BOGO Essential Oils | March 2021

I am so excited to share this awesome Spring deal with you! Whether you are a seasoned oil user or you’ve been sitting on the sidelines. Whatever lead you here, welcome! I live a simple, heart centered life and am learning as I go. I have learned from so many other women, and this is why I share my story. We are all so unique, but there is similarities. Nature knows best and aligns beautifully with our bodies. In a lifeline journey, truly!

This BOGO Collection being offered is an awesome grouping. A true great “experience” of essential oils. Although the top 10 kits are awesome, these kits I love because it gives you the opportunity to use some oils that you may not have purchased. For example, Blue Tansy and Roman Chamomile.

The much anticipated BOGO Box is back, and it’s the best way to participate in BOGO week! You’ll receive all the BOGOs for the week while only paying for shipping once. 
Plus, you’ll receive a free gift with your box: a 15mL bottle of Rosemary!

The BOGO Box will be the only Day 1 offering on March 22nd, with individual BOGOs running Tuesday March 23rd through Saturday March 27th.
Information and education about each of the individual oils will be posted every day of BOGO week!

dōTERRA is also gifting FREE membership for new enrollees who purchase the BOGO Box! That’s right, for any new member who opens an account by purchasing the BOGO Box, dōTERRA is offering the gift of membership, while BOGO Box supplies last. If you have friends or family who have been curious about opening their own dōTERRA account, this is the perfect opportunity for them!

These are the oils that you will find inside the box.

Peace 5mL
Eucalyptus 15 mL
Lavender 15 mL
Tangerine 15 mL
Citrus Bloom 15 mL
Roman Chamomile 5 mL
Breathe 15 mL
Balance 15 mL
Beautiful Touch 10 mL
Spearmint 15 mL
Lemon 15 mL
Blue Tansy 5 mL
Rosemary 15 mL (comes exclusive with the box!)

Plus a BOGO eBook!

BOGO Box Details:
Canada – Wholesale $243.25 | 184.5 PV
Save over $220.00!
Limit 5 per account

US –
Wholesale $189.50 | 196.5 PV
Save $173.00!
Limit 5 per account

To purchase

To purchase as an “Enrollment Kit” Please CLICK HERE!

Please reach out to me as I am here to help or direct to the abundance of resources that are available to us as wellness advocates and product users! ✌🥰

Day 13 | Strive for Progress not Perfection

Day 13 – Strive for PROGRESS, not perfection. Truly, who defines what “perfect” is anyway? Stay in your own lane, the only thing we can “control” in this world is ourselves. Think of how much better the world would be if everyone stayed in their own lane, focusing on themselves and making their own lives better?! Think of the hate, fear and anger that would literally disappear. The compassion, love and understanding that would emerge. The healing that would begin to take place. What an incredible world that will be… and all it takes is focusing on ME, you focusing on YOU and doing 1 thing each day to be a better person. That’s it.

Today’s work out was Cardio. Honestly I cringed when I saw that. But I’m staying dedicated to daily movement. Much like when I began using oils and I committed to reaching for those first before anything over the counter aka “pharmaceutical’s”. Nature truly knows and I am grateful for that! Commit to a shift in your life that feels right to you, and you will see progress! Living in Alignment. I finished the other half of the 10 min abs that I didn’t get through last night after my 30 min work out and then did the Cardio program. I have to say I love the blend of cardio with weights and matt work!

When I wrote down my “goal” when I first started this program, it was strength. Then my weight. Truthfully my weight isn’t changing, but… I’m a photo girl. The photos show the true shift! 🙌 To say I am grateful to myself for finally taking the leap… I didn’t think this was possible. But if this 6+ year journey has taught me anything it’s the more I lean into me, the healthier and happier I am and my family is. When holistic health options meet energy balancing and then add in very consistent daily movement (vs weekly when I started years ago…). Ahhhhh it makes me feel giddy! Yeah I take daily vitamins, minerals and omega to support my health, but there isn’t a “magic pill”. Its being conscious in life, making conscious choices for food, drinks, cleaning products etc in our home. Kicking the endocrine disruptors to the curb!!! 9 1/2 yrs ago I had a hysterectomy because I was done with the medical system, done with pill after pill that had my body so beyond messed up. This lifestyle is what my body, mind and soul was craving. Thank you for being patient with me while I caught up to that realization 😋!

AM Diffuser Blend
Northern Escape – grounding, inspiring, tranquil, positive
Citrus Bloom – New Beginnings
Spearmint – Confident Speech

PM Diffuser Blend
Citrus Bliss – Creativity
Lime – Zest for Life
Wintergreen – Surrender

Lunch, my fav a bowl of whatever is in the fridge to throw in and made a home made dressing with olive oil and vinegar with the tropical oil blend! Super yummy and after my supplements, vitamins, minerals and omega. I’m getting my weekend routines figured out 😉!

A bath for the produce from the grocer store today. I like to wipe down the outsides of the melons before we cut into them.
Kale chips roasted in the oven!
My “bowl lunch” prep! Add in quinoa, protein, small avocado and I’m now making my own dressings now too.

Day 12 | Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Day 12 – Step out of your comfort zone!

Well the card pull is bang on for this journey of mine that I’ve chosen to share. Why share? Because I felt inspired by many people along my own journey and I know I can also provide inspiration to someone else. Even if one person. Day 12 leg day and 10 min abs. I am feeling so much stronger than when I began. I am also using my oils a lot more. Finding a new routine, a “routine” that’s centered around me first. Something that as a mom for the last almost 15 years has taken 2nd place. Its challenging as a mom to choose to out yourself first, but it’s so important, which I’m finally learning as my children have grown independent. Over the past few years, I have dedicated much more time to ME and I am so grateful for prioritizing myself but more important, for allowing myself grace to do each step of this journey, on my time. This has never been about “getting skinny”, it’s not about weight. Its 100% how I FEEL and my goal is strength! Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

Tonight’s diffuser blend!
Laurel Leaf – Triumph
Basil – Renewal
Green Mandarin – Pure Potential

To be completely honest I had to stop half way through 10 min abs because I felt slightly light headed. I drank more water, and rested for a few minutes then got an energy ball, they are SO good! Healthy, yet can also taste like a “treat”, I swear the almond butter ones with protein powder taste like cookie dough!!! At lunch I ate differently than I normally do. I typically make a bowl and then graze over an hour with it. Today however I ate at home, grilled cheese and I think it affected my blood sugar, especially after my exercise program. Which I am loving!!!

Just a couple reminders of what I’ve learned on my journey of health and wellness!

Oh and I forgot to tag one, “Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes”… PCOS

Day 11 | Keep Going!

Day 11 | Keep Going!
I am loving how much stronger I feel. Today’s @beachbody class was Yoga! It’s amazing how I do feel stronger in just 11 days! And the stretches in the Yoga poses feel incredible!!! The past 2 days my energy has felt zapped adjusting with daylight savings.

Before starting my Yoga Practice I got my @doterraca oils Lemon and Balance in the diffuser, for some focus and grounding. I also put some Wild Orange on my wrists which mmmm smells amazing! 🍊🤤💫

Pulled a couple cards just before I started too! “The answers you need are coming” and “Your hard work is paying off”

Ended the evening with a beautiful guided energy meditation with @krystal_clear_healing! 🙏
Here’s to a beautifully restful sleep and high energy tomorrow to finish out the work week! 🙌

Day 11 I am proud of myself! It was super tempting the past couple days to come home and hit the couch… lean into my energy, which was also the weather of the day, slightly dark, dreary and chilly. Seriously sunshine goes a long way, but I allow myself permission to lean in. We lost sleep this week and it takes our body’s natural rhythm to adjust. Be gentle. Allow yourself permission for a slower pace. Use your oils, seriously it makes such a difference, eat healthy foods, this energy is when I would love to reach for junk food. Now we keep healthy “junk food” options for me, and the best one lately is my energy balls!!! Good for breakfast or dessert, anytime really 😂😋

Day 10 | Rest and Reflection

Moon Omens Message to Self today:

“I am slowing down and remaining focused. I am where I am today because of an intention I set long ago. My past self prayed that I would make it this far, so here I am, exactly where I need to be”. ~ Shawn Fontaine

So much truth in this message this morning. I reflect back on this and its true, one day I prayed for the two children I now have. I legit prayed that what was meant to happen would happen because I knew I couldn’t emotionally handle “trying” through infertility again. We were blessed with a beautiful surprise, our daughter when our son was 9 months old. Many years before that, after being in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship I prayed for a man who would love me unconditionally and also get along with my family. Our path’s were brought together when my husband and I met at a car race hundreds of miles from home! Today, where I have truly shifted my body and health in the past 6+ years, most specifically since the beginning of 2017 when I really leaned in and said, its time for a real shift! Leaning deeper into me and shining light on the dark (hint… we ALL need to be doing this!). Energy work is key to our ascension.

With energy… Daylight “savings” time has really hit me today. Enjoyed a beautiful massage last night after my work out, which was simply heavenly, the muscles that were tight, are much freer and I slept hard… but had an equally hard time waking this morning! I am feeling the desire and need to flush my system today, drink a lot of water, allow any toxins and chemicals to flush from my body. Truth be told, dairy does not align with my body, when I eat cheese – which I do love, (I don’t drink milk or eat ice cream), I feel my body get slow and sluggish. I am feeling the pull to stay in alignment, support my body how it needs to be supported, which in this case includes avoiding dairy and sticking with the lactose free when I do feel the urge. Staying true to me, which will in turn assist in boosting my energy and staying level.

As much as I love going home in the beautiful daylight, this time change is kicking my ass in the morning! Im really curious why we do this and who even began this in the first place!? Guess that can be the thing I learn today…

Here is what I found about “daylight savings time”

“Today, about 40% of countries worldwide use it to make better use of daylight and to conserve energy.”

While Germany and Austria were the first countries to use DST in 1916, it is a little-known fact that a few hundred Canadians beat the German Empire by eight years. On July 1, 1908, the residents of Port Arthur, Ontario, today’s Thunder Bay, turned their clocks forward by one hour to start the world’s first DST period.

Interesting… its been happening for a long time. However, knowing how this does affect people, I am really curious as to WHY!? If only 40% of countries are doing this, and other provinces in Canada have stopped, Im thinking we should allow our bodies to do their natural thing instead of messing with nature… hmmm interesting as many products out there DO tamper with nature and nature knows best. Is this another “thing” that the government just decides for us, for our “well-being”?

I digress. I choose to focus on what IS within my own control – which is simply ME! BUT not be afraid to use my voice to assist in shifting the energy of whatever may need to shift.

So today… in the diffuser this morning I had Wild Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemon for FOCUS!!! To WAKE UP my brain and I am typically super productive with this blend. Such an awesome, simple (and super affordable) blend to use that also smells great!!!

Although today, my title says Rest & Relaxation… Ive learned in these past 10 days that I NEED to put ME first, always and that includes leaning in and moving my body daily. I am dedicated to those 30 min of movement each day now and rest and relax around that. Looking back on this morning, moving my body probably would have assisted me in “waking up” as my energy felt dense much of the morning.

I’m loving how I am feeling, the strength my body is gaining, but today my energy needs a massive boost in a very big way. Thankfully I had a relaxing energy Krystal Treatment this evening with @krystal_clear_healing!

I simply adore energy work. Although I am trained in Reiki 1 and 2, it is an absolute treat to get an energy treatment on myself to truly enjoy it and allow myself to truly relax. Krystal has an awesome “Krystal Experience”, intuition led of what the persons energy needs. I began working with Krystal when she started doing Ohana Generational Healing Energy Treatments. I find energy so fascinating. These are the cards she pulled during my experience.

In the diffuser with Elevation and Wild Orange to boost my emotions and mood! The floral oils I’ve really learned to love too! Davana behind my ears, Magnolia up my forearms, Rose over my heart, Jasmine along my jaw line and Beautiful on my wrists! Deep blue on my elbows after my upper work out and Balance down my spine! ✌

Day 9 | The Beauty of Routines

I didn’t know the true value of routines until our children joined our family. Prior to that, routine’s didn’t really mean a whole lot other than the daily work routine. Since having kids, one routine we still keep up even as teenagers is their bedtime routine, granted its shifted as they grow, I do truly enjoy connected with them before bed when we do their oils before tuck in for bed. Truthfully, tuck in is during the weekdays and they are able to fall asleep on their own listening to music, reading or relaxing.

The beauty and art of routines truly became even more appreciated when the government began shutting down the world last year. At first it felt awesome to have a bit of a break – we were still working the entire time so truly the break came from extracurricular activities.

I have to be completely honest, although we have our routine with work, which was turned completely upside down in the fall with my husband’s accident, I find I really do thrive with routines. Lets be real, being home all the time, it is much more challenging to create and follow through with these routines. Honestly, something I am being more conscious about on weekend – for example taking my supplements daily. I know I feel challenged with this because the weekend is not a normal “routine”.

One of my “challenges” to starting to exercise was “I don’t have time”… yet I do… Ive found since adding this to my daily routine, I actually have MORE time. Truthfully, I guess I am not necessarily “wasting” time.

Day 9 | The Beauty of Routines
Dirty 30 – I am LOVING!!! 😍

Posting daily has helped keep me accountable. To myself. To prioritize me as part of my daily routine. I am proud of me. I truly do thrive with a routine and am grateful for listening to myself and staying in my own lane ✌!

As I cooled down after my work out I took a quick walk around outside. When the snow melted so quickly, we were reminded what was beneath the blanket of snow. We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our home, especially last year reclaiming every single brick used on the additions! I am absolutely stoked for the strength I have gained during this journey and the next level I am embarking on! In time for Spring cleanup 🙏

Tonight’s Diffuser Blend
💧💧💧Roman Chamomile – Spiritual Purpose
💧💧Ravintsara – Strength & Clarity
💧💧Serenity – Tranquility

I used the Beautiful Body Spray with AromaTouch and Adaptiv on my back, arms, neck and arms ☺

#beachbody #21dayfix @beachbody @doterraca
#holistichealth  #womenshealth #ouroilylife

Day 8 |Patience & Consistency

This morning although I was awake at my “normal” time, it felt much harder getting up in pitch black outside. I think I seriously need to think about a natural wake light… I am open to any recommendations or reviews (no bashing please).

Moon Omens Message to self:
“I welcome change and new perspectives.

I adapt and flow. I am curious and flexible.

I am growing and learning new things.”

~ Shawn Fontaine

Today’s work out… after completing a FULL week of the program YAY!… Is Cardio. Not my fav but thankfully one thing I am impressed with the Beachbody program is how it really does mix things up. Knowing my body type I know straight cardio is not a solution for me, this program I am enjoying! Just the fact that I’ve consistently exercised for over 1 week straight now daily is huge!!!

Staying committed to me has also made me much more productive at home too! More purposeful with my time. 🥰

Let’s Go Day 8!!!

Day 7 | Steadying

Sunday’s I truly enjoy around the house, being productive, also relaxing and prepping for the week ahead! Low stress is key to living a healthy and happy life 🥰

🙌 Week 1 DONE of @beachbody 21 Day Daily Fix!!! This alone is a HUGE accomplishment to work out 7 days in a row!!! Today’s work out was a Yoga Class 🙏 It was heavenly and much appreciated to stretch out from yesterday!!!

Diffuser blend I’ve been loving in my space is the Yoga Collection and Wild Orange. Today, Anchor and Wild Orange after cleansing with Sage.

💧💧 Wild Orange – Abundance
💧💧 Anchor – Steadying

Morning reflection and meditation while watching mother nature laughing at us outside! Snowmobile trails last weekend to no snow within days and a small blizzard this morning 😂

Stock up on energy balls!
I’ve been making two batches… Almond (school safe) and Peanut Butter. They are SO darn good!!! Almost too good… anyone else love cookie dough 🤤 yes, 😂 that good 🙌! Best after 24 hours in the fridge. They freeze amazing too.

Diffuser blend for the house today was heavenly, aligned with the emotional uses of the oils too! 🙏

Grapefruit – Honoring the body
Frankincense – Truth
Juniper Berry – Night
Kumquat – Authentic Presence
Roman Chamomile – Spiritual Purpose

All oils intuitively selected, same with my measurements for the energy balls. ✌

Day 6 | Dirty Thirty & New Moon

Day 6 work out from this morning! BeachBody 21 Day Fix – Dirty 30! I think my FAV one yet!!!

Diffuser on with Anchor and Wild Orange and before starting I also got some sage burning to cleanse my energy!

My weekend morning routine is slightly later than during the week. But first things first… a certain dog and kitten need to be fed! Our little rescue girl, over a year later and still will only venture upstairs in the evenings after the dog goes to bed, still doesn’t want to be picked up, but loooooves tummy pets before food time and snuggling with her girl!

I share this little story about our kitty because we all have our own journey, no matter what anyone else does or is doing, the journey is ours alone. When the time feels right I know our Miss will feel comfortable with exploring even more and eventually allowing us to pick her up. Until then we respect her space, give her lots of love and pets and reassure her she will always be loved.

Affirmations by Healing Energy Tools
I am ready to start a new chapter.
I am ready to manifest abundance.
I welcome love into my life.
I am ready for growth.
I am ready to accept change.

Day 5 | The Art of Honesty

Honest with being ME, true to ME, my heart, soul, mind and body.

I saw a number this morning and as soon as I saw this sequence I knew I needed to look this up… 5678 “Angel Number 5678 ensures the protection of your family. Executing your leadership role is a real responsibility.” As a parent to two teens, being a positive example in their life, has always been important but even more so now living in our current world. ❤

The Universe Message This Morning – “The long and short of it goes something like this… When one stops looking for the quick and easy way, Pamela, and just deals with what’s already on their plate, the quick and easy way soon finds them. That one makes me hungry, The Universe.”

Oils in the Diffuser this Morning:

  • 1 – Ylang Ylang – Inner Child
  • 2 – Geranium – Love and Trust
  • 3 – Wild Orange – Abundance
  • 2 – Grapefruit – Honoring the Body
  • 2 – Peppermint – A Buoyant Heart

“You manifest more by letting go, than you do by holding on.”
If its meant to be, it will be. You won’t have to force, convince, or worry over it. Let it flow, let it be, and let it come to you. You’re attracting everything you need. Trust the timing of your life.

Truth be told, Ive had this burning desire inside of me for a while. Im not 100% sure what exactly has held me back, Ive wanted to “get in shape” but struggled with starting.

What held me back? The outside world creeping into my inside world. The reality is anything outside of me and my control, is the outside world and is not within my control. Which is totally ok. But, not when it comes down to ignoring our true selves. Which is exactly what I had been doing.

I felt the pull back again in October when my husband fell off a roof. Many of the PTSD symptoms I have experienced prior, some many years earlier. When it comes down to our emotions and our health, what we do not deal with, process and release will literally sit stagnant in our body, mind and energy field. Much more easily triggered, upset and potentially could result in someone getting physically sick. Check out You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays. I find it incredibly intriguing how our physical and mental/emotional health are so linked!!!

Im not sure what in me on March 3rd was finally ready, but I was and did!

Being honest with myself. Honoring my body with movement to align with what I have already been doing living a holistic lifestyle with my oils and eco friendly products and foods.

One story I will share is we have been much more conscious in the foods we buy, where we buy them and why we are buying them. For the past year a lot of our meat comes from our local butcher. This past weekend when doing groceries at the bigger store in our town, I saw “Canadian grown” chickens on sale for a really good price. We have had really bad luck with meat from this grocery store before – specifically with my health related. I ignored the pull inside of me to NOT buy them and went for the “great price”. Honestly… cheaper does NOT mean better. A deal is not a deal if it is a detriment to your health or finances. We cooked the chickens and sadly it wasn’t a great eating experience. There was barely any meat, it didn’t cook nice at all and all of us were just very turned off. The “deal” turned out to be a waste of money and time. Moral of the story… those little pulls you feel or thoughts that pop into your mind – LISTEN to them! They are trying to get your attention.

The art of honesty to yourself is key to living an aligned, healthy, balanced life AND lets be real, its a daily exercise of your mind and body. The latter is where I am now bringing myself MORE into alignment and loving it!

A lot can shift in 5 years when you truly put your heart and soul into bringing yourself into alignment, enjoying getting quiet and reflection, fueling with real healthy food vs emotional support, drinking the water, boosting with minerals, vitamins and omega, feeling my feelings, even the ones from way back, eco friendly holistic health, body and cleaning care and treating my body with the respect it deserves with the support of all the oils 🙏

5 years ago… and 5 days into my first @beachbody online program #21DayFix! My week started feeling super sore. Tonight, although I do feel it, my body is already recovering faster! I wasn’t as sore before working out! 5 days in a row!!! This is big for me. I’ve never worked out 5 consecutive days in a row!!!