Remove Toxins From Your Life | Top 50 Health and Wellness Tips

Check it out! Hot off the presses… the top 50 Health and Wellness Tips from REAL people making a difference!!! I’m loving tip #30… It’s mine!!! My tips for a healthy and well life are simple. Remove toxins from your life, this includes chemicals and people! Shift your health care focus from problem solvingContinue reading “Remove Toxins From Your Life | Top 50 Health and Wellness Tips”

Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil

After hearing some very heart breaking news today, this evening I asked The Spirit Plant Essential Oil Cards which 2 oils I should use in the diffuser. I found this incredible which two oils were suggested. So tonight while enjoying this diffuser blend I wanted to share this with you. A reminder to truly openContinue reading “Savour Life and Return to Love | doTERRA Black Pepper & Basil”

Empowered Femininity | doTERRA Diffuser Blend

My evening oils consisted of Women’s Blend, Wintergreen, Ginger and Calming Blend – Serenity. I used the Spirit Plant Cards ap and their “My reading” option. I then read in the Emotions and Essential Oils resource book. Women ‘s Blend is The Oil of Femininity. This blend supports a woman with feeling kind, accepted, teachableContinue reading “Empowered Femininity | doTERRA Diffuser Blend”

Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset

What a gorgeous weekend to be at the beach! The water, sand and sun was simply fabulous – so warm, refreshing and calming! In and out of the water proved to heat things up with some of us getting a little extra sun. Imagine that, me as a red head under an umbrella for theContinue reading “Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset”

A Solid Foundation of Wellness | doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Supplements

The lifelong vitality supplements is a pack that is on my loyalty rewards order every month. For anyone like me with an invisible illness (PCOS, Hypothroidism and Endometriosis) these supplements are what I personally consider a must! Since beginning with the LLV Supplements I am feeling my body is much more balanced, I am alsoContinue reading “A Solid Foundation of Wellness | doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Supplements”

doTERRA BOGO – Lotus Diffuser & Free Douglas Fir AND Grapefruit | TODAY ONLY

doTERRA always saves their absolute best BOGO for the last day 😉 This can even be added to your first enrollment order – so if your first order is 150PV and included the Lotus Diffuser that means you would get 4 OILS FREE – Douglas Fir, Grapefruit, Cheer and Motivate!!! If you need help settingContinue reading “doTERRA BOGO – Lotus Diffuser & Free Douglas Fir AND Grapefruit | TODAY ONLY”

Backyard Nature Photography | Flowers and Birds

One of my favourite things about our back yard is nature. We have so many gorgeous flowers which over the years have multiplied and a gorgeous and calming sound of a great variety of birds as well! How gorgeous is the back of this flower? Isn’t it just beautiful. The range of colour, so deepContinue reading “Backyard Nature Photography | Flowers and Birds”

The universe works in wonderful ways | DoTERRA Jasmine & Helichrysum

This week I received my free bottle of Jasmine from doTERRA!!! A true gift that arrived at exactly the right time in my life. This beautiful bottle arrived Wednesday afternoon, exactly when my body needed the support of this oils positive properties. A gorgeous floral scent, so precious and unique. Jasmine is one of doTERRA’sContinue reading “The universe works in wonderful ways | DoTERRA Jasmine & Helichrysum”

With a soft and gentle Whisper

Hey all my oily lovers! This past week was emotionally tough for this Oily Photographer so I literally surrounded myself with loved ones ALL weekend from Friday night to Sunday night with of course some quiet downtime for myself as well. Saturday morning part of our oily team got together for some training, exactly whatContinue reading “With a soft and gentle Whisper”

Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends

I started my day with a beautiful diffuser blend of Douglas Fir and Bergamot. Bergamot is a gorgeous citrus oil which is known as The Oil of Self Acceptance with positive properties of Optimism, Confidence, Hopeful and Loveable. The positive properties of Douglas Fir which was resonating with me this morning and to strengthen myContinue reading “Juicy Rosemary Basil BBQ Chicken & Optimistic Diffuser Blends”