Human Design – Projector

Have you heard of human design before? Its something that has popped up for me a few times and then when I was working with my energy guide she asked me if I knew what my human design was. This is when I found out I am a PROJECTOR!

When I first heard this, there was an old part of me that instantly heard projector as bad. Not entirely sure why, which is why I am so grateful that Avalon had a Human Design expert join our call last week to explain to each of us what our own individual human design meant for us!


Seriously… I learned so much about myself in those 8 minutes of hearing her speak about my human design map and realized just how unique and special I truly am – much like all of us!

Do you know your Human Design? START HERE with step 1 to figure out your human design – you need to know your birthdate, where you were born and the time for it to be accurate. Ariana has explained it so perfectly that it would honestly make everyone feel so damn special – because we each are!


Human Design 101 – Projector – Ariana’s Article

Strategy: To Wait for the Invitation

Signature: Success

Not-Self Theme: Bitterness

Aura: Projected and absorbing

35% of the population

The Art of Being this is a great article if you are also a Projector!

Projectors are not after your energy, but they are designed to be able to gain access to it. A Projector is here to understand deeply how and where energy should be used. And because their aura is very very focused in this way, they “invite” openness, which makes it very, very difficult for Projectors to escape the influence of the conditioning forces that are around them.

If you’re a Projector you really need to be formally invited into any situation, and to gauge if that invitation is correct for you based on your own inner authority. The very strategy that you have is an indication of the natural demand for respect that you deserve. You have to surrender to demanding respect. It is very important for Projectors to be careful about the people they associate with. The quality of their associations directly impacts their wellbeing.

To be a Projector means that you do not simply take in conditioning, you take in conditioning that generates, motivates and moves your process. It’s not that you’re dependent on the other. You were not designed to be dependent on anything. You are designed, however, to be in a world in which energy is available, and that’s very different. This is what the invitation is all about.

If Projectors would trust in the power of their aura, their auras would pull to them the attention, the recognition, and the correct invitation to the energies that they are here to recognize and to guide. (Source –

Processing Emotions – Encouraging Children’s Expression

Our sweet girl is our daily reminder of patience and time!

She joined our family not long after our sweet Pais passed January 2020. Before we had any idea what 2020 actually had in store for us. Honestly this sweet soul was meant for our family, for the Healing we would enter into and grow from in a very big way! She truly is our daughters cat, much like our fur boy loves his boy!

Although she has been with us for about 2 years, the ‘rescue’ in her still has trapped fears we continue to work and love her through.

Much like a person’s fear, as an emotion, needs to be processed as it can be trapped deep inside (anyone who has worked on personal healing knows this). Why it is truly so important to allow yourself (and if you are a parent, allowing your children and encouraging) emotional expression, feelings to process through words and actions vs being shut down or worse just blatenly ignored. Healing cannot be pushed, it can merely be felt.

On this day, allow yourself permission for time and patience for yourself to heal, whatever that means for you. Allow your children permission to feel their feelings and encourage them – not by putting your words in their mouth, no by encouraging them to use their words and navigate their feelings while supporting them in a safe place. It’s OK if more help is needed, sadly through the C shutdowns mental health support has been challenging to access… so for kids even just listening – asking them questions to allow them to explore their feelings. As their mom and fur mom, we want to “fix” things, but in my many years of momming I have learned over and over, I’m merely a guide in their lives, to help shape and direct, not dictate their lives to them.

Almost 2 years later, I still greet our girl Missy softly and calmly, I allow her time and space to come to me. We enjoy our morning snuggles, have a chat, most mornings She reminds me what’s up and then she returns to wait for her girl to get up. #loyaltyandlove

If you have ever questioned what true love is… look into the eyes of your pet! Whether it’s a dog, cat or bird, you will see it 😍

Then look in the mirror… do you see that same true love within yourself? 😬πŸͺžπŸ₯°

Intuitive Wisdom for November – Oils & Energy

Well, if you were in our neck of the woods on this 2nd of November, you would have enjoyed some massive snowflakes and even some accumulation!

I felt inspired to share my love of intuitively selecting oils and cards with you as a monthly inspiration!

The essential oil blend I created is based on grounding, intuitively selecting the oils and goodness it smells incredible! This could be a diffuser blend or a roller blend!

Douglas Fir – The Oil of Generational Wisdom
Laurel Leaf – The Oil of Triumpf
Grapefruit – The Oil of Honoring the Body
Copaiba – The Oil of Unveiling
Frankincense – The Oil of Truth
Roman Chamomile – The Oil of Spiritual Purpose

Douglas Fir, Copaiba, Frankincense are all very grounding. I felt the grounding theme that was coming through was wonderful as in my Chakra Mastery Academy I am in, this month is Root! Grapefruit is uplifting and also refreshing along with laurel leaf. I enhale laurel leaf and feel my breath and lungs beautifully open up! Roman Chamomile is beautifully calming, like literally taking a deep breath out in the freshest of nature.

I used this blend in our diffuser, it smells incredible. I call it Aligned Prosperity!

I am excited to share my planner and journal creations! I was looking for a planner which provided me with a simplified way to “plan” our lives. A planner that fit me for myself, as a wife and as a mom, along with any other relationships in my life.

Part of my Intuitive November is following my heart when I feel the passion. My artwork is on each of the covers. The books designed to be used together, a Planner from early morning until night. A rise and rest Journal which provides introspection, reflection, gratitude and understanding. Your Life As Art, truly my mantra! Whoever you are, your life should be like art, and that is whatever YOU find valuable!!!

The Planner is incredible! Monthly pages, budget pages, a full page for every single day of the year! The Rise and Rest Journal offers daily writing space for every day of the year as well as monthly health and wellness reflection as well as begin and end month reflection!

A sneak peak at a couple of the pages!!!

This is the… Your Life As Art Planner and Rise & Rest Journal πŸ€—πŸ₯³!

I am working with a local printer now and will be offering the books for sale in the near future to help map out and interpret the new year of 2022 ! The books I will be getting printed will have rings so they will be even more user friendly and will lay flat! I appreciate this as I prefer to have my entire year within the one planner and daily journal too! ❀

The card pulled came from Rebecca Campbell’s – The Starseed Oracle deck, which I love!

Karmic Relationships

  • Polarity and Unity
  • Karmic relationships from Orion
  • Polarity causes conflict and highlights separation
  • Conflict can cause growth and unity
  • Too many misunderstandings caused when not opening our heart and mind
  • See things from a different point of view
  • May react because of our own woundings – then find mutual ground
  • We are all innocent children looking to be seen, understood and cherished
  • Its easy to react and take things personally
  • More challenging to see the innocence of all involved and find a way to grow closer through the conflict
  • Through relationships we grow the most
  • How can you soften your heart and drop defences
  • How can you learn to see the similarities rather than differences
  • Go Deep – Starseed Soul Inquiry –> What relationships do you find the most challenging? How can you see things from a different perspective? How are you being called to allow growth through conflict?
    (Source – Rebecca Campbell – The Starseed Oracle Cards)

I thank you for stopping by my website and wish you well this November! There is potential for breakdown as Elizabeth April says, but there will also be breakthrough! Learn to be in flow, allow yourself to feel any challenges or frustrations – you have to because burying anything will only fester. As you begin to wind down the year and welcome a new year, offer yourself grace and ease – time of true reflection of, you! The past 20 months or however long its been, has shown how crucial human connection is to humanity and as well how important nature and holistic measures are to our mental health. If I can offer you any guidance this November – the first person to always listen to, is who you hear when you get quiet with yourself. True healing begins and true healing is lifelong, we get stronger everyday! If we walk into this month knowing, yes there is shit happening in the world, how can I bring more light towards… to shine out into the world? As we truly are, our best self, this reflects outward. As one person we each alone cannot “fix” anyone else, but ourselves, with deep understanding.

Healing can happen in a variety of ways, one thing I have learned is to do what is natural to you. I can admit I tried to love working out first thing in the morning, I just don’t. I much rather enjoy a nice relaxing, peaceful slow paced morning, which is amazing because that is what feels aligned to me!

Any question about oils, Im happy to help. I truly love the emotional aspects of the oils and have learned over the years to trust myself with my selection, that it would always be what I need in that moment.

Root Chakra – Noticing’s

As I woke up this morning, well before my actual sound alarm and light alarm, I laid wide awake thinking of the upcoming day. This is where I find my mind can begin to race, this is where the fears and worries can so easily creep in.

Admittedly I began my day on Instagram. This is something I am consciously working through as this is NOT where I want my attention to go first thing. Ive found this simple shift alone can remove alot of those fears and worries – that honestly could simply be triggered by social media and not necessarily something of doom and gloom on there. Im sure you have heard or seen the studies, recently one came out about teen girls using Instagram and Facebook has even been mentioned. These sites are SO addictive, the continuous scroll that I can admit throughout the past year when our life had some significant shifts, I caught myself scrolling a lot!

Recognize this and forgive yourself, no sense in feeling shame towards how you have already spent your time.

I felt my morning had a beautiful shift. I showered and then was conscious in my routine, applying my Balance blend on the base of my spine, also on my neck, inhaling and then rubbing on my arms.

Made half the size of oatmeal as what we had yesterday, felt much more in alignment to have 1/2 cup of oatmeal with our tea/coffee. Listened to my root meditation, journaled and even got to listen to some other inspiring words. The diffuser blend I started in our kitchen was Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.

Lavender – Oil of Communication & Calm
Lemon – Oil of Focus
Peppermint – Oil of a Buoyant Heart

I love this blend together in the diffuser, it instantly clears the air ways – this combo is incredible for seasonal discomforts… considering I have some food and environmental allergies/sensitivities I enjoy starting my day with this!

The blend I was intuitively guided to was Holiday Peace (a blend of Siberian Fir, Grapefruit, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Frankincense and Vetiver) and Adaptiv (a blend of Wild Orange, Lavender, Copaiba, Spearmint, Magnolia, Rosemary, Neroli and Sweetgum). Smells incredible and amazingly grounding.

Holiday Peace – The Oil of Contemplation
Adaptiv – The Oil of Adaptability

Moon Omens Message to self:

“The Universe is supporting,

protecting and loving me. It is

always working in my favor,

and for my highest good.

I’m guided, loved, and safe.”

~ Lukas Notes

An early start to the day, has me ready for bed shortly. I am really appreciating how present I am being. Staying in the moment and not thinking behind or too far ahead. Makes such a difference in ALL tasks!

For lunch, I had a craving for a hearty bowl. We got home, and without even looking at the time I just started in the kitchen. Chopped up a mediun sweet potato, some onion, ground beef, red pepper, broccoli cooked up and then some feta cheese, green onion, avacado and my Chipotle on top! SO yummy! The perfect meal on a dreary, damp day! I even have left overs for a morning snack! This meal, cooked in a frying pan took me less than 30 min! πŸ™Œ By not focusing on the time, as I have previously done the opposite in the past, I legit got more accomplished!

This evenings intuitively diffuser blend! It is GOOD!!! Petigrain, Wild Orange, Roman Chamomile and Hinoki. Ancestry, Abundance, Spiritual Purpose, Natural Harmony.

This is quite possibly one of the best! Even if it were just for the smell, it’s incredible, the emotional properties of these oils are in true alignment of the shift happening in the world! 😍

Meditate, Journal and then bed! I am enjoying sharing more of my journey. The shift I am feeling is truly inspiring. πŸ™ I am truly enjoying the meditations that are included in this program. Insightful and reflective πŸ’«

Root Chakra – Grounding

If you have been around here for a bit you will know that I took a pretty big leap to invest in ME! Something I am becoming more and more conformable with and feel is so crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing!

As we prepare to enter into November, in my Chakra Mastery Academy course, we enter into the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is our base, our grounding in our body and in life. When our Root Chakra is out of balance we can also feel out of balance in a variety of ways.

As I go through the month of our Root Chakra I am excited to share more with you!

This morning, I started my day, up with no alarm, well by sound that is. I woke to a nice bright light in our bedroom. A natural light alarm clock that has been assisting me in creating a morning routine that works! Listened to the root chakra meditation. My husband and I also began a new routine of breakfast with coffee/tea in bed. Simplicity but substantial, so we are giving homemade Oatmeal a try! Being two people who typically do not eat until typically mid morning or lunch, this is an adjustment but something we have felt we both needed!

What I missed this morning was putting my grounding oils ON my body – base of my spine and feet!

When we think of the Root, think of our base and grounding, so for example I nature, what could be described as “grounding”, think of a tree and the roots which go into the ground. Some deep, some just below the surface.

Our diffuser blend this evening is an incredible grounding blend of,

  • Douglas Fir – Oil of Generational Wisdom
  • Frankincense – Oil of Truth
  • Arborvitae – Oil of Divine Grace
  • Wild Orange – Oil of Abudance

I added in the wild orange citrus to balance out and because I find it’s incredibly uplifting and calming.

I’m excited to share more with you as I walk through this month and shift even more energy! πŸ™Œ

Empowered Healthcare is Key Right Now!

Now more than ever its crucial for every single person to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Empowered Holistic Healthcare. I’ve got an invitation for you below the post! πŸ₯°

Long term health care employees are being fired for their medical choices. This should really make one question, first off WHY?! If this many health care workers are choosing to not take this jab, MAYBE there is a reason and that should be RESPECTED!

On the flip side, this is not good. Our health care system in Ontario has had issues for years. I know, from my own personal experience, my husband’s and other people close to us. This is NOT the time to be firing people who for 18 months were literally called HEROS and… worked among the C+ cases!? There is simply no logic. However as the government continues to push fear, even though “cases” are quite low, people are putting themselves at risk of getting a cold or the flu simply by living in fear.

This sounds harsh, I know, however as my husband and I discussed the other night, if this was 10 years ago, it would have probably been us too.

Empowered health care is at the utmost importance right now. For those who are used to always calling or running to the doctor that may not be an option. Even for mental health services, these are seriously lacking in this country. Seriously. Much of what is available comes at a significant cost.

Taking care of our own mental and physical health it’s SO crucial right now.

Meaning… shifting your mind set!
I’m not here to tell you what to do, however I will share from my experience in real life how making shifts, CAN dramatically shift your life for your mental health and physical health in a very significant way!

I’ve been a questioner all my life, as much as it felt challenging when the kids were toddlers and they asked WHY all.the.time. It’s a crucial question in our everyday living.

For example… it’s easy to begin this journey on your own. When you eat something, how do you feel after? If you notice anything, jot it down or make a mental note and ask yourself why? Allow your brain to do some investigative work, you may be surprised at what could jump into your brain to get your attention. I personally love dip, many years ago I switched over to Greek yogurt vs sour cream. Then a couple years ago I began noticing a connection between when I would eat dairy I was feeling more mucousy, stuffed up, almost cold like, but not a cold! So I shifted to lactose free Greek yogurt and noticed an improvement, but then in time I was beginning to still feel some effects from it. After having allergy and food sensitivity testing, cows dairy is on the list!

This is an example where if I wasn’t paying attention to my body, I would assume and be convinced I had a cold. When I didn’t! This not only happens with cows dairy, it also happens with sulfities as well, with a lot of itching! I am able to take my TriEase, which is a natural blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint and this does help BUT obviously is supporting my body with something it really doesn’t want, so slightly counter productive.

Now for example when I have a glass of wine, it’s for a social reason, not so much to just enjoy a drink at home. We are also loving Kombucha, this on ice is awesome!!! Or this on ice mixed in with some white wine.

So, if our health care system is I jeopardy what can YOU do!?

We began this shift back in 2014. You can literally take baby steps OR go all in. I will share with you what we personally have done in our home and some resources to support your shift if you so desired!

1. I was used to taking over the counter pain meds pretty much daily. To shift this, I began drinking more water and using some natural holistic options to support the symptoms. I would use deep blue where I felt any discomfort, typically on my temples (carefully), or neck and shoulders. A drop of Frankincense under my tongue and Lavender down the bridge of my nose. I began to learn to connect WHY I was feeling the way I was feeling. This approx month, was challenging. It was SO much easier to just take the pill and not take the time… that’s what it literally was happening. SLOW my body down, slow my brain down. Allow rest, allow holistic support that the body recognizes and can also support. (Ex. Processed foods are so full of salt… and alot of sugar too… headache trigger!)

2. I was intrigued to learn more about essential oils and found it absolutely fascinating just how powerful, affordable AND incredible smell they had! For us that journey began in 2014 and we have continued to grow each day, week, month and year. Use the oils. Have them out, make them accessible, use them on your body, in the diffuser. The diffuser is the best, everyone in the space benefits from the physical and emotional properties of the oils as they breathe in! So you can literally boost immune health by diffusing these oils! πŸ™Œ

3. Our bodies, over the years accumulate toxins, again physically and mentally. I remember when I did the gentle cleanse and restore program and how I noticed the shift. I felt different, my digestive system and I were beginning to actually communicate again. There has been many years of emotional eating, my lifestyle shift has helped also shift this, however it was always a crutch, and this past year I began to fall back in BUT having healthy foundations in place, I was able to support myself in a healthy way when feeling the need to snack and I will be honest investing in someone to talk to, to help move the energy, to help see through and heal some deep wounds has been such a dramatic shift for me this fall.

4. Sadly most food isn’t like it was years ago with its dense nutrition. Many ingredients I have no clue what it is, or they change the name to a variety of other names – corn, sugar, gluten… just to name a few! The ingredient lists are long, colours are drastically affecting children and the way they learn, yet these things are “approved” here and are quite different in Europe! Again… WHY?

Our entire family has had the food allergy and sensitivity testing now. It was quite interesting. My husband and I have been shifting since I had mine back in June. He has been SO supportive and I am quite grateful. I’m confident his support for me, made his shift that much easier too!

5. You do not have to clean with bleach and chemicals/toxins for your home to be clean!!! We have been using 100% holistic products within our home for over 7 years, actually over 8! Here’s the thing, all of those chemicals and toxins, you will see the warning signs on products the caution ⚠️ when using. Have you also noticed how your breathing is during and after? How do your lungs feel? Are you breathing the same through your nose? How is your skin?

When you improve your home care – food, bathing products, cleaning products, remove processed foods and fragrances, your health improves. Clearly, there needs to be balance. I know how challenging it is to shift like this, going to eat at someone else’s home is challenging and I need to literally prepare myself. Here’s the thing though. Where I am at now in my health, it’s not worth purposely taking a “chance”, I thought I felt good before. I did. I feel SO much better than the me in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and even 2020! Since 2017 I have lost 71 lbs and kept it off. I quite honestly never thought this “goal” was attainable. So much so, I did not focus on it at all.

6. Movement is important but can be so different for everyone! I focused on ME. Doing what MY body wanted me to do. Over the tears and years (years was autocorrected to tears and its 100% not wrong… so it stays!), I have done nothing to move my body, then yoga, so gentle when I felt 100% not me or able to move for cardio. I gained core strength and my c-section belly began to shift. I’ve done BUTI Yoga which really amped up my love and appreciation for my body. Rather than living in shame for so many years. I’ve also joined BeachBody and have really loved the strength and definition during my shift this year. I’ve shifted my mindset. From legit hating my c-section “shelf” (iykyk) to expressing love and appreciation to that area of my body. Thank you for carrying our babies, thank you for doing what you could for our sons safe arrival. Accepting and clearing stale energy, the energy I held onto of the fear, pain and literally scariest of his delivery. I held that deep I my body and once I could finally release it, by thanking my body for what she did, it’s literally been melting off of me. Even since I have taken a break from the BB programs! Speak love to your body. Heal from the inside out!

7. Which is a beautiful into to the next… mental health. Be your biggest advocate and if you have kids, you’ve got to step up even bigger. I can 100% tell you, investing in mental health is so important. You will NOT deny paying for a therapist of some kind. Every opportunity is a learning lesson. Even if you maybe didn’t feel like you connected to said person. I this might be for you, do your research look for a therapist, if you can find one, or honestly a coach, you might get a bit better bang for your buck! People who are real and have healed themselves, not just learned from a text book. How has actually done the work and understands in that way. Journaling and mediation helps so much with this shift. Over my journey, with a coach I had back in 2018, I began using a planner again into 2019, and 2020 and 2021 I’ve continued. I’ve also had 3-4 coaches during that time, some were short courses, oh so actually more then if I include my short workshops or courses and the people I do still follow their work. In 2021 I have spent more than I ever have on personal work. It truly became a necessity when I realized in the Spring I was sinking, hard, again. Yet I didn’t act on if until August!

Now more than ever, as the government turns a blind eye to this mess they have created, take a BIG step into your home and every single room. Start with asking yourself how do you feel in that room, how do the things make you feel. Upon first glance what do you see that jumps out. Might be in the kitchen and it’s a cleaner or bottle of bleach.

I also know, change can feel hard, there can be resistance. However I can tell you from experience it’s been the BEST shift we have made in our home.

If you are curious about learning more of how you could make a holistic shift in your home I would be happy to answer any questions or get you hooked up with the highest quality essential oils out there!

If you are looking for various Eco friendly products that go beyond Essential Oils I highly recommend one of my favourite stores, The Eco Den. She ships all over Canada and now to the US as well!

For anyone local to Owen Sound, Ontario we have an incredible learning opportunity coming up next Saturday!

Please join us on Saturday October 30th in Owen Sound from 10am-12pm for an IN PERSON Post Convention gathering!

Invite your customers to experience the new products, make an emotional aromatherapy roller bottle, receive an AromaTouch hand massage, gather with like-minded community, and participate in our giveaway draws!

Please register here:

We can’t wait to gather with you!

If this date and time doesn’t work or you are not local please REACH OUT and we can set up something virtually! πŸ₯°

A Year Ago Today

Trust has been a word that has challenged me throughout my life.

This past year, has been a true testament of learning to TRUST in the current day.

A year ago my husband fell. As this day continued to creep closer, and this scooter is still in our lives, I could feel the resentment building again, the sadness from the unknown and uncertainty and I felt myself sinking, again. The past year has been a journey…

But then, after I sat and did a lot of writing I realized this was NOT how we were to remember this day.

This has taught us so much, we have grown even closer as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

We know even stronger the utmost importance of empowered individual health, holistic health and modern medicine ALL working together.

Always listen to your gut, your intuition, even if you are told otherwise. Learn to listen to yourself, it works!!!

That sometimes all you can do is trust and that IS enough.

If you feel you need to rest, REST! If that means dishes sit and there is dog hair all over the floor, do what YOU need to do.

Self care is crucial for everyone’s mental and physical well being.

These oils and Reiki truly are magical and greatly appreciated in our lives.

Eating FOR our body is incredibly key!

Focus on what IS within YOU… for me as I felt myself sinking I reminded myself where I wanted to literally re-direct my focus. I’ve known this for a while, it has taken over 2 months working with my energy guide to shift this.

It’s OK to ask for help. No matter who you are or what the reason.

Communication is KEY! Truly so important. Between all in the home.

EVERYONE needs me time. An important part of self care.

When in the midst of it, the to-do list can wait. Seriously. If you push yourself and you aren’t in the right mindset, you will hurt yourself, physically or emotionally/mentally. What helped me was not thinking of what I needed to do, and just literally looking around and doing what I saw needed done. BE in the moment.

Drop expectations, especially for other people. The ONLY person you should expect anything from, is yourself!

Journal, meditate, get out in nature, lean into your passion, laugh alot! ❀

Getting Into The Flow

Getting into the flow.

It hit me this week, as we approach this weekend, just how challenging the past year has felt at times.

I was 100% neglecting ME.
Granted it was for my husband and kids, BUT I was still putting me on the back burner. With all the excuses of why…

In March I realized I needed to bring myself to the forefront. I did really good until mid May, 2.5 mths later when living in even more unknowns rocked my heart and soul pretty hard.

This room, that is to be my sanctuary, my Zen Den, my space, once again became the ‘dumping ground’ for shit I didn’t want to deal with at the time. Where many, many tears have flowed and I have prayed for strength and patience.

Honestly, like a weight on the soul.

In speaking with my guide, she solidified what this room actually meant to me and kept pushing me to move past the excuses (there were alot of them) to do this for ME.

Just do the work.
Fucking simple.
Do the work.

Last night, after our Wednesdsy night call getting me totally fired πŸ”₯ up…

I still have the other half of the room to do and need to figure out where all these photos are going… but I am so fired up and totally feel re-ignited!!!


A space for ME that is ME!
With some oils, crystals, my camera stuff, photos, reiki and all the energy awesomeness, some gifts from my kids when they were wee. It’s me and I’m truly grateful we have this space in our home for me to have a dedicated room as my Zen Den!

Do you have a space that’s truly yours?
I highly recommend, even if it’s not a room, a nook or something that is for YOU! Makes a world of difference ✌πŸ₯°πŸ’«

2nd Image is the before… which I feel the tightness in my chest looking at that… and then ahhhhhhhh πŸ™πŸ’—

Finished with getting the diffusers going (slightly later last night) and a charcuterie board dinner with my love!

Petigrain – Ancestry
Roman Chamomile – Spiritual Purpose
Sandalwood – Sacred Devotion
Bergamot – Self Acceptance

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Invest In You!

Money can feel daunting at times, especially when it comes to spending it on yourself. This has, at least for me, been a story that I have been healing and re-writing over the past 3 + years specifically! This is a story many of us need to heal!

My health journey into doTERRA Essential Oils provided an incredible boost not only in my health, but also in my personal development. As this is much of the core of doTERRA’s business – their people being the best they can be – physical and mental health!

In 2018 I took a pretty big leap and signed myself up with a personal coach. It was an incredible experience where I felt a lot of growth that was able to come through.

However, lately Ive felt I have needed more. But to be honest I just didn’t know what!

The past 11+ months has admittedly been challenging at times for me. Very actually. With many unknowns, going backwards, then forward again and then back. It has been very hard at times.

I had been watching an intuitive guide for a while, listening to what she was posting, enjoying the information, and then one day, she sent an email that when I read it, I instantly felt in alignment. I emailed to say I was interested in setting up an exploration call.

I felt zero hesitation during our call, I knew this was what I needed to do over the next 90 days. During our call at the beginning of August I said YES!!! Our weekly calls began a week and a half later.

What have I experienced in the past 8 weeks is a beautiful shift within my energy. Healing. I am a healer. The confidence to use my hands on myself, my husband (his leg and healing) and our kids. The biggest shift I have felt is with my eating. For many years, honestly as long as I can remember, I have found comfort in food. I was very much an emotional eater. This got better when I cut out gluten, however this has been a significant shift as I was previously still leaning on food for comfort. With the health challenges I have, portion control is crucial and not just eating whatever the package says, but listening to and honoring my body. Really feeling that “full” moment or even more so, feeling satisfied to not feel like I need more. I had been over eating for years, feeling the comfort in food. Something bad would happen and I would go to my food, I switched up my diet but would still ensure I had a healthy snack version. I literally couldn’t keep chips in the house (after I was told in June I cannot eat popcorn), I sunk even more at that time. This is one of the biggest shifts, along with shifting to a state of truly not caring what anyone else thinks of me – confidence in ME!!! As well learning to remove any “expectations” from anyone in my life, I am the only person I can put any expectations on. To honor my boundaries and most especially myself. My productivity both at home and at work has totally increased, I achieved a state within my work that I hadn’t in a while and it felt SOOO good! Ive been able to stop thinking of all that I need to do and just BE in the moment and do what needs done. What is also incredible about this, it drastically lowers any anxiety of thinking of “all that I need to do” and when I get into this mindset, time becomes infinite! Being much more conscious in my day to day. As well as supporting any fight or flight responses to anything external. I have realized that to-do lists actually stress me right the f*ck out and its more of goals I need to focus on!

The other beautiful thing, I have seen subtle but also similar shifts within my family who I live with. Most specifically my husband as he has been on his own healing journey, more physical.

I have enjoyed my time with her so much one on one I opted into her Chakra Mastery Academy as an Alumni which began September 21st and runs for 9 months. I felt this was the BEST way to continue on this journey so that even after the 3 months of working one on one, I am continuing forward and am very excited!

In a nutshell I have found the best investment to be within ME! I have shifted emotional eating that I fell victim to for many years. I have embraced every part of me and allow my confidence to shine through and… as I am a very visual person, getting organized within my head, home and work space feels amazingly good! Best of all, learning to put 100% trust within me and the choices I make ❀

If curious, I highly recommend checking out Avalon’s website to see if her programs or her energy is a right fit for you. I have worked with a few “coaches” and I love how everyone continues to grow and shift in their own way. Its truly beautiful.

Investing in YOU with guidance as well as healthy eating and hydration, as well as how you care for your body as well and the products you use πŸ™‚ ❀

One thing to always remember, is this isn’t a one fix for all, this is CHOOSING daily to be the best version of ME, every single day. To resist the urge of hitting snooze and getting my butt up each day, no matter what the day meant or how I felt. Honoring my space and how visual “space” means so much to me. Also allowing myself freedom, to not have to have a specific “routine” every single day thats down to the hour or minute but rather for me going with the flow of what feels right in that moment and doing it.

Be You Anyway – Reiki Master

Not everyone will understand your journey, be you anyway! ❀

I am truly grateful for the way living a holistically healthy life has transformed my life that I took this one step further…

I am SO proud to say I have completed my Reiki Master Certification!!!

I have not only felt the powerful benefits of Reiki myself, this is a “norm” within our household. One that I once literally kept secret for a long time, worried what “others” would think…

The best thing I did was embrace it, live it and share the gift with others. Having felt the healing powers myself, which have also transformed my life and health in a VERY big way!

This is big for me, not only did I achieve something that once was an interest (I love energy!), in August I also achieved a very significant weight loss of 70lbs – yes SEVENTY! AND… Happy 40th to me almost a month ago!!!

My oils and Reiki truly kicked off this holistic lifestyle and I am truly grateful.

Rather than shying away from compliments, I now happily correct those who tell me how “skinny” I am…


Nature knows best, truly! ✌

Why Reiki…
Well for me, the dots were connected when I was working with @helenmurrayspiritualmoneycoach who connected the dots between my endocrine health challenges #pcos #endometriosis and the chakra system in my body. When energy sits stagnant in the body, this is when dis-ease can set in. Our body needs movement of some kind but not just that, we need to allow ourselves to feel and process emotions. This is huge! Rather than push down and bury or ignore something, bring it up, bring it to the light. Reiki can help in shifting blocked energy, to release and allow the energy within the body, through the chakras to flow with grace and ease.

Thank you @krystal_clear_healing for offering this certification I am truly grateful!

The past 11+ months has honestly been filled with so many highs, lows and in between… in August, to honor my 40th I leaned in, pretty deep to truly honor my heart and soul. To allow myself time, space and love to process what I needed to, to invest in me and find myself again apart of being a care giver, wife and mother. πŸ₯°