Spring on the lake | Lake Huron

Every Spring I look forward to seeing the geese and their babies. Although these birds are very dirty, I appreciate that they share their babies with the cottagers on the beach. Every spring there is at least one new family, sometimes more, which graces us with their presence and allows me to photograph them. MyContinue reading “Spring on the lake | Lake Huron”

Spring Apple Blossoms | 2016 Macro Photography

I simply love these two apple trees in our back yard, especially in the spring when they blossom! This weekend, I feel, truly kicks off a very special time for me… the camera comes out and is rarely put away until winter! I LOVE the natural light, I love the deep vibrant colours. I loveContinue reading “Spring Apple Blossoms | 2016 Macro Photography”

Seasonal Discomfort got you down? | Birds & The Bee’s in Springtime

Amazing weather… but for some it makes them literally want to scratch their eyes out!   Seasonal discomfort got you down? The birds and bee’s can do their thing and you can still enjoy the beautiful weather too!   A unique equal blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender to help soothe any seasonal discomforts soContinue reading “Seasonal Discomfort got you down? | Birds & The Bee’s in Springtime”

Essential Oils | A Natural Alternative For Cleansing Your Home

Are toxic floor and bathroom cleaners, carpet deodorizers, room fragrances and all purpose soaps getting you down? Learn how to clean your hands and home naturally with simple, inexpensive, effective essential oils and household products. You will feel confident and able after this enlightening session! Join me this coming Tuesday May 24th for a handsContinue reading “Essential Oils | A Natural Alternative For Cleansing Your Home”


These past few months we have been working on renovating our basement – all while living our day to day life. Step by step it has proven to us just how important this was to begin. However as you can imagine with two kids and a busy family… lets be real its a lot moreContinue reading “Believe”

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Class | Mount Forest

Join me this evening as we discuss natural options to be empowered within your own home for you and your family. Essential Oils provide gentle, effective natural solutions to caring for your little ones’ everyday health needs right in your own home. We will cover sleep, relaxation, focus, mood, immune function, wound care and soContinue reading “Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Class | Mount Forest”