Macro & Landscape Nature Photos FOR SALE!

I am VERY excited to share this with you! For the first time, I am now able to offer you a simple click and buy on any image within my gallery custom for your home!!! For me, photos are not only a true expression of my own passion and creativity, to capture the moment, theContinue reading “Macro & Landscape Nature Photos FOR SALE!”

Diamond in the Rough

I did something for me a few weeks ago, that I told only my family about. Its truthfully not something I need to be known but this is a good example of what I tend to do when I sink back into myself. I LOVE photography. Always have for as long as I can remember.Continue reading “Diamond in the Rough”

Beautiful Inspiring Winter Freezing Fog

We awoke this morning to a “freezing fog”… as mundane as that sounds its actually quite beautiful in the morning! A beautiful winter wonderland! I sat this morning enjoying my tea in our livingroom, I listened to a beautiful morning meditation by Angela Kontgen and upon opening my eyes I could see the daylight wasContinue reading “Beautiful Inspiring Winter Freezing Fog”

Fire In The Sky… Home Sweet Home [HDR Photography]

20130602-328C0958-Edit-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. This gorgeous, amazing sky is what we had the pleasure of enjoying in our backyard. Literally… fire in the sky! I took this image with my Canon 5DMIII and my 100mm f2.8L macro lens in HDR mode on my camera. I LOVE the results!

Fun with my prize! {Nikon 1 V1 Compact DSLR-My Review}

As a Canon girl, when I received my Nikon I was somewhat lost, everything is backwards as it is with my Canon’s LOL! Alas I can honestly say its a solid little camera. Would I give up my Canon DSLR’s? Nope ! But this little guy will be a perfect purse or pocket companion. WhatContinue reading “Fun with my prize! {Nikon 1 V1 Compact DSLR-My Review}”

Canon 5D Mark III Low Light Test

Last night I did some low light shots with my new Canon 5D Mark III. One is indoors of my dog with his blankie on our couch, the only light in the room was 2 lamps, one on either end of the couch. The other was the planter on our front porch, the only lightsContinue reading “Canon 5D Mark III Low Light Test”

The good, bad and beautiful of the Canon 5DMIII

Well Ive only had this beautiful camera for a little over 12 hours, the operation is much like my 5D classic for the basics that is 😉 I have yet to get into the new and improved – however I did crank the ISO and give that a shot… Check this out! This is theContinue reading “The good, bad and beautiful of the Canon 5DMIII”

Mount Forest Camera Club

I am so honored to share this write up by the club’s very own Lori Blair who was also the co-founder of the Camera Club. She wrote up an excellent article featuring the Camera Club! Check it out below or pick up a copy of the Mount Forest Confederate.

The value of hard work

I am feeling very blessed right now! Very blessed not only as a wife and mom but tonight also as a photographer 🙂 Tonight hubby came home with my brand spankin new Canon 5D Mark III!!! I seriously have been working hard, saving, paid off our debt and saving for our future for years forContinue reading “The value of hard work”