doTERRA Canadian Launch | Co-Impact Sourcing, New Products, Enrollment Kits & More!

The weekend has officially wrapped up however for us in Canada this is truly the beginning!!!

The energy was AMAZING! My hubby came with me, this was his first doTERRA event and he came home with a new outlook on doTERRA as a company. He knows the oils work, seeing how we’ve used them with our kids and me. However this weekend truly opened his mind to just how this company works. Combine the two and its unbelievably powerful!


Even as I type this blog, I am filled with excitement, I can feel it deep down inside and guys this is just the beginning!!!


doTERRA truly is for everyone – whether you want to be a user, sharer or builder. Truly everyone should have our top 10 oils in their home.  With just these top 10 oils you have a solid base of a healer in every home. Why doTERRA? These are just a few reasons why.


I just love this, doTERRA is building a culture of trust. Not because they say “trust us” because they have the scientific research to back up what they tell us. With building trust, they have shown all of us that their priority is not money. Their priority is making the world a better place. Treating people with respect and I love this… Maintaining the soul of a small company!

Having grown up in a small business, this hit my heart – hard. Our family business is entirely service based and years ago when my grandfather was still alive our slogan ‘We Are The Home Comfort People’ was termed.

I may not be a technician out in the field as a plumber or gas tech… for me this is my twist on “home comfort”.

I grew up in a small business – small businesses are the heart of our community. With doTERRA I feel that same love and connection I also feel with our family small business. A true connection to help and serve others.


This is our wellness pyramid. When you eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress and reduce toxic load – you will be happier. TRUST ME! You WILL be healthier.

How do I know? Because two years ago when doTERRA came into my life, it began to change for the better! Did I have to go crazy about changing my lifestyle – nope! I am a busy working mom of two. At the time I literally had zero energy, so exercise was not a priority for me. FEELING GOOD was a priority. Our supplements pictured below truly is the base in my life. I began simply using oils in June, began with the supplements in January and this is when I truly noticed an amazing change.

These supplements are scientifically formulated and contain vitamins, minerals, oils etc in optimal amounts to provide our bodies a balanced amount every single day. Ive taken supplements/vitamins before – these are different.

These supplements have a very long list of benefits a few of them are:

  • Maintains healthy immune function and proper muscle function.
  • aids in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage.
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums.
  • helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.
  • supports connective tissue formation and repair.
  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • Helps the function of the thyroid gland.
  • Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism.

There is SO much more – these are just a few and all of which have directly, positively affected my life. I have hypothyroidism, I have PCOS so for me these supplements helped balance my body – I felt it. I felt the impact it had with my glucose metabolism.


Healing Hands…


This foundation was created by doTERRA even before the founders were taking a pay cheque from the company. It was important to them to give back to the world and this foundation is phenomenal!

One of the ways the healing hands foundation dollars are used is called “Days for Girls” this initiative helps girls in third world countries with health training, provides them with reusable hygiene kits and keeps these girls in schools. Typically in most of these countries, once girls begin their menstrual cycles they drop out of school.


This photo above shows just some of the girls who have received these kits. When taken care of properly they will last the girls 3 years! 200 kits were delivered to the girls in Nepal. These kits are being made at a sewing centre in Nepal which now provides jobs to local people – including this woman below who was literally living on the street. She now has a job and a ‘purpose’ in life. Her job is to put the drawstring in the bag, simple right. But to her it was life saving.


Talk about empowering these women! They CAN do more… and they now will!

Co-Impact Sourcing

After the earthquake in Nepal, since doTERRA was already on the ground working with the local people there (before the devastation) they were able to get help to these people quickly with help of the Healing Hands foundation.

doTERRA’s new Wintergreen oil which is now sourced from Nepal provided an estimated 1,075 jobs in 2015 which supported over 5,000 people! It is estimated for 2016 to provide 2,200 jobs to support an estimated amount of 11,000 people and these numbers will continue to rise!

From their website:

When we purchase these oils below, we are directly affecting the people in these countries better their lives with jobs, consistent income, growth in their country with running water, new schools – earth quake safe!


doTERRA was on the ground very soon after the devastating earthquake in Nepal helping them where they needed it – temporary homes, rebuilding what was lost, running water. The first school has been completed since the earthquake and they are now currently working on the 2nd school.

While in Nepal they also helped them make a bio-digester which digests human and animal waste, in doing so this creates methane gas. By piping from the bio-digester to their homes they can use this gas to heat their homes!



Our oils are literally sourced from all over the world!





OK now legs get into the PRODUCTS… there were some exciting announcements!

Currently there are 94 products shipping out of Canada and 20 of those are Essential Oils which are Registered as Natural Health Products with Health Canada. As more products complete the registration with Health Canada they too will be come available!

So you may be wondering, What is a Natural Health Product?



For those of you taking the LLV – Longlife Vitality Supplements they will be available in Canada this FALL!!! Until then we continue to order on our US LRP (loyalty rewards order) – however for the next 3 months doTERRA is gifting to us a FREE bottle of oil with a value of $28 or higher when we order our LLV in July, August and September!!!  Cool right! We use these supplements daily in our home so this is such an amazing gift!!!

These are coming mid-June!!! Check out my facebook page for more details on these kits or hop on over to my contact page, drop me a line and Id love to help you get started!



“If you want to change the world, you have to empower people” – David Stirling, CEO doTERRA

This puts the doTERRA philosophy simple…


doTERRA is now the largest essential oil company in the world! So cool… no doubt either because they have created their own standard which they ensure ALL their oils meet!

Personally for my own health, quality is crucial. With the invisible illnesses I have, I would not be doing my body any favours by using a product which claims to be pure and natural, yet contains additives, chemicals, fillers etc. There currently is no overall governing body with Essential Oils. This is why doTERRA termed CPTG – Certified Pure Tested Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with scientific tests and procedures to back up this.


Scientific based research shows how effective essential oils are for safe everyday use for many things we encounter everyday – especially with kids – cuts, scrapes, bruises, even acne, boils, aczema, coughs, colds, digestive discomfort of any kind, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, sprains, strains and SO Much more!!!

Just last night, my hubby dropped a glass bottle and when it fell and smashed a piece of glass sliced his leg… it was bleeding a LOT! He cleaned up the blood, I put a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil on the cut to help clean the wound and then put a drop of Helichrysum in the wound. He felt no pain from the cut even when putting the oils directly onto it. Within seconds the blood began clotting and it stopped bleeding! We placed a couple bandaids over the wound to keep it covered and it was like it didn’t happen! Had I not had these oils at home, would he have had to go seek medical attention – quite possibly as it was bleeding a lot and until placing the oil in the wound it did not stop bleeding!

Below are just a few scientific studies presented by Nicole Stevens, MSc a Research Scientist with doTERRA. IMG_20160604_112339IMG_20160604_112130IMG_20160604_111819IMG_20160604_111632


Did you know many of the pharmaceuticals that are prescribed originated in plants!

Essential Oils contain compounds of medicinal value, they have far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals and because doTERRA has a commitment to provide the highest quality of oils available on the market you can be sure that you are providing a safe and natural solution for yourself and your family.

I love this image which was shared. This is the doTERRA philosphy – to combine traditional medicine with natural options such as doTERRA Essential Oils. There is most definitely a need for the amazing medical system we have here in Canada – however as many of us know, there is a strain on the system.

Being proactive in our own homes with the use of this natural product we are strengthening our immune system, we are decreasing the frequency that we may need to go to the dr because we are not getting sick as much. By lowering the levels of toxins within our bodies we are providing an opportunity for our body to become stronger – Ive noticed it in my own.


One way our family LOVES to use the oils is diffusing them!

When diffusing essential oils they enter our olfactory system and then begin to affect our emotions and moods within our limbic system.


All of the speakers at the grand opening truly were touching, in some way they got me. However some more than others. Li Fryling is a Diamond Leader with doTERRA and her presentation really struck me – hard.

This below is a quote and a photo of her 6 year old daughter. I choose to not share Li’s story – simply because it is hers. However it was centered around mental health and how it so deeply it does affect all of us.

She shared these quotes with us…


The biggest reason I love my oils is the way they make me feel. Ive had my own struggles, after dealing with infertility and then being diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroidism all while trying to conceive can be a lot on a 23 year old woman. Add in a beautiful baby boy, a surprise pregnancy with our beautiful baby girl. This mama had a lot on her plate for many years. All the while… the pain, hurt, feelings of being alone and broken had to be put aside to raise these two beautiful children we were so very blessed to have.

I didn’t take the time to heal or even deal with what I was told. I had zero education behind what PCOS or Hypothyroidism was – I was I guess expected to just deal with it on my own. This wasn’t even that long ago, it was back in 2004/5 however speaking of PCOS was unheard of. Many doctors did not know how to deal with this or what to prescribe. I was on a variety of different things and this only added to my pain, discomfort, hurt, anger and my feelings of being broken. I could take the medication but then I was dealing with digestive pain and discomfort.

This weekend hit me – hard! It was incredibly moving, emotional and has given me so much more strength and hope. As I sit here writing, the emotions are very much real. This is real, doTERRA has CHANGED MY LIFE…. and its just the beginning.

My husband was able to join me this weekend, to share in the excitement, emotions, connection and learning. He too came out of it with a new vision, a new outlook on life.

Below is a photo shared and it hits home for me.


Are you someone who is open to learning about natural approaches?

Lets Chat!

Contact me on my contact me page. I would truly LOVE to help you get started on your own natural health journey that literally ANYONE can do ❤


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