Hi, I’m Pam 👋| My Re-Introduction!

As Ive traveled down this journey of life, I feel I need to re-introduce myself to my community. With this re-introduction I am also shifting my focus and am really excited about this!

My name is Pam, also known as Pamela to some family members. I am the artist and architect of my life. A Mom, Wife, Photographer, Healer, Biz Woman living the Oily Life!

In 2016 I began sharing my lifestyle with others, focusing mainly on the essential oils and holistic benefits to removing toxins and chemicals from our lifestyle for our physical and emotional health. What I have ultimately learned, is that although these oils are a true benefit to our complete whole body and mind health, to truly make a shift in your life it needs to be a conscious lifestyle shift which encompasses more than our beautiful oils. Its also embracing yourself deeply and completely for who you are and the life you choose to live.

In early 2017 I made a choice to be more conscious. After years of health challenges and road blocks, many of which I experienced in silence. I made a choice to BE in my life rather than just going through the motions living it.

The power of thought is incredibly transforming. One I continue to learn about more and more each day.

I understand that although I love food, not all food is loved by my body. The importance of listening to ourself, it’s incredible what we can learn when we get quiet, feel and are conscious in our life.

What better time than now!

I feel a re-introduction is long over due, because I am a completely different person than I was back in the summer of 2014 when I leaned into that urge of ‘what if natural health was the answer’… unknown to me at the time, what the exact question was!

As a mother, the most important “position” I will ever have, I have also learned it’s easy to allow life to consume us. When in reality, we should consume life, we should make the choices and enjoy the process. Not feel vice versa.

I am picking up my camera more, putting pen to paper, allowing my creative juices to flow, learn new life processes, educate through reading and discussing. Focusing on my lane, as a friend pointed out!

This is a time of growth and expansion. To pull slightly within and honor your souls whispers.

I feel truly grateful for the lifestyle we have crossed paths with. For living empowered within our home for our mental and physical health. Knowing that I have truly shaped my outcome by the subtle, significant shifts over time that have resulted in massive long lasting results. A lifestyle that is magic. Where I could fall back one day and shift into realignment the next. Where it’s ok to be human, to do better because I know better. To be gracious, compassionate and conscious.

I feel passionate about helping people realize their own true value in their own life. The power they actually hold within their lifestyle and being the best person they can be. Being led by the importance of self care. One aspect in our life that often is too easily overlooked and under appreciated. Been there done that, who else gets daily reminders?! For me its number sequences or songs! Oooh sometimes animals too!

This week especially I’ve felt a very strong pull to make shifts. To pull back in some areas of my life to allow re-growth in other areas.

To be truly authentic in all that I am, in a way that feels totally me!

Welcome back to my blog!

I’m excited to share more of what I feel is important to living a conscious, compassionate lifestyle! 🥰

Welcome Fall

My husband and I went on a Fall colours tour this afternoon🍁🍂 I am so grateful for this warm fall weather to continue enjoying the nature!

As fall transitions, it’s a reminder for us to check our healthy habits. Over the summer it’s easy to let things slide. I also take a lot of photos during the spring and summer especially. Something that truly lights me up, the pure enjoyment, as well capturing memories.

I love sharing my artistic eye in nature! More at http://www.flickr.com/zmijaourmomentsintime

All images on my website and Flickr site copyright Pamela Zmija.

New Holistic Health Experiences | doTERRA Essential Oils Convention 2020

Since embarking on this health journey and experiencing the incredible benefits nature has for our health, I get excited with the anticipation of the new oils or products that are going to be announced each year at Convention!

This year in 2020, convention of course was different, as it was all online. However, that also gave literally anyone and everyone the opportunity to listen in!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the convertion kit and the products! At a time in everyone’s life where there is still so much uncertainty and unknown, doTERRA is meeting the needs with reformulation of some products, the creation of a new wellness subscription and additions to existing product lines!

Within the convention kit came the first Mind & Mood Kit 1 which included the 10ml Adaptiv Roller, Adaptiv Softgels, 15ml Balance, a Balance bar of soap and a mini Balance deodorant!

What is really cool about these Wellness Subscriptions is you can opt into your choice of 3, Mind & Mood, Immune and Relief.

The wellness subscription is over 3 months and includes various products each month depending on the path you choose. I am honestly opting into the Immune path for October, it’s exactly what is needed this time of year with the kids back in school to boost our immune systems, plus its products we use all the time and some new bonuses! Let me know if you have questions, I am happy to help and this program has me excited for people, especially those who have maybe dabbled but aren’t sure or want a bit more guidance! This is phenomenal!

DoTERRA also introduced some new oils that are awesome!

Bergamot Mint – The oil is light and fresh. Beneficial for comforting, feelings of relaxation, clears the air of odours, also beneficial in a surface clean.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) – This oil smells like chocolate! Straight up smells so good! It’s in a 5ml bottle. So approx 80 drops. Exclusive to the convention kit. This oil promotes patience, calming atmosphere, benefits oral hygiene and is beneficial for healthy skin.

Davana Touch – I could use this oil daily, it smells that delicious!!! It is also exclusive to the convention kit. This oil is soothing and provides feelings of balanced to help quiet the mind. A powerful, sweet, fruity aroma. When worn it creates a unique scent for each individual.

Helichrysum Touch – Is now a permanent product! This oil I have in my purse in my little first aid kit. It’s incredible. Beneficial for anything and all skin related!

On Guard Wipes – I think every mother just let out a huge sigh of relief!!! Even before this pandemic, I was conscious and aware of our health. I used to get sick all the flippin time, before I began this holistic journey. So I would spray my hands with my On Guard spray after touching the meat at the grocery store. These wipes are perfect if you are out with kids or go to a restaurant, to know the surface you are touching and possibly eating on, are truly clean but also safe from harmful chemicals, which are being excessively used now. Handy to throw in your purse, backpack (kids), vehicle first aid box!

On Guard Toothpaste – Already a fav of mine, personally! DoTERRA has reformulated the toothpaste receipe to a new and improved formula powerful natural whitening and remineralizing. In addition to the beautiful spice of On Guard, they have added in Wintergreen and Pepermint as well as Myrrh.

These products and reformulation are a practical solution for so many of us right now. The past 7 months for Canadians and Americans, our lives have been shifted and for some completely turned upside down.

Nature knows. If you have been struggling and you are looking for something… please, I welcome you to reach out! Our self care and mental well being is an everyday task that must be normalized. I also pray for the day that the government stands up and takes notice on how so many ingredients in our food, drinks, personal and home cleaning/care products are causing negative health effects in people. Speaking from experience my health began improving when we made a shift in our home. A true shift towards a holistic lifestyle. DoTERRA aligned with me, for the products, research, testing and growing collaboration were all a part of that. As well as the education available. I didn’t just feel like I was buying something online.

I am proud to share these oils with you, because I’ve experienced shifts myself. If now is the time that you are ready to question the “what if” and take a leap towards a more earth friendly, holistic wellness approach in your home, contact me let’s get you set up with a path that is right for you!!!

Master Bedroom | Feng Shui

How well we sleep at night has a lot to do with the energy within our home and our body. As we have been through the various planning stages of our home renovations, my husband and I began to pay more specific attention to Feng Shui in the bedroom when we were putting the finishing touches on our bedroom layout and design before our framers started.

Renovating our home (and lets be real all of the homes we have lived in) has been a true journey, one that has been a labour of love without a doubt, but also one that has given us so much satisfaction! To take a solid shell that our 30 yr old home is and literally customize every single inch of the home to US! This home, although the most work, the biggest transformation and our proudest yet!

  • Mirrors – I read that mirrors in a bedroom is actually bad feng shui when the mirror faces the bed – which in most bedroom layouts this is the case. Thankfully we designed our master suite with a separate bedroom area and closet dressing/ensuite area. So our mirrors will be within this area and not near our bed. This is a great article of how to use mirrors to create good Feng Shui.
  • Under The Bed – We debated about building a solid structure for our bed to sit on, however in reading more its best to actually have it open under your bed so that energy can flow. Its also key to not store anything under the bed either.
  • Water – Both my husband and I love the water, the sound, the image, the feel. However in reading about Feng Shui in the bedroom, water is discouraged. For good reason, as water puts out Fire.
  • Bed Placement in the Room – One thing I did not enjoy about our old bedroom is that when we were laying in bed our feet were pointing out the doorway. This is bad energy and can affect your sleep. Unfortunately due to the size of our old bedroom we weren’t able to have a sturdy foot board or piece of furniture “This will also deflect and disperse any qi that comes in through the door and protect you in bed. It’s good option.” (Source This article has some good options if your bedroom lay out has your bed facing the doorway). Proper bed placement in a bedroom is in the “commanding position” so the doors are visible but when you walk into the room you do not directly run into the bed.
  • Bed Under a Window – One thing we really wanted in our new room is a lot of natural light. We opted to add a transom window over our bed. Knowing, in feng shui this isn’t ideal, I also read that if you do have a window above your bed it is important to have a solid headboard. Ours is made from wood and it is also upholstered so I felt confident in our decision to opt for more light.
A nook I have created in our bedroom! The canvas photograph, one of my absolute favourites, has water, however as a beautiful sunrise photograph you can also feel the warmth in the image across the water from the gorgeous sunlight!

I am excited to learn more about Feng Shui, something I have been dabbling in for years now, but was able to truly bring to life in our new space!

Out of Your Head

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. To think way far ahead at “everything” that needs to get done and suddenly nothing gets done because you feel so overwhelmed at all you “have to do”.

You, is also me.

I’ve learned this about myself quite a few times, the difference is I can much more easily recognize and forgive myself to take a step back and take things one step at a time.

Having Futuristic as my top strength, can attribute to this as a downfall. On top of that being a virgo 😉! Looking forward, planning, strategizing… all good attributes especially during renos, but at times it’s best to take it a task by task, moment by moment.

We learn to love ourselves for who we really are, my true soul deep down, and honor that.

By this stage of our renos, it’s always hit me. Like I said I’ve gotten so much more gracious with myself honoring time and space.

This evening the kids and I tackled a few things that helped move forward and provided a visual aspect of movement. When my husband got home we enjoyed dinner and decided the rest of the night was to relax and recharge. A MUST if you are doing any renovating for sure, or are living through Covid-19 days.

As I was going through the plans with my daughter, I began to mentally make lists of what all “had to happen”. When it hit me, a wonderful reminder to just stay in the moment. Everything would fall into place, like it always does, and most times for the better in some shape or form.

We have literally lived through every single renovation and that has helped us shape our home to our lifestyle and ultimately us. I commented the other night to my husband that I love our home so much. I thought I did before, but its 10 times more now! And it’s not even done LOL!

My gracious reminder for tonight to be gracious to myself, take it one step at a time and trust that what is meant to be, will be. ✌

Get outside in some way, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, or rain like tonight! 🌧 Allow your thoughts to flow, brain dump onto paper, drink water! How’s your energy? For me my health thrives with vitamin, mineral and omega supplements, healthy food, toxin free beauty and cleaning products! Moving my body is becoming more of a priority, what I have recognized is when I am comfortable in my space, the more I will move my body because I have less of a to-do list going through my head. When in truth I don’t need to wait. It’s simply pulling back, back into being. 💕

Get the diffuser on! This helps me shift even better from beginning to feel overwhelm, realizing when that happens, nothing happens. Essential Oils have been a god send, honestly. They have helped shift our households mental and emotional health, which also benefits our physical health! The healthiest our family has ever been and continue to every single day! It feels so good to feel good and feel strong! Tonight its straight up Clemintine in a couple diffusers! Clemintine smells incredibly fresh, renewing and as a citrus our family finds it also comforting.

One thing I did tonight was take an inventory of all of our oils. We use them alot, in the past 5 months, we should have used them alot more in the first 2-3 months! I get caught up in life and even something as simple as starting the diffuser or grabbing a roller bottle gets forgotten, actually looked over. Because my mind is cloudy. I purposely have at least 1 extra bottle of the oils we use all the time. Plus any oils that I receive free in my LRP or BOGO week!!! I’ve got some points built up that I like to use for restocking our oils for the wall in our kitchen/dining room and the smaller connection downstairs. 🥰

We gain so much more momentum when we pull back and simply be. 🙏 With grace and ease. Love and compassion. Understanding and appreciation.

Taking a step back, can have so much power to propel forward! When you get out of your head! 🙌

Are Your Chakra’s Balanced?

It was during my personal coaching a couple years ago, when I truly learned the benefits to energy flowing properly through your body. We talked about my invisible health illnesses that I live with – PCOS most specifically and my coach, Helen Murray did some research.

Did you know that whether you are a woman or man, everyone can feel benefits in their physical health when the energy in your body is flowing as it should be.

It was a true awakening for me, with the research she found – that for women our endocrine system is affected by our sacral chakra… makes sense that’s where its all located in our bodies. This truly intrigued me and set me off researching more… this all began to make even more sense to me. Prior to doing the cleanse and restore that literally changed my life, I did my Reiki 1 Certification training…

I found a fabulous website article about Chakras and The Endocrine System. This site describes in detail these 7 Chakra’s, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root, as well as what we can be experiencing physically if these energy centers are out of alignment.

I have personally witnessed and felt significant shifts not only within myself but also within my family when chakra’s are properly balanced and flowing as they should be. Children are amazing indicators of energy and also embrace it in a very big way. Animals are as well and are easily drawn.

If you feel an uneasy feeling, or butterflies, that something is off. It honestly quite possibly is your chakra’s out of balance and needing to get back into realignment.

From my personal experience, my mental and physical health began improving tenfold when I opened my heart and mind even more to the possibility of the power of energetic healing! If you or someone you love is struggling, this might be an option they should consider 😉

Balancing chakra’s can be done with an energy worker, by getting yourself quiet out in nature, deep breathing and meditating, using natures power in essential oils but really and truly, using crystals, music, it begins with you, allowing yourself to listen to your heart and soul. To put your true well being first and foremost. Realizing that everything is energy.

A great first step – notice your breathing. Of course everyone breathes, we have to to be alive. However HOW are you breathing. Is it short and shallow or deep and long? Sit for 30 seconds and just breathe, actually commit to 1 full minute – 60 seconds – close your eyes. Put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly and just breathe. What you may notice as you begin breathing, the longer you sit in quiet breathing, the longer your breaths will get, the deeper they will go. Now how do you feel? Probably slightly light headed, but also refreshed, renewed, your oxygen replenished!

How do you know if you have a Chakra Imbalance? The short and sweet of it, you do not feel well or you physically have something going on causing you discomfort. This is a another great article of warning signs that your chakra’s are out of balance.

Energy truly is amazing one that I am grateful I began exploring more and as of 2020 am now Reiki II Certified!

Go The Distance

I am greatly appreciative of an opportunity that has been presented to us this year, that is getting truly in touch within. One way I love doing that is through Oracle cards. I really like Colette Baron Reid’s online oracle cards!

My messages today, feel very much inline ❤ I am grateful for these reminders with appreciation and gratitude for life and all within XO. This morning I enjoyed waking before my alarm, having time to be. Oiled myself up with Magnolia, Neroli and Rose and put Peppermint, Wild Orange and Rosemary in the diffuser – this combination instantly wakes up my brain! My morning routine is one that is still a work in progress, but I am reminded of how peaceful my day starts when the night before I do my evening routine AND the next morning also my morning ME routine. Express myself in my Daily Greatness Journal, enjoy deep breathing, pull out my journal if I need to allow my heart to flow.


Essential meanings: Endurance; strength; the long haul.

The Oracle’s Message: To bring your dream to life, you must think long-term and pay no attention to the fluctuations in the current of your experience. Joy and disappointment commingle with opportunities, so there is no need to fear the occasional obstacle. Life is not a sprint. This card is a reminder that you have endurance, strength, and fortitude to carry you all the way, so remain true to yourself. Your authenticity alone will keep you in alignment with the energy of miracles. What is yours will never be withheld from you. Remember that!

Relationship message: You either are in or are calling in a harmonious relationship that can stand the test of time. For better or worse, as you ride the ups and downs—and even strain, break yourself, and are remade in new growth—you are being redeemed by the power of regeneration. Harmony does not mean there will never be a wrong note played but that the relationship is marked by endurance and dedication to overall unity. A new song can be written, an instrument can be tuned, and the symphony of love will play on. Listen with your heart. Isn’t it magnificent?

Prosperity message: Your most precious dreams are not about instant gratification but enduring prosperity. This is a time to think long-term and engage in continued action. You will experience building momentum as you manage the ebb and flow in slow and steady movement forward. Your efforts, concepts, ideas and hard work now can lead to greater riches than you can imagine. Stoke the fire so that an uninterrupted stream of energy is available to support you in all the phases of manifestation. Be assured that you are in the right place right now.


Essential meanings: Forgiveness; making amends; healing after arguments.

Protection message: Heartbreak is a strange healer of souls. Our grief strips away our masks and loosens our tight hold on our separateness, where we view ourselves as “I” and the world as “it.” Loss allows us to see ourselves as part of a larger scheme, opening us up to sympathy, empathy, and dependence on the world in the moment when we can’t hold ourselves together. And it leads us to become one with the greater whole again. Pain and suffering is part of life, and none of us will be immune to it. Can you see this loss, this pain, this dissonance, as a way back to Source? Let your sorrow break your heart wide open. You will never be left behind. You are loved—now more than ever—by Spirit, who does not want you to feel alone. One day you will look back and know this truth.


Essential meanings: Perspective; objectivity; neutral observation from a distance.

The Oracle’s Message: Most of us see the world through a personal lens. We closely identify with our feelings and experiences—so much so that we come to believe that these are the only reality. There are times when we need distance in order to gain perspective and understand our circumstances from a more neutral vantage point. Now is one of those times in your life. This is a perfect moment for you to begin to do some exploring. Instead of only considering yourself, consider what you need to understand about the conditions, people, culture, and environment you’re engaged with now. You’ll be so happy you did. Illumination is the miracle you seek and will indeed find.

Relationship message: Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees in your way. Feelings can get all jumbled up, and often you hear one thing when a person says another. It can be like hearing an echo of an unresolved past experience overdubbed onto your conversation. Take time out before you react. It’s likely the other person has no idea how their words have affected you. Rather than just reacting, take a few steps back and lend understanding to the situation. Have faith in your connection and trust that you can come together. Take to higher ground now and become curious about what you observe in yourself, in others, and in the landscape. You will see things much improved sooner than you know.

Prosperity message: It is an advantageous time for you to get some distance from what you’re doing and see your work and your projects from a different perspective. The trick is to connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations and let the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome and can’t see the miracle because it’s not turning out exactly as you planned. Trust Spirit. The perfect version of your abundance is right in front of you. Remain neutral and curious, and watch the miracle unfold.

Source – Colette Baron Reid – Wisdom of the Oracle

Check out the link above to enjoy your own personalized card pull 🙂

Sometimes rough waters lead to peaceful paddles – Pamela Zmija

If you are looking to create your own morning and evening routine, I highly recommend the DailyGreatness Planner. As a woman, wife, mom, and business lady this allows me to brain dump, set intentions for my day (week/month/year) and also remember all the amazing things in our life! Check out my link to SAVE 10%!!!

You’re An Elemental Rebel Unicorn

I enjoy when I can connect with another on an energetic level. This is how I felt when I first heard Tamara Arnold speak. In truth, real life, hurt and love. A practice we should all become more aware and comfortable with. As I was going through my emails, I noticed one that I had missed. It was to take a quiz… having already experienced a few intuition pulls today I jumped in! ✌

The results of Tamara’s quiz speak for themselves. It’s me! For sure. Check it out below!

You’re an


Which means you’re deeply connected to the Earth and everything that inhabits it, innately knowing what is needed.

You can feel the trees, the plants, the animals, and Mama Earth herself, which allows you to give voice to these often overlooked beings. 

Able to subconsciously tap into and understand nature, this superpower means that you intrinsically understand what is needed to support growth and sustenance.

People often want to be around you, thanks to your ability to energise and fertilize everything around you, creating an entirely different level of engagement. You’re able to magically seed ideas, and patiently nurture them as they come to life. 

Often drawn to environmental studies, geology, crystals or working with oils and plant medicine — you’ll feel most aligned when you’re working to shift the vibration of the earth in a gentle, yet steady way.

You’re a much-needed voice for those that humanity has tuned out, destined to help bring us back to a more grounded consciousness. You intrinsically know that these things take time and care, and you’re ready to support this mission.

Keep reading to find out how to bring more of that lush Elemental energy into your life…

When you’re out of alignment

You might end up feeling paralysed by all that is happening to our Earth. 

As someone so connected to it, you’re able to walk into a space, with or without people present, and know that it’s hurting. You feel the devastation that plagues the planet (which is exactly why you’re the best person to advocate for it!)

The challenge for you is to learn to fertilise, water and sustain yourself first so that you’re better equipped to speak up for Gaia.


One of my most favourite pastimes, photography, of nature and water 🥰!

Nature and Waves – Pamela Zmija
Gobles Grove Seagulls on the Beach – Pamela Zmija

If you are curious where you may be? Check out Tamara’s quiz!!!

An excerpt from Tamara’s email below…


Highly gifted superhumans breaking down systems and status quo’s to bring forth epic knowledge to change the world.

There are four archetypes.

Cosmic Unicorns – Here to shift the vibration of one human at a time. These unicorns are deeply intuitive to the energy and emotions of others and tend to be highly sensitive or Empaths.

Elemental Unicorns – Here to shift the vibration of the Earth and seed ideas until bloom. These unicorns are communicators of nature, animals, trees, ideas.

Ancestral Unicorns – Here to shift the vibration of the new wave of light beings, our kids. These unicorns break down generational and ancestral patterns and are often connected to the deep wisdom of the ages.

Catalyst Unicorns – Here to shift the vibration of leadership. These unicorns can see how many moving parts come together to help all of humanity.

A Collective Worldly Deep Breath

The world can feel heavy at times eh…

I know I feel it too. Especially if you are like me and are taking the pro-active approach to life at this moment. Don’t get me wrong, some of this has made my heart feel so very heavy, sad, more worry creeps in and at times the fear.

But… then I remind myself that the longer we, a collective “we”, turn our eyes away, or think its not our problem, or that someone else will deal with it, or “Im just one person”… There is some shady shit happening in the world, as a mama it hurts my heart deeply. The focus yet is on this “virus” that we all must hide from and stay away from people, removing human contact. Deadly to those who literally have no power.


And also many Seniors.

I am choosing to not post research here. I am urging you, to OPEN YOU EYES. Do the research. Beyond what the current “everyday news” is. Which is important, 100%, but then dig deeper. There are a couple very prominent things affecting our our world currently that we all need to be aware of.

This morning I read my horoscope on a fav site of mine…


JULY 14, 2020
Deep thoughts can form without warning at the forefront of your mind today, causing you to turn your attention away from routine goals so that you can better examine the matters before you. You may find yourself meditating on the state of the world and the suffering endured by human beings in the present day. As you contemplate these issues, the enormity of them can begin to overwhelm you, leaving you feeling hopeless. Yet consider today that at the heart of every global movement there lies the ideas of many likeminded individuals. If you trust that others will be similarly proactive, you can begin enacting worldwide change right in your own backyard.

Thinking about problems on a worldly scale can be disheartening, but we should not let that dissuade us from opening our minds to grand and wonderful possibilities. We may not be able to influence the whole of the earth, but we can spread positivity whenever possible in our circles of influence. The limited actions we undertake in our homes and communities can have widespread effects that we seldom have an opportunity to see. When we inspire others to give generously to their brethren or to keep their environments sparklingly clean, the energy of our good deeds continues to flow outward as the choices our protégés make motivate the people they encounter to be the change they wish to see in the world at large. Today, the thoughtfulness with which you undertake the pursuit of worldwide wellbeing will ensure that you never lose sight of your larger goals.

Exactly. What. I. Needed. To. Read.

Surrounding myself with the energy of other likeminded individuals, like it reads above is so key. Energy is KEY. Health is KEY. Mental Health is KEY.

I am grateful for this reminder to continue following my heart. Everyone of us are entitled to our opinions, no one should be made feel unworthy or wrong for their opinions. If someone tells you something you are completely against, perhaps research it yourself. There is no rule or law saying what one person says is the only right thing or way… that’s where its up to YOU to take a step forward and open your mind into what could possibly be out there. Especially, when government is involved.

Last night I had the opportunity to spend some time with a loved one. Their words to me was needing someone with them for a wee while to help calm. My loved one isn’t as familiar with energy work that I am and my husband and kids are, however I went in with full intentions of filling the home with beautiful Reiki energy and love. We chatted, hung out and I ran Reiki energy the entire time. I did a lot of deep breathing, yawning, clearing, I could feel the energy flowing. Then, my loved one let me know they were feeling much better and thanked me for coming over and spending time, which is never a burden.

My “Note from the Universe” today, which I receive via email every week day, a nice pick up!

Pamela, using your physical senses to assess your options is kind of like driving while looking in the rear view mirror. Not so swift, unless you want to go backward. Mostly, Pamela, the physical senses show what has been, not what will be. For direction, look within.

Each of us as individuals are not able to take on the horrors of the world, however we ARE able to begin making a difference within our own life, our family, our home, our work, our community. Stand strong, with an open mind, everyone is entitled to opinions, not all of those are right, if they were there wouldn’t be any horrors… right!

Continue to spread love and light – especially to shine on the darkness! Have faith ❤

Take a deep breath, pause, bring love and light into your own self, into your home and model that for your family. Do something you enjoy doing. For me, its photography and writing. Filling the diffuser with beautiful oils and inhaling deeply. Allowing the natural scents to flow into my brain and throughout my body. At peace. Knowing that all is well, it will be.

Nature’s Power With Inflammation

An article was brought to my attention today about “Cannabis May Reduce Deadly Covid-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why.” This article caught my attention, not so much because its cannabis, but because its “natural” and the mention of inflammation instantly got my attention because this is what I have worked at for years to reduce in my own body, and honestly didn’t realize it until after why I was so much more comfortable.

So first, what is inflammation? How do you know if you have inflammation in your body?

From the above tagged article, Understanding Inflammation, they have listed some common symptoms:

  • body pain
  • constant fatigue and insomnia
  • depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders
  • gastrointestinal issues, like constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux
  • weight gain
  • frequent infections

There is also more specific listed symptoms for things like rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, MS.

Inflammation in our bodies can be caused by these illnesses, as well as others, but also by “common” ingredients in our foods and drinks. Such as:

  • sugar
  • refined carbohydrates
  • alcohol
  • processed meats
  • trans fats
    Source – Healthline

Common ingredients that our government allows to be in our foods and drinks… and not to sound like a hypocrite (like our government) yes I do enjoy alcohol in moderation. As my health has drastically improved over the past few years I am careful what I enjoy, how much and the ingredients. For example sugar, my body now recognizes pretty much instantly, I get this feeling in my mouth and head even before a “sugar rush”. Restless legs also can result from any of the above.

I do however also drink Turmeric everyday. Take high quality supplements of minerals, vitamins, omegas which truly was a catalyst in my drastic health improvement. I regularly also use Frankincense, I also have Copaiba (very similar to CBD) beside my bed.

If you have been reading along on my journey, you will know that with PCOS inflammation is also a concern, as well as with IBS, endometriosis can also be affected and can also contribute to thyroid issues. Are you connecting more dots here?

Ive previously posted about how I completely transformed my life and health by going natural. Yup thats it. Nothing drastic. I eat A LOT at times 😉 I love food. But I shifted my fuel to healthy options. As much as those deep fried fries and chicken fingers taste – I was in PAIN after eating them, among other things.

In the article, researchers explain that “recent reports have suggested that acute infection is associated with a cytokine superstorm, which contributes to the symptoms of fever, cough, muscle pain.” These extreme instances of inflammation can lead to severe pneumonia which clog up the lungs, make breathing difficult or impossible. So, one of the important strategies  that scientists are studying in the fight against COVID-19 is reducing inflammation.

What do we KNOW helps with inflammation? I can personally attest to these options below:

My own health has completely changed by ME living an empowered health life. Something I highly recommend for EVERYONE to be doing, especially now.

I also highly recommend, read, research, everyone’s bodies are all different. Find something that works for YOU, just like I did for me! If you are curious about the power of plants, I am more than happy to chat, because I know first hand how powerful they really are 🙂 ❤ Especially when our physical AND mental health are so intertwined!

Curious… start by researching somethings:

  • Gut Health and Brain Health
  • Pub Med you can research many essential oils
  • Chakra Energy
  • Various food/drink ingredients and their effects on the human body
  • Chemicals and toxins in our cleaning and body products

But MOST IMPORTANT, in my opinion, HOW DO YOU FEEL!?

If you are taking a pill, medication, eating a food, drink, using products in your home – pay attention to HOW YOU FEEL. When you get in touch, I mean really get in touch… you will know exactly how you feel and begin to be able to relate those feelings to the outside influences 😉 I promise!

What is even more fun… these essential oils have very real emotional benefits, unique to each oil and blend! Check out Turmeric’s Emotional Benefits below. This oil is a beautiful powerhouse for our emotional and physical health! 🙌 I 💛 my turmeric tea! 🥰