Spring on the lake | Lake Huron

Every Spring I look forward to seeing the geese and their babies.

Although these birds are very dirty, I appreciate that they share their babies with the cottagers on the beach. Every spring there is at least one new family, sometimes more, which graces us with their presence and allows me to photograph them.

My diffuser blend for this afternoon is 3 drops Digestive Blend, 2 drops Rosemary and 2 drops Lemon.

Digestive Blend is The Oil of Digestion.
Lemon is The Oil of Focus.
Rosemary is The Oil of Knowledge and Transition.

Enjoy… ❤


20160523-IMG_6293-WM 20160523-IMG_6295-WM


20160523-IMG_6300-WM 20160523-IMG_6301-WM

20160523-IMG_6302-WM 20160523-IMG_6303-WM

20160523-IMG_6304-WM 20160523-IMG_6317-WM

20160523-IMG_6319-WM 20160523-IMG_6325-WM

20160523-IMG_6328-WM 20160523-IMG_6331-WM

20160523-IMG_6335-WM 20160523-IMG_6336-WM

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