The Great Awakening

2020 has been a lot of things. What I am taking out of this, is how it brought an abundance of time, clarity, organization, personal development and fun to my (our life).

Yes it’s been much less “busy”. Much less people. Weekends with plans of being home.

Its brought a whole new realization in life of what truly is important. What each of us and together value and appreciate. Back to the basics.

There’s been resistance. Is it fair, no. I especially feel for so many businesses shut down. There is so much of this “current life” that is straight up not fair. But that’s not what this blog is about! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am SO stoked to see people choosing empowered health. Choosing to invest in their health and understand the importance of this!

For the past couple years, amid our major home renos I took a step back from actively building my wellness business. I chose to first support myself and my family and also provide support to my current customers who I knew I could continue supporting with my time constraints. My wellness community, however has continued to naturally grow and for that I am so proud.

I am so proud and happy for people when they make that decision to take a step up. To step into EMPOWERED HEALTH! Rising above the “norm” of what many of us have known to be for years.

If I was honest, I would say thinking of making significant shifts then (over 10 yrs ago), of what I talk about now. My gosh I would have felt totally overwhelmed. So I took baby steps, I took the initiative to learn about what my body needed and figured out how to get it. I am a fact investigator. But more importantly, I now base my health and my family’s health on HOW we feel! No longer “treating” symptoms, but aligning with getting to the actual root of WHY!

I love that people are seeing so much value with prioritizing their health. Last month doTERRA, the essential oil company I am aligned with, had an awesome BOGO Sale! It was an awesome opportunity to buy 5 oils and get 5 for free!!! All of which had amazing physical and emotional health benefits, especially for this time of year!

It’s awesome to see people realizing it’s so much more than what the government is telling us to do. Hand washing, which we should always have been doing, wearing masks and physically distancing. Hearing from people who are realizing this isn’t what keeps us healthy!

What keeps us healthy is LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Choosing to eat real foods, drink water. Get sleep, relaxation, organization within our homes, learning to listen to our body. Treat the root problem vs the symptoms.

Actions and consequences. Truly.

For example, when I began with Holistic Health, prior if I had a headache, the norm is reach for an over the counter med. I can admit, I took these far to regular, many days it was daily to deal with the pain and discomfort I was living with and in. Now, if I get a headache or feel anything within my body, I do a body scan to figure out WHY. There is always a root cause whether its physical or emotional. Also remember, physical also means what we eat, drink and products we use in our home which can cause a physical response.

Being a virgo, perhaps it comes naturally to want to know, research, learn. For years however, I ignored this longing, deep down and followed the “norm”. Im so excited for those of us who have risen up and continue to rise up. Whether you have been on this journey for years or are just beginning today – Kudo’s to you for prioritizing your health, the journey is so well worth it!!!

If you are looking to get started I can happily direct you in a couple ways.

  1. Essential oils are in an unregulated industry, which means this puts the onus on you the customer to do your own due diligence and research. For this I completely trust doTERRA Essential Oils. My family has been using them for over 6 years and they have helped transform and re-shape our everyday life and health in our home.
  2. My new FAV store in town – The Eco Den. Someone who I met when the store opened and trust her opinion greatly with her background in nursing. They also ship across Canada!!!
  3. Start by looking at ingredients on the products you buy. Especially anything that goes IN or ON your body. (Hint even anything with a “smell” to it)
  4. Cook real food – avoid food in pre-packaged boxes or pre-cooked. Also beware of ingredients on even “real” food that are used as preservatives ie hams.
  5. HOW do you feel when you eat, drink or use a product. If you were like me over 6 years ago, I ignored how I felt and powered through – this is not how our bodies or minds are meant to be treated. Take this time to really get in touch even more deep within and listen to those gentle pulls on your heart. Commit to doing a deep dive within yourself. A planner and a journal are helpful for this! I highly recommend the DailyGreatness Planner and have a 10% off code for you! Meditating can also be helpful with this, to bring yourself into alignment.


Winter Solstice | Oils & Energy | Dec 21/20

Today an incredible astrological event happened as Saturn and Jupiter met in the sky.

The past week I have felt, at times, intense pressure, migraine headache effects, intense desire to reset and cleanse in a variety of ways in my life.

Last weekend, we literally set the intention to do what our hearts and souls needed. Which involved going within and honoring that.

This past weekend was productive in a few ways. Cleansing off things from the to-do list, purging and organizing.

Today, although cloudy and dreary for most of the day, and me mistakenly thinking today was going to be a long day of daylight ๐Ÿ˜‚ then remembering that is in June! I feel energy shifting. I’ve been feeling energy shifting.

This evening, I applied an oil protocol to both of the kids, myself and my husband by Desiree Mangandog who is an energy and oil blending genius! Check out Desiree’s protocol below.

1. Tea Tree on the top of your head and bottoms of feet. Cleanse away the items, people, circumstances and places that need to separate from your energy field.

2. Helichrysum on the inside of your wrist crease for self forgiveness, to be ok with cutting our losses and prevent disappointment from taking hold of our hearts.

3. Wintergreen on tops of shoulders to assist us in detaching from toxic influences.

4. Lavender and Patchouli around belly button.

After applying the oils I meditated to Angela Kontgen‘s Explosion of Gratitude meditation for December and journaled. Write out what will blossom in 2021, come to completion and the growth that will happen. ๐Ÿ™

May your life be blessed with grace and ease and peace and love be with you.

Abuse Disguised As Caring

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship before?
Sadly, I have.
In my high school years, I was in a relationship with someone who was emotionally and verbally abusive to me.
Sadly, not just this person, his family and friends as well.

Abuse is abuse and affects someone to their core. I, unfortunately know this.

It’s very common with an abuser for them to isolate you from your family and/or friends and control as much of your life as they can. Ever read the definition of a narcissist? It’s true.

I strongly believe we are currently being “abused” by our government.

The government has mass ads out in print, radio, tv, signs, online telling people they must stay away from others, cover our faces (no more smiling faces), only go outside if essential, it’s ok to work but not to be around anyone outside of your household. Small businesses have to close, big box stores allowed to be open, people urged to buy online and large corporations sales soar. Insinuating that it’s dangerous to be near our loved ones. That being around them could get them sick and potentially kill them. Do we want to be responsible for someone getting sick and dying?

In the summer we were “allowed” to be around more people, the government gave us “permission” to invite people into our own homes. Easter was taken away, it was too scary to be around anyone outside of your household. Mass amounts of fear, numbers projected that never even came close.
In the fall it became too dangerous again to gather with family, or anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The government is telling us we are not allowed to have anyone in our homes except the people who live there. Last time I checked, we paid for (paying for) our own home. No one else, especially not even the government.

Now, as we are literally days away from Christmas and the numbers of actual sick people are not sky rocketing out of control, we are locked down effective Christmas Eve, Thursday. Until that time however it’s completely ok to go to work, be around my co-workers and my family until that time that it then becomes “not allowed”.

Excuse me?! I am not allowed to be with anyone outside of my household for any personal reasons (because it’s ok to work when you are an essential worker). I am “not allowed” to have anyone outside of my household in my house.
“I’m not allowed”… by who?!
The Government.
Who is paid for by us, the working people. Are telling me I can not have anyone else in my home, literally a day before Christmas and over the entire holidays into the new year.

The irony… working in an essential business that I am thankful for, we are allowed to be with our co-workers (and family because we do work with multiple family members) but as soon as the holidays start, nope. We are “not allowed” to be around them?! Really, because that makes complete sense! Being in our small town, there are multiple family based businesses like us who would technically be in a very similar situation.

It was like a flash back, to a very intense time in my life when I thought this person actually loved and cared for me. I lost a significant part of myself and my life, that has taken me years to get back. All because I tried to justify how he was talking to me and treating me, that it was ok, that he loved me. It was not. At all.

To an abuser it’s all about control, manipulation and the fact that the abuser is a weak, inept person who is avoiding their true root of their abusive treatment.

How is what the government is doing, any better than what an abuser does?

If the government cared about it’s people, first off, they wouldn’t allow products that are harmful to our health to be knowingly sold in a variety of food, drink, beauty, cleaning products. They would promote people to get physical activity, to be outdoors in the sunshine, eat healthy foods, drink water, move their body, reinforce the importance of mental health, vitamins and minerals. The government would understand the importance of personal connection, in real life vs isolation and connecting online. Especially for our children and seniors.

I’m very much a facts person, straight to the facts. If the government really did care about us, they would be promoting common sense over the holidays. To enjoy time with your loved ones who are within your bubble, and who you have most likely spent the entire year with!  To be encouraging safety, based on real numbers and facts.

Why does this upset me so much?
I’ve been in an abusive relationship.
This “control” is how it felt.
Its NOT how it’s supposed to be at all.
Caring is not control.

Caring is building someone up, being positive, real factual education, affordable healthy food and water, holistic natural health care that is recognizable to our bodies. Caring is allowing someone their personal freedom.

Caring isn’t used as a front for abuse.

Canada, based on today’s numbers. Has an approximate population of 37.59 million. Today there is 78,772 active Cases in Canada. Yes that number seems high, but in truth, it’s not. That is 0.00209% of our population of our country.

In Ontario, the current approximate population  is 14.57 million. There is currently 26,867 active cases at 0.001843% of our population of the province.

In Wellington Dufferin Guelph the approximate population is 272,000. There is 266 active cases in the 3 regions. That is 0.0009779% of the population.

In Grey Bruce the approximate population from 2016 was 93,830. There is currently 31 active cases. That is 0.000330 % of the population.

Based on posted world numbers today the percentage of people with active cases in the world is 0.0042%.

(Click on any photo above to view larger)

If there is one thing that I learned and gained strength from after leaving an abuser (mentally, emotionally, verbally and cheated multiple times) it’s that the best and only way to win is to stand up and take ownership of me and my life.

These numbers do NOT make sense. People are being censored all over “social” media when what they say questions the narrative, now this. It was bad enough being “threatened” with a “lock down” on boxing day, now on Christmas Eve. Apparently no one working in government has a caring bone in their body, that can also do simple math. Lord help us as these people are supposed to be our “leaders”.

Speaking from experience, I had many people tell me I looked healthy prior to me loosing 60lbs. Looks mean nothing, I was not healthy, but I also thought I was. Looking back hindsight really is 20/20 and I think of where I was then, mentally and physically (listening to the medical community – just take these pills and you will be “fine”, in the “normal range” bullshit – “just listen to us”) to where I am now and it’s a world a part, honestly.

Please don’t just read these numbers above and believe them. No, do the digging and research yourself. Everything I have read and found in 2020 that has helped strengthen me even more, was cross referenced. Never ever take 1 persons opinion as truth, especially if it doesn’t feel right within your heart and soul. That also applies to our government and news sources, even these tests.

Is it normal to be shamed into wanting to see your loved ones but having mass amounts of fear injected into you for wanting them in your life? NO!

Or is it more normal that we are now being shamed of that AND ads are also being played out that if seniors begin dying after the (fast tracked) vaxx that it’s ok because it’s normal for seniors to die?!

Don’t even get me started on the mental health effects this entire year has had on people and the rising addition, suicide and overdose rates! Or this fast tracked vaxx that our family will not be taking.

One more thing… Look up “Songbird” movie trailer… that coincidentally was released in 2020. “Immune to the COVID-23 virus, a courier races against time to save the woman he loves from a quarantine camp.” Read that sentence again. Then realize this movie was released in 2020, a bigger question WHEN was it created, I highly doubt at the height of a “pandemic” to be released already when much of Hollywood was shut down for months!? Hmmmm…

A wolf in sheeps clothing… Beware!

Oils We Use Regularly

A beautiful routine we began back in 2014 when essential oils joined our life, was applying oils to our kids morning and night. As time has gone on we sporadically apply in the morning, but have kept up our evening bedtime oil routine. One thing I honestly love to end our day, its physical touch as well as holistic health for us and our kids.

Ive been meaning to re-fill our oils all week, truthfully. So being the weekend, yesterday I wrote down as I was decompressing from my day, that this morning I would re-fill our oils. Which I sat down and did!

This is our Immune Boost Blend – I create this literally every time I re-fill the blend. Today when I refilled I used Niaouli, On Guard, Manuka, Arborvitae, DDR Prime and Copaiba.
Our Sleepy Kids Blend. I created this blend before we went on our cruise in February 2019 (thankful we planned it for then!). It worked not only for the kids, it was so super helpful for me too! I haven’t re-filled this in a while.
Our re-labeled kids blends! These are the ones that we use all the time.
The one on the end, is my thyroid blend that has helped me so much with my Hypothyroidism!

So why these oils… first of all their physical health properties is what I initially look for. Then the emotional, some of which I know off the top of my head others I look up.

Adaptiv – The oil of adaptability. Its been a really good one for this year. Lord knows Ive used it quite a bit and have a roller in my bathroom! This blend was formulated to assist with anxious states. “Adaptiv conveys softly the truth that most of life is beyond an individuals ability to control, and safety is only to be found in the arms of the Divine.”

Arborvitae – The oil of divine grace. “Arborvitae assists individuals who believe or act like all progress must be made through struggle and solitary effort. Instead of trusting in the Divine, these individuals unconsciously block divine aid, choosing instead to live by their own efforts. Arborvitae addresses the need to control one’s outcomes in life. It invites individuals to live with peace and joy by trusting in the abundant flow of divine grace.”

Balance – The oil of grounding. Another key oil this year. “This blend reminds individuals that to realize their true dreams and desires, they must stay focused on a goal unit it is actualized in the physical world.”

Cedarwood – The oil of community. “Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. Those in need of cedarwood struggle to form bonds within social groups. This can often be due to an overdeveloped sense of individuality.”

Copaiba – The oil of unveiling. “Copaiba invites individuals to connect with their past. It offers a deep intertwining energy that links experience to experience to unveil the deeper meaning and messages showing up in one’s life. Copaiba respects the sacred sheltered within unit it is ready to emerge into the light of consciousness. It then invites individuals to become thoughtfully aware of the shadow aspects of themselves and discover who they really are.”

DDR Prime – The oil of transformation. “DDR Prime works emotionally as well as physically with the cycles of life and death and personal transformation. By putting off the old, individuals become free to experience the new – this is transformation.”

Frankincense – The oil of truth. “Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense assists in pulling the “scales of darkness” from the eyes, the barriers from the mind, and the walls from the heart. Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth.”

Lemongrass – The oil of cleansing. “Lemongrass is a powerful cleanser of energy. It dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy. Lemongrass assists individuals in entering a healing mode or cleansing state. In this state, one easily legs go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity. Lemongrass teaches individuals to move forward without hesitation.”

Litsea – The oil of manifestation. “Litsea is a powerful mobilizer of the will. It is especially helpful in encouraging individuals to follow through on their inspiration and promptings. Litsea invites individuals to have the confidence to act on the information given and to trust in wisdom that may be beyond current understanding.”

Manuka – The oil of being upheld. “Manuka is a powerful plant given as a gift to the earth to heal and bless humanity. It carries a unique energy signature that raises the vibration of those who are blessed to come into contact with it.”

Myrrh – The oil of mother earth. “Myrrh oil nurtures the souls relationship with it maternal mother and with the earth. This oil supports individuals who have had disturbances with the mother-child bond.”

On Guard – The oil of protection. A very key oil this year to ensure our energy has been and continues to be protected. “This combination of oils is generally used to shield individuals from harmful threats. This blend’s protective properities, however, extend beyond the physical level by aiding individuals in warding off energetic parasites, domineering personalities, and other negative influences. On Guard strengthens one’s immune system, which governs the ability to defend against attacks from both physical and negative energies.”

Petitgrain – The oil of ancestry. “Petitgrain invokes a deep appreciation for positive forms of ancestral knowledge, wisdom and family history. All individuals carry a portion of their ancestors’ lives and stories within them – physically, emotionally, and through inherited traditions. Petitgrain illuminates the eternal connection to all previous generations that weaves its way through the present generation and on to the next.”

Serenity – The oil of tranquility. “Serenity has a powerful effect on the mind and heart. It is a uniquely calming blend that invites individuals to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiousness and being overwhelmed. Serenity can support those who struggle with an overactive mind and inability to unwind. From feelings of responsibility to feelings of worry, Serenity assists in quieting the mind, releasing agitation and inviting calm.”

Vetiver – The oil of centering and decent. “Vetiver oil assists in becoming more rooted in life. Life can scatter one’s energy and make individuals feel split between different priorities, people and activities. Vetiver brings the individual back down to earth. It assists them in grounding to the physical world. Vetiver also assists individuals in deeply connecting with what they think and feel. In this way, Vetiver is incredibly supportive in all kinds of self-awareness world. It helps uncover the root of an emotional issue.”

Source – Essential Emotions Guide 8th Edition

In reading through all of these oils I am reminded their beautiful capabilities these oils have to holisticially support our emotional and physical health. Cheers to transformation and rising up, however that looks for you! Truthfully, I would have felt that to post and share these recipes and images they had to be perfectly staged, truth of the matter is what is most important is sharing this information, not how I set up a shot or what might be in the background. This morning I sat down at my table, the runner somewhat in dismay as I was doing some work at the table yesterday, and re-filled the rollers. Real life, straight up! Plus they just simply work!

Bursts of Flavour – Home Cooking | Cuisine Blends

Our essential oils are a staple in our home for our every day living, physical and mental health AND cooking!

The depth of flavour of essential oils is outstanding! Plus they last so much longer than dried spices! Packed full of flavour.

This Christmas, as part of the holiday promotions, doTERRA released three Cuisine Blends for cooking! They smell and taste fantastic! An explosion in your mouth! Honestly the Tropical one I know I will be trying out in the diffuser too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tonight I made a home made lasagna. I added in some drops of the Italian Blend and Tropical Blend.

I am so grateful for these blends! I can see us using them all the time! Here’s to hoping the oils are sustainable to potentially become a permanent product!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The finished result! Oh my there is nothing like home made lasagna!

See… can still enjoy foods I love by just tweaking it myself. Does it take more time, yes, is my tummy and body and mind therefore happy, yes… which truthfully is priceless! ๐Ÿ™

This was made gluten free and 90% lactose free! I added real mozza to the top. Which interestingly enough as Ive been on my health and wellness journey, I have found I do have a sensitivity to lactose. I knew this previously with milk and ice cream as they cause massive digestive pain and upset. As I have been conscious about what I eat/drink etc I have noticed these sensitivities. Dairy makes me more mucusy (is that a word haha). So this morning when I woke up, feeling a bit more mucusy, as expected from the small amount of mozza I took 1 of my TriEase softgels, which is a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint in equal parts. Honestly these work amazing and helped dry up what I was feeling!

Details on the blends:
Creating a splendid dinner table is your thing. Whether itโ€™s a rustic Tuscan celebration for the family, a Mexican fiesta with close friends, or a tropical tiki party for the whole neighborhood, youโ€™ve got this. doTERRA can help with a quick, easy way to add vibrant flavor to your favorite recipes: the doTERRA Cuisine Blend Collection. This collection features three blends bursting with flavor created using CPTGยฎย essential oils. The Italian Blend features Olive Oil infused with Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, and Oregano, perfect for meat, pasta or salad dressing. Lime, Cumin, Black Pepper, Cilantro, and Marjoram in Avocado Oil bring the Latin-inspired, bright flavors of the Mexican Blend to your fajitas, tacos, burritos or nachos. Cook tantalizing dishes of the islands and add the Tropical Blend of Coconut Oil with Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Yuzu, and Ylang Ylang to prawns, grilled fish, or even your favorite smoothie recipe. The doTERRA Cuisine Blend Collection is a feast for the senses. (Source)

Online Safety | Instagram/FB IS Spying on Us

I used to be a big online social activist, it “brought people together”, “helped to stay connected”…

False! Especially where “social media” is concerned…

This has happened to me more than a few times, however being much more consciously aware I took a screen shot of what I saw after what had happened.

Back up a couple days, I was sitting at my desk in my office at work. My mom and sister were standing across my desk, approx 5-6 feet from me and approx 6-7 feet from my phone. My phone was on, but the screen was locked so what I would consider “locked” and not accessible.

Mom was talking about something she had ordered and was told it would be in before Christmas and then suddenly the manufacturer cancelled the stores orders saying they couldn’t fulfill it. Unfortunately something we have experienced more than a few times this fall/winter.

I have NOT been on social much. Truthfully Facebook has been deleted from my phone and once my daughter gets a phone number Instagram will be as well. I opened instagram later that afternoon as my daughter had messaged me, and look what came up in the top of me feed.

I have NEVER looked up this company or these products on my phone. I have NEVER looked up this company or products on my work or personal computer.

Yet the same day my mom TALKED about this company name IN my office 7 feet from my phone… which was locked… Instagram begins showing me ads for this!?

As I mentioned this isn’t the first time, the time before I distinctly remember was when a family member was looking for a new vehicle and again TALKED about the vehicles they had looked at near me and my phone. Later that evening opening Insta I get an ad asking if I am “still interested in this vehicle”. I was never interested, I never looked up the vehicle on my phone OR my computer.

This is concerning. This year alone there has been some very weird things happening with anything online and cell phones. The google minis we bought in the past began having a mind of their own and are unplugged alot now. My phone will begin searching things through google, without me saying “ok google”.

One day at work, my cell phone lit up and showed a missed call, yet my phone never rang and I was sitting beside it the entire time. It showed a missed call and a voicemail, so I listened to it. The voicemail was a snippet of MY OWN voicemail message!

Friday night talking to a friend about this, she mentioned the movie “Snowden”. The husband and I watched it this afternoon and yup pretty much confirms already what I was thinking. We are being listened to through our devices by these big social media giants and the governments… shady shady shady!

This year has taught me so much, its pushed me, pulled me, broke me down to my knees and tears at points, but I have risen and I keep rising up. There is more people waking up to the world wide control and abuse that has been “allowed” for far too long. I am honestly eager to see what 2021 will bring with this great awakening that is among us all!

Are we safe online? I know one thing that’s for sure, I feel more safe writing on my blog than I do posting on social media. Helps that there is less social media warriors there too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay focused my friends, I can feel the awakening happening!

Penning Your Reality | Daily OM

Earlier this week I mentioned to my husband about getting somethings done at home this weekend, including some down time for all of us to recharge.

Interestingly enough I read my horoscope this morning, “Penning Your Reality” and it was completely aligned with my evening and weekend plans ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today may be the start of a period where spending time alone with your thoughts or writing in a journal can feel very fulfilling. You may want nothing more than to settle into a comfortable armchair in a quiet corner of your home with a pen and paper, a book, or a scholarly publication. Reading, studying, writing, or reciting can all satisfy your need for thoughtful activity today. Journaling may help you catalog your thoughts, dreams, and future plans. If you’ve never written for yourself before, you may find inspiration in the journals of writers, great thinkers, spiritual leaders, or public figures. An empty notepad and a pencil may be all you need today to expand on your goals and draft a plan that makes them reality.

Writing and reading what you have written can be a wonderful way to reflect upon your life in the present, past, and future. When you put your thoughts into writing, they become concrete and can help you know yourself better. If you write down a problem, you can store it and reapproach it later. You can look back over what you have written and see your ideas and goals clearly because time does not camouflage or change them. It becomes easy to see how you have changed, which can help you achieve a greater level of self-awareness and can facilitate personal growth in the future. In writing, we are often more honest with ourselves than we are in our own minds. When you write today, your thoughts and feelings will take on a new completeness.(Source Daily OM)

This is living in alignment. Listening to your true heart and soul. Honoring your inner being and not allowing worry, fear, uncertainty (aka government) to invade any of your truth and well-being. With Christmas approaching, much like every other year, we spend it with loved ones. This year will be much different, which we have known, however I cannot hide that I am completely disappointed in our governments for purposely pushing loved ones apart during the holiday season and injecting more fear into all of our lives.

So for tonight, we will not listen to any news whatsoever (we rarely do), will focus on our life within the walls of our home and embrace the health and happiness we have created there and look forward to celebrating the reason for the season with the loved ones we will see. At this time of year, what people need most is to BE with loved ones. I will embrace my books – Awakening Intuition and Master Of You and focus on what I WILL create in life in alignment with my soul! Focus on the collective change we have already been witnessing happening.

All is well and all is happening as it should at this time. Growth, Peace and Grace โค

The Book To Read | 2020 Wrap-Up

This evening as I returned home from work, I prepared to enjoy a nice hot bath with my salts, oils and a book! I started Master of You on the weekend, but was pulled to pick up this one tonight.

As I looked at the book, questioning why not Master of You (which is amazing, but for me is meant to read with a notebook!), I knew there was something I needed to read in this one, Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz.

I added some Epsom salts with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree, On Guard and Balance; into the water. A nice hot soak with my book!

As I opened the book to page 162 and began reading, I knew exactly why I was pulled to open this book.

The importance of building up our emotional strength and immune defense.

I highly recommend this book, to read as we wrap up 2020 and welcome the bright light of 2021! ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•

The Common Denominator

As I have been much more conscious about the foods I eat, drinks I drink and products we use within our home, I am also more conscious about figuring out WHY I may feel the way I feel in any given situation.

The common denominator and also keeping in mind that actions have consequences.

Since shifting to a holistic lifestyle my body LOVES being healthy, loves living a healthy life where I truly do thrive. It has also gotten really good at letting me know when something is not right…

Sunday while doing groceries I saw at the grocery store a beautiful big ham hock on sale, so I picked it up for dinner that night – with full intentions of also being able to enjoy left overs a few times.

The ham was good, albeit salty, very very salty, so Sunday I made sure to drink a lot more water. What I wasn’t expecting was what happened that evening…

I barely slept. My legs were incredibly restless. All night. I first blamed it on the magic bars that I enjoyed as dessert after dinner. I am blessed to have a daughter who loves to bake and has been very open to learning to bake gluten free for her mama! I was up literally every hour peeing. I felt horrible. I couldn’t sleep no matter what I tried. I chalked it up to “too much sugar”. During the day the way I felt didn’t get better. My digestive system was not happy with me at all. Bloating (which began the night before and I chalked up to the high sodium) continued into Monday as well and after lunch, which was left over meat (cold) made into a bowl with some veggies and rice (cold) from the night before, my body quickly advised me this was not happening.

Last night, two days later, we used some of the meat in a casserole with pasta and corn. Both of which I have eaten and had no issues with. Last night, our son had a late hockey practice and after getting home and laying in bed my legs started up the same they did Sunday night. Intensively restless and I simply could not get comfortable. I took an Adaptiv before bed, which helped and I slept until about 3am (having went to bed just before midnight). After 3am, much like Sunday night, I could not sleep or get comfortable. It hit me… it was NOT the sugar the other night, it was 100% the ham.

I looked up online the product info and found the following ingredients that the ham was cured with: Water, Dextrose, Salt, Sodium Phosphate and Sodium Nitrite.

Initially when I read that I read the last as Nitrate, which I know cause me major restless legs, but then I re-read it and realized it said Nitrite… As I have read both of these can occur naturally, however much like my holistic lifestyle shift I choose to base ingredients on HOW I feel because we are all different. However, under certain conditions in the human body, nitrite can damage cells and also morph into molecules that cause cancer.

To be completely honest, we have shifted our meat purchasing to our local butcher, because with any of his products my digestive system is completely OK! What I find interesting is this quote, “There’s no difference whatsoever in the nitrite that you get from cured and processed meats versus what you get from vegetables. It’s the same molecule.” IF this is the case, why do I not get these adverse reactions from vegetables… I simply don’t.

This reminds me of my years fighting with the doctors that something was wrong and I kept being told I was “within the normal ranges” and was fine. My gentle nudge to you as a new year 2021 goal… deeply listen to yourself, your soul, from within. You will be guided to what is right for your body and mind, mentally and physically.

Fear From What?

I continue to be amazed the more I learn about how connected our physical and emotional health is intertwined with our energy.
I originally began writing this post back on April 20, 2018.

My son has seen our local holistic chiropractor a few times last year (2017). He asked me if he could go back and see him (Spring 2018). I said sure of course, and asked him why he felt he needed to see him. My son said he didn’t really know but felt like he did. I have learned to trust my own intuition and encourage my children to do the same. So I called and booked an appointment.

We went to the appointment and the Dr, as an intuitive holistic chiropractor and energy worker, could sense his energy. He did some work and picked up on my son’s fear of dying.

Initially my very first thought was, “What! why is my boy afraid of dying?!?” As a mother, this hit me emotionally quite hard… Then the truth of it hit me.

I told the Dr that when I was in labour with him, he was in distress and I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. However prior to rushing me in for a c-section the doctor, first asked me what I wanted to do… As a new young mom, who endured an almost 1.5 yr battle with infertility, all I wanted was my baby safe. The doctor then decided I should push for at least 20 minutes. This did not result in our son being born vaginally and I was then rushed to surgery. While in distress his heart rate increased significantly to a very high and alarming rate. I was terrified of losing my baby and unsure of what to do. Our son was born with the umbilical cord around his neck and had to be in the NICU for 3 days while they got an infection under control.

Our son had a deep fear within him that was affecting him mentally and emotionally for years. There were many nights he had night terrors, would wake up in absolute terror and at times inconsolable. As a parent this was emotionally devastating and challenging.

What Dr Peter was describing to me made perfect sense. Especially when he did not know our back history of his labour and birth.

So incredibly grateful for our boy’s safe arrival. A memory that also feels like it was just yesterday for me… and apparently deep within my son’s soul as well, that he wasn’t necessarily aware of.

Since seeing Dr Peter, having his energy worked on and continuing to balance energy and use oils within our own home our son continues to move forward. He is now sleeping much better. I am so grateful I listened to my son when he asked that day for me to make an appointment, and then listening to my intuition to balance energy when needed.

Our emotional and mental health, along with times in our life without a doubt has a direct relation to your physical health. It is when we come into alignment of this that we truly thrive!