering in your ear? What beauty are you being called to make? Creativity and intuition come from the same scared place. They occur when we find ourselves flowing with the rest of life. Earth is renowned as a planet of manifestation and creativity and yet so many of us have forgotten to create. Somewhere along the way we stopped seeing ourselves as artists, as creatives, as poets… Yet to be human is to be creative. Creativity is part of your true nature. Perhaps you are being called to surrender to a creative project, such as a new business or a book. Or perhaps you’re being called to weave beauty in your home or in the way you cook. Regardless of the end result you’re being called to express yourself through creativity. To surrender to the creative projects that both scare and excite you. To find a way to weave beauty back into everyday life. For where there’s creativity, spirit and soul are present. And the world needs those qualities more now than ever before”

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Our diffuser blend this morning smells heavenly!

2 drops each

Lime is the FREE Product of the month in April when you place a 125PV (product value) order before the 15th of the month! Lime is the Oil of Zest for Life. Perfect time for this to be offered as the monthly freebie! April I feel is almost like a transition month, from Winter to Spring. It can still experience some chilly, even snowy days (hello April 1st – Happy April Fools…). Lime brings the Zest for Life to help uplift when someone may be feeling weighed down by discouragement or grief. Lime can help instill courage and cheer in the heart and reminds to be grateful for the gift of life. Lime cleanses the heart, especially when there has been an accumulation of emotional toxins due to avoidance or repression. Emotions Lime supports – apathetic, grieving, loss of will to live, discouraged, courageous, revitalized and determined. (Source Essential Emotions)


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10% Off_NeroliTouch_April2021_Educational_CA_1200x1200

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The Wellness Program Kits available in Canada are slightly different. However as Canadians we are able to order the kits from the US Warehouse to enjoy all of the 5 collections.

The doTERRA Wellness Program is a new product series that provides Loyalty Rewards Program members with five different sets of kits, or tracks, meant to support specific functional needs: 

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  • Mind & Mood Track (balance, restore, adapt)
  • Sleep Track (rest, recharge, and refresh)
  • Respiratory Track (breathe in, breathe out)
    (source doTERRA.com)

April continues with moving my body, daily reflection and honoring my heart and soul. I am truly feeling the gratitude of moving my body daily and also getting quiet with my mind. To really live in alignment and my own truth for my own health and safety and for my children and husband. Nature knows and can be trusted to be your first line of defense for your physical or mental health! While exercising I always start my diffuser in my office to help not only clear the air but also because I find it quite invigorating!

Please reach out if you have questions. ❤
To be honest, with home renovations and all thats happened in the past year, I was distracted, I wasn’t using my oils as much, wasn’t consistent with my supplements, sleep or drinking water. March 3 everything shifted for me and I am continuing to embrace that for April. I continue to move forward with passion, creativity and excitement. I am proof that these oils work for physical and emotional health and I am here to guide YOU as well on your journey. One that truthfully, no one can do for you, its one YOU have to be ready to embark upon and take responsibility for to lead your life where you want to go. I can assure you that any shifts you make towards natural health, you will reap the rewards!

Wishing you and your’s a Happy Easter and month of April as we transition to Spring!

Truth be told, Pamela, no matter how logical or intuitive you are, neither of these virtues, no matter how greatly you were endowed, will ever enable you to peer into the future and reasonably predict the twists and turns your life may take, nor the circumstances, fortunes, and friends that might someday be your own. It is, in fact, impossible. 
That’s what imagination is for. 
Thoughts become things,    The Universe

Surrender to the Sweetness 🙏

Heading into the long weekend ✌ with Day 4 of #MBF !!! Its a goooood work out!

This weeks goals continued…

✔ Move my body daily
✔ Take my supplements daily
✔ Drink More Water
✔ Use oils daily on & in diffuser
✔ Journal daily
✔ Proper Sleep
✔ Daily self care
✔ Mindful conscious eating
✔ Meditation and oracle cards

Was every day perfect, no. I’m learning how much more I need to be drinking, especially before hitting the mat!

I am also allowing myself patience. As a working mama it’s been challenging over the years to “allow” myself “me time”. Even as the kids get older, I used it as an excuse, I “didn’t have time”. I have dedicated to my programs and daily movement. I am grateful my family respects and supports me! Especially on those days I feel absolutely wiped out. Rather than get down that I am not getting x, y and z done. It’s ok what’s meant to happen, will happen. With this also in mind I really hope there is something really good for all of us in 2022 😂

This weekend will be the Best Easter! 🐰🐣Yes it is not like any traditional holiday I’ve enjoyed over the last almost 40 years of my life, at all. This is what I’ve been forced to detach from, literally. This is what has been so very heavy for me. As a photographer in the families, I love capturing family moments. Time is precious. Life is so precious. We have been taught this unfortunately many times. Life is meant to be spent with loved ones. 🙏

So, as much as I am once again hard core missing some of our beloved family traditions, this will be the best Easter! Because, it is what we make it ♥️

#sheneededagerosothatswhatshebecame #liftthelockdowns #holistichealth #beachbody #ouroilylife #oilsandenergy #lovethelifeyoulive #iamstrong

21 Day Fix COMPLETE 🙌

I think I may have messaged my coach over the past 2 years. “Im ready” then found any excuse I could. House renos, kids sports, more renos, then my husband fell off a roof. Reality, I wasn’t ready. My mindset was not there. Which was completely ok! Looking back I know I wouldn’t have done then, what I have now.

I’m super proud of myself. That on March 3rd I took the leap. Exercise everyday for at least 30 min, be conscious of what I eat, drink more water, sleep, journal, meditate, read, take my supplements daily…

I missed my supplements 1 day, yesterday 😂.

I definitely was not drinking enough water this past week. Dually noted! Goal this weekend was to rehydrate and get on top of that moving forward.

🥳 I LOST 5.5 INCHES 🎉 combined off my waist, hips, arms and thighs. The most significant loss on my waist, then hips.

The scale did not budge! ✌
My goal has never been to “be skinny”, ever. My goal of signing up for @beachbody was and is to tone my body (after losing the 60+ lbs in 2017-2019), gain strength, true core, upper and lower body strength.

My entire journey since the summer of 2014 was getting aligned with how I FEEL and making that my journey! True holistic health, removing what didn’t “fit” with my body or health. Being conscious in my day to day and choices that I make for me or my family. Also taking my family along the journey. They always have the option to join in, or I communicate with them WHY I am choosing to do this vs that, what it means to “lose” and why being “skinny” will never be my goal. It’s a life shift, a lifestyle!

I’ve been using my oils a LOT more! They truly do align with my everyday life for emotional, mental and physical health. They also smell amazing and fill our home!

Tonight’s diffuser blend for bedtime smells fantastic!
Balance – Grounding
Roman Chamomile – Spiritual Purpose
Peace – Reassurance

Program 1 down… I’m excited for my next!!! 🙌

Continually to grow every single day!

Thank you @kim_m_fitzpatrick for your patience and understanding, compassion. I truly appreciate it and after admiring your shifts, I felt the strength to share mine… from all angles! ✌

Day 21 | 21 Day Fix Complete!

Day 21 – 21 Day Fix COMPLETE 🙌

To say I am proud of myself would be an understatement. I am stoked for my achievement. The strength I’ve gained and the simple fact that I made a point to make time to move my body.

My fav way to end the program too… YOGA 🙏 After journaling and meditating.

The card I pulled after completing the program… The Void. As the book reads… ‘end of a chapter’.

I am grateful for leaning in and honoring myself.

Diffuser blend for the day… also aligns completely!
Blue Tansy – Inspired Action
Roman Chamomile – Spirtual Purpose
Lemon – Focus
Tangerine – Spontaneity
Green Mandarin – Pure Potential

Progress post coming! ✌🥰

Day 20 | Productivity & Time

It’s interesting, the less I focus on “time” the more I have! When I am simply IN the moment, whatever that may be.

I love having relaxing productive days, that’s been today. I am pretty sure staying off insta until now has also helped 😂!

I’m shaping out my weekend morning routine and this morning I feel like I nailed it! Journal, Reading and Meditation. My Day 20 in my @beachbody exercise program – Dirty 30! SO good!!!

Grocery stock up and dinner on! Expanding out of our “norm” after last nights inspired meal, we continue to branch out! Tonight we are having chili fries. Chili a fav and inspiration as potatoes were on sale, mix things up a bit! While also super simple and yummy! I added in some of the Mexican and Italian cuisine oils from @doterra.

Diffusers are on with:
Wild Orange – Abundance
Clary Sage – Clarity & Vision
Ylang Ylang – Inner Child
Wintergreen – Surrender
Intuitively selected and I just ♥️ how aligned it is today!

Organized the BOGO pack of oils and a few others into our room. Honestly introducing essential oils into your life, isn’t just about oils, it’s a lifestyle shift. Yes I can sell you oils, but I’d much rather INSPIRE you in ways to shift your life which includes using essential oils in various ways everyday! This also included making some physical space on my desk! How easy is it to over look things sitting neatly in a pile… over 2 yrs!!!

I’ve realized with moving my body and building strength… I have not been drinking enough water. So this weekend I am using as a bit of a reset, for both sleep and water. While also adding in some productivity by puttering around the house and tidying. Anyone else find stuff can pile up quickly with daily life of kids school and work!?

The card I pulled this morning came out of the deck stuck with a couple others. The one on top was, Star Bathing. Light Body. Crystal Grid. Transmission. Activation. 💫

Hope you have a fabulous day!!! ✌

Day 19 | Cardio

Day 19 | Cardio
One word, enough said. I’m not a cardio fan lol! BUT I did it and feel stronger with each day!
It was a good workout program.

My BOGO Box arrived!!! I specifically ordered this for our bedroom collection.

Sat down for some quiet time this evening and felt a paw on my arm, to move my books so he could snuggle!

While snuggling I saw a mouth watering recipe on @katherinewants for Monte Cristo. So that’s what dinner was!!! Oh my goodness they were good! Served with ketchup, dijon and pickles! 🤤🥰 Mine was gluten free and so yummy!

Question Everything | Does the Government Really Have Our Best Interest?

This week has been even more eye opening. I am striving to stay positive, uplifted and keep an optimistic outlook for what is within my control – all while being a parent, working full time and squeezing in time for me.

I am a facts person. I am a data person. I research and want to know. I don’t want someone to just tell me, tell me and then allow me time to research it myself. I learned the hard way many years ago that anything to do with MY body and MY health is truly MY responsibility and no one else. This is long, however given everything thats come to light this week… I truly feel as an individual and as a parent this is important.

Earlier this week the Ontario budget revealed that there is a 3rd payment coming to parents, look up the article it was in the news on March 24th. Not only is a 3rd payment coming, its double what the first two were. Im sure I do not have to remind parents that when the 2nd payment was announced, it was just before they “announced” our children would be returning to online school after Christmas and they locked them out of physically going to school.

This, is what parents were suspecting when Lecce announced that March Break was going to be pushed off until April. Although the governments reasoning was to “deter people from traveling in March”… I was under the impression we “weren’t allowed to travel” so not sure how this helps but whatever. Now this is announced just before Easter weekend (next weekend) and then the delayed “March Break” is to follow a week after…

Suddenly now… the curve has been on a steady decline since January and now suddenly, suddenly “cases are up”… perhaps convenient the fact that we got a letter on March 5th that the Ministry of Education “has mandated that school boards make voluntary asymptomatic (without obvious symptoms) COVID-19 testing of students and staff available.”

I had completely forgotten about the article I read on March 4th that was brought to my attention… Enjoy it while it lasts. Modelling warns another mass lockdown may be needed to control Ontario’s looming third wave.” Isn’t it convenient that on March 5th the Ministry of Education mandated school boards make voluntary ASYMPTOMATIC testing available for all students and staff…

The other alarming thing brought to my attention this week is what these nose swab tests that test healthy and sick people to see if you have Covid-19, are sterilized using an Ethylene Oxide method. Look this up! What Is Ethylene Oxide? “At room temperature, ethylene oxide is a flammable colorless gas with a sweet odor. It is used primarily to produce other chemicals, including antifreeze. In smaller amounts, ethylene oxide is used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent. The ability of ethylene oxide to damage DNA makes it an effective sterilizing agent but also accounts for its cancer-causing activity.”

What is interesting is that we have a letter from September 15th from our daughters school, from the Grey Bruce Public Health Medical Officer of Health stating…

“I want to explain to all parents that if there are no symptoms, and no close link to a confirmed case (as decided by local public health); then there is no practical benefit to getting your children tested. There is, however, potential harm. Let me explain.” 
“1. Testing for Covid-19 can be a traumatic event for some children. Like any other clinical test, there is the potential for complications, including possible short-term and long-term anxiety.”
“2. False reassurance is another harm. Testing someone who has no symptoms only lets them know on that day they got tested, they were not shedding the virus…”
“3. Testing in people that have no symptoms can result in false positives and potential harm…”

Then last night I was watching a show that I had PVR’d earlier yesterday. At the end the news came on, we do not watch the news, this quick clip mentioned “Ontario reportedly considering making online school a permanent option.” which instantly fired me up… and not only that but I have to say I was expecting this. Does the government seriously think the people who literally pay for them are this stupid?! NOPE. If I remember correctly, one of the reasons the teachers were on strike, was that in 2019, the time lines are slightly blurry with all this pandemic crap, was that the teachers did NOT want online learning to be a permanent part of the school curriculum. Then March 2020 suddenly that was the “only” option.

The reality of our world, thanks to the Government. Big fat NOPE!

Within the above article they claim its to make online education an option for enrolling children in remote learning even after the pandemic ends and require school boards to provide online learning during snow days and “other emergency closures”…

There is also mention within this article that this may be useful for students in remote areas and want specific courses or students who have an anxiety disorder.

As someone who has had many challenges with Anxiety myself… and parents needing to work, this is the worse “reason” to encourage online learning. Yes it may work for some students, however further isolation isn’t a solution, in my opinion. Besides that, Lecce who is making these changes to the school system, doesn’t even have children himself so how can he even begin to understand what parents or the kids (whose lives have been turned upside down) are going through. He can’t. Very simply. What concerns me, is the government is trying to sneak another one by us.

This morning while driving to work, yes this entire time I have left my home to work and thank god because I know my mental health needs it, and I heard on the radio that the “Sunshine list for 2020” was released and the Public Health Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce earned almost TWICE what he earned in 2019… TWICE. To be exact, $631,510.22 and also $1,690.58 in taxable benefits. The income for 2019 was $385,439. Yet the Public Health Official for Guelph Wellington Dufferin made $307,891.86 in 2020. (Source – Nicola Mercer and Ian Arra – search by name)

The article that I looked up after hearing that on the radio, goes on about “Unparalleled pandemic repsonse pads public servants salaries in 2020” Justifying because he nearly doubled his hours and took on several roles within the health unit.

“Sue Paterson is the mayor of Hanover and chairs the region’s board of health. She said Arra’s 2020 salary reflects the earnings of someone who hasn’t taken a day off since cases first presented themselves in the region over a year ago.”

“Over the past year he’s almost doubled his regular hours working around the clock,” Paterson said. “I know personally, I’ve seen Dr. Arra respond to individual personal inquiries with respect and compassion . . . he works continuously to keep the communication flowing and keep everyone updated so we’re all aware of what’s going on . . . he’s available 24-hours-a-day, every day.”

Ive included Ian in a few of my emails, voicing my concerns about what is happening, especially in schools, even got an email back from Bill Walker MPP Office on March 9th that they spoke with Ian about my concerns and it was their understanding he would reach out to me directly with more information. NOTHING has happened. Zero contact or response. Thankfully my email was passed on to the Ministry of Education, however the Public Health officer who is being touted as personally responding to inquiries etc… nope.

Also interesting to note within the article…
“Arra also ranked the highest among his professional peers in the 2020 list.

Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health made $444,344 in 2020. City of Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa made $336,104.

Closer to Grey-Bruce, Huron-Perth’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Miriam Klassen made $387,937 while Simcoe-Muskoka’s MOH Dr. Charles Gardner made $363,219.”

So really,,, who is benefitting from this pandemic. Clearly its paid government employees and big pharma!

Its time to LIFT THE LOCKDOWN for everyone and allow everyone to get back to life as they knew it before March 12, 2020. I fully support what Roman Baber is trying to do to literally save lives in Ontario.

Coincidentally this afternoon I heard over the radio a few times them talking about an immanent 3rd lockdown and how Doug Ford claims that it would be “absolutely terrible”. Foreshadowing much?! Anyone else feeling the irony of this impending “third lockdown” right before another holiday… yeah ok!



Day 18 | Stay In Your Own Lane

Day 18 | Stay in your own lane!

The other night I realized how great the impact is on healing. Truly leaning in and healing wounds. When am I at my best, whatever the role in my life, I am always best when I lead with me first. Pretty sure it was @kim_m_fitzpatrick who I heard that from! Its completely right. When I get up and am purposeful with my time, I feel SO much better. My day and the energy of my day flows beautifully and if I hit any challenges they are easily resolved.

That wasn’t this morning.
My body likes consistency, craves it actually. Consistency and routine. I am finding especially in the morning. It truly sets my day up to be successful, lead in love vs fear.

I’ve had a couple later nights this week, after 11pm, one closer to midnight. My body (everyone actually) needs proper sleep. Also proper time away from devices of any kind. I knew I needed the extra hour of sleep and I could exercise in good time after work.

So that is what I did, I honored my body, also realized some things and… everyday is a new day.✌

OILS The past few days I have been using my focus blend at the office… Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary and Wild Orange. Smells SO darn good too!!! Bedtime is still my current fav Petitgrain, Air X and Cedarwood!

Tonight I will be in bed earlier! After the power of vision workshop Kim is hosting! I am super stoked for! Honestly that’s one of the best things I’ve learned on this journey over the years, is personal development is key to personal success. I really dove in when I began my wellness business with @doterraca .I loved all the trainings and workshops. I was learning about oils and how they could benefit my mental and physical health and wellness (which they did in a huge way) and also various personal skills building opportunities! Most of all I felt a true sense of community! I am so grateful to have met so many woman, and men who I am grateful to call friends!!!

So tonight we ordered pizza for the kids, hubby and I are both doing what we need to and I will get to bed in a great time! ✌
Its all about balance! When it is, it just feels so good to be aligned!!!

Day 18 Pilates ✔

Day 16 & 17 – Honoring Myself

This gorgeous weather certainly puts a spring in my step! I just love it. Perhaps because that means our outdoor living can come back to life, which has me VERY excited! I never thought the additions we put on our house could complete it so well, but oh my gosh does it ever ❤

Last night I committed to getting up at 5am this morning to do my workout and then catch up after work. Truthfully my alarm went off and I hit snooze. My brain however did not! That little voice kept saying “just get up!!!”. So, I did! ☺

Day 16 this morning and Day 17 after work! I am loving feeling strong. I am totally looking forward to bedtime too! 😂

New routines taking shape, motivation I had been lacking. I’m even using my oils more each day and feeling much more purposeful with my time.

Tonight’s Card –

Getting ready to pick my next program! ✌


Day 15 + 1 | Permission to Myself

Day 15 + 1 | Permission to Myself.
“Life” happened this evening, in a very fun way with family. However real life of, getting home late and fitting in exercise.

So today, I allowed myself grace.
To BE in the moment 🥰 Today, I share this important message! Also part of allowing yourself grace, is living in truth and alignment. Shine a light on those shadows and heal your heart and soul! You may also find your physical health begins improving as well! ✌

[Thank you to @kim_m_fitzpatrick for sharing the quote above ✌]

The card I pulled this evening…
Earth School – Life Lessons . Soul Growth . Study . Higher Learning