Root Chakra – Noticing’s

As I woke up this morning, well before my actual sound alarm and light alarm, I laid wide awake thinking of the upcoming day. This is where I find my mind can begin to race, this is where the fears and worries can so easily creep in. Admittedly I began my day on Instagram. ThisContinue reading “Root Chakra – Noticing’s”

Root Chakra – Grounding

If you have been around here for a bit you will know that I took a pretty big leap to invest in ME! Something I am becoming more and more conformable with and feel is so crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing! As we prepare to enter into November, in my Chakra Mastery AcademyContinue reading “Root Chakra – Grounding”

Empowered Healthcare is Key Right Now!

Now more than ever its crucial for every single person to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Empowered Holistic Healthcare. I’ve got an invitation for you below the post! šŸ„° Long term health care employees are being fired for their medical choices. This should really make one question, first off WHY?! If this manyContinue reading “Empowered Healthcare is Key Right Now!”

A Year Ago October 2020

Although we have come a very long way since that day, October 16, 2020, its truthfully been a journey. For him physical and emotional and me highly emotional. I will never forget that morning, Friday October 16th, it was a “normal” Friday at work, I got the guys going and then instead of going backContinue reading “A Year Ago October 2020”

Invest In You!

Money can feel daunting at times, especially when it comes to spending it on yourself. This has, at least for me, been a story that I have been healing and re-writing over the past 3 + years specifically! This is a story many of us need to heal! My health journey into doTERRA Essential OilsContinue reading “Invest In You!”