New Years Eve Flow

What a glorious day! Of honestly not much, but also everything 🥰! A beautiful 2 hour Yoga and Intention Workshop with @jennpike that was SO incredible! Deep gratitude 🙏 After doing some quick running around, back home to settle into a beautiful hot bath with a bath bomb and some essential oils! Elevation – JoyCypressContinue reading “New Years Eve Flow”

Closing Out 2021 – Gratitude, Healing & Peace

Peace within is my mantra for 2022! Yesterday I sat down and pulled some cards from my favourite oracle deck, Starseeds! I had the inspiration from my energy coach, Avalon, to pull 3 cards: 1. for the begin of the year, 2. for the middle and 3. for the end. Grab your fav deck andContinue reading “Closing Out 2021 – Gratitude, Healing & Peace”

Your Health is in Your Hands

I listened to an outstanding podcast this morning that I just had to share with you! If you have been around for a bit, you know that I once struggled with PCOS and Hypothyroidism. This was an outstanding podcast, for one because I could relate and two because it reminded me of some things thatContinue reading “Your Health is in Your Hands”

You Have Such A Nice Camera!

“It must take great photos!” Ive heard this so many times, haha as the saying goes if I had a quarter for everytime I heard that… I could buy a new camera 😉 Yes, the equipment matters – truthfully we all know comparing quality. But… its the artists eye in two key times that trulyContinue reading “You Have Such A Nice Camera!”

Embracing the Full Moon Energy in December

I woke up this morning, to this: Isn’t this view gorgeous. I had to walk out onto our deck to capture the beauty. Just incredible, the moon rays streaming off the top and bottom of the bright full moon. So beautiful! I even checked to ensure my lens was clean! The moon beams were intenseContinue reading “Embracing the Full Moon Energy in December”

The Best Thing You Can Give Someone Right Now…

You’re going to come in contact with a lot of people who are at their absolute breaking point this season. Family, friends, co-workers, teachers, retail workers, trades, and even strangers in the grocery store. But… you may never know it! While it may be the merriest time of the year fot some, it’s the saddest,Continue reading “The Best Thing You Can Give Someone Right Now…”

Why I am SO Passionate about my Health!

Because I am straight up a recovering people pleaser! I legit used to put MY health, my needs/wants/desires aside because of someone else, in pretty much every area of my life. What Pam wanted, most times took a back seat and I wouldn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ by speaking up. Or sadly being usedContinue reading “Why I am SO Passionate about my Health!”

Are you ready for 2022 – Journal Prompts!

Are you ready? Are you eager to walk into a new year, open a new chapter for YOU!? I personally have felt the desire to lean much more into me, I had an incredible energy session last weekend that also included an emotion code clearing which was SO cool! If you know me, you knowContinue reading “Are you ready for 2022 – Journal Prompts!”