Capture Those Memories

Every year I create photo books for our family of the kids and our family over the past year. We love looking back through the photos, especially the kids. While creating our 2017 books I became filled with love while looking back at previous years books. The everyday, “simple” things that were in the book capturing our life exactly as it was at that time.

Even simple things like the kids eating, helping me in the kitchen, watching tv, playing outside. I captured it all. As they’ve been growing and getting bigger, I admit I have not been taking as many photos.

These memories light me up. They light our kids up. Getting behind the camera also lets my creativity flow. I love the artistic flow of life and how capturing even the simplest things means so very much in years to come!

So for 2018 I vow to pick up my camera more! Whether its my phone camera or my big camera – capturing the moments AND being IN the photos with my kids and family!

2018-01-01 Fondue 2

We don’t know what life will give us, we have to live each and every moment to the fullest. I promise you, if you begin taking everyday photos of your kids and family – look back a year later and you will feel your heart fill up with love and gratitude.

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