Human Design – Projector

Have you heard of human design before? Its something that has popped up for me a few times and then when I was working with my energy guide she asked me if I knew what my human design was. This is when I found out I am a PROJECTOR!

When I first heard this, there was an old part of me that instantly heard projector as bad. Not entirely sure why, which is why I am so grateful that Avalon had a Human Design expert join our call last week to explain to each of us what our own individual human design meant for us!


Seriously… I learned so much about myself in those 8 minutes of hearing her speak about my human design map and realized just how unique and special I truly am – much like all of us!

Do you know your Human Design? START HERE with step 1 to figure out your human design – you need to know your birthdate, where you were born and the time for it to be accurate. Ariana has explained it so perfectly that it would honestly make everyone feel so damn special – because we each are!


Human Design 101 – Projector – Ariana’s Article

Strategy: To Wait for the Invitation

Signature: Success

Not-Self Theme: Bitterness

Aura: Projected and absorbing

35% of the population

The Art of Being this is a great article if you are also a Projector!

Projectors are not after your energy, but they are designed to be able to gain access to it. A Projector is here to understand deeply how and where energy should be used. And because their aura is very very focused in this way, they “invite” openness, which makes it very, very difficult for Projectors to escape the influence of the conditioning forces that are around them.

If you’re a Projector you really need to be formally invited into any situation, and to gauge if that invitation is correct for you based on your own inner authority. The very strategy that you have is an indication of the natural demand for respect that you deserve. You have to surrender to demanding respect. It is very important for Projectors to be careful about the people they associate with. The quality of their associations directly impacts their wellbeing.

To be a Projector means that you do not simply take in conditioning, you take in conditioning that generates, motivates and moves your process. It’s not that you’re dependent on the other. You were not designed to be dependent on anything. You are designed, however, to be in a world in which energy is available, and that’s very different. This is what the invitation is all about.

If Projectors would trust in the power of their aura, their auras would pull to them the attention, the recognition, and the correct invitation to the energies that they are here to recognize and to guide. (Source –

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