Living Your Best Life

Are you ready to live your best life in 2018!?


I invite you to invest in yourself this year with time and health.

Gift yourself 30 days for YOU. I promise you can find time for yourself in your “busy” life.

Would you commit to doing this for you?
Would you join me as we all support and hold each other accountable?

I experienced profound changes in my life in 2017. I am so very grateful for the growth, energy, strength, health, connection, relationships and our home.

2018 is going to be great.

Life will throw us  the odd curve ball, having stress, discomfort or sadness to handle. But it wont keep us down. 2018 is going to be a year to remember!

Are you ready to live your best life yet?

Connect with me!
I am here to inspire others to take hold of their health and happiness
and be the life you want it to be!

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Walking Into 2018 With A Clear Heart & Mind

A friend shared this saying and I simply loved it! How absolutely true. We’ve all had our own challenges, stress, betrayal, unhappiness, shit… we’ve all had shit times in our life. We’ve also all had some pretty freaking awesome times too!

Its too easy to dwell on what has happened in the past, sometimes even without knowing it… rather than focusing completely on living in the now and future!

Cheers to 2018… Im going into this holiday season with a clear heart and mind!
Its time to shine  Its time to BE all that I can be and most of all truly happy!
Let it go, continue moving forward. Embrace your past, its brought you to today.
Make that choice, follow your heart, YOU have complete control of your life.

I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind.
If you owe me, don’t worry about it – you’re welcome.
If you wronged me, it’s all good – lesson learned.
If you’re angry with me, you’ve won, congratulations.
If we aren’t speaking, its cool..I wish you well.

If you feel I wronged you, I apologize.
If your waiting on me to fail, don’t hold your breath…you have a long wait!
I’ve already overcome more than you can imagine.

Focus on making your life better for you & your family and watch how doors open.
Life is too short for all the pent up anger, holding grudges and extra pain.
Here’s to 2018! Full of Love, Health & Happiness!


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Beautiful Inspiring Winter Freezing Fog

We awoke this morning to a “freezing fog”… as mundane as that sounds its actually quite beautiful in the morning! A beautiful winter wonderland!

I sat this morning enjoying my tea in our livingroom, I listened to a beautiful morning meditation by Angela Kontgen and upon opening my eyes I could see the daylight was getting brighter and the beauty of the freezing fog was absolutely breathtaking.

I felt inspired this morning to get outside and capture this beauty – something I quite honestly have not done for a while. Although I “took photos” this year, I feel my emotional connection and inspired creativity was lacking. I let the mundane responsibilities of life and contributing factors sneak up on me and slowly take over, taking my passion along with it at times.

My gift to myself this holiday season is to continue to be re-inspired! To give myself the gift of time to allow my creativity to flow and capture all things beautiful – including these gorgeous weeds and tree branches covered in this “freezing fog”.


Check out more on my flickr page

(Note – Image quality has been reduced for public share photos)

Simplify Your Holiday Season | ADHD Living

With the Holiday Season upon us and Christmas quickly approaching I thought I would share some of our own strategies we use during this time of the year to have an enjoyable Holiday Season with our little’s!

  • Less is MORE! Yes its exciting opening gifts, however less truly is more especially for children with ADHD. When shopping for that perfect gift, really put thought into what the child needs, truly wants or would love to experience.
  • Schedule downtime – for you and for the kids. Their brains need a break especially when there is a lot of people, events etc.
  • Stick to your routine! If your kids have a specific routine they are used to at home, do your best to stick to it. Consistency is key for you and your children. Especially for those children who do not sleep in no matter how late they are up. If this means leaving an event early so the kids are content and the late night doesn’t snowball into miserable days – that’s what you need to do and its OK!
  • Healthy snacks and meals. If you are going somewhere and you are unsure of what the menu will be, pack your own snacks or meal for the kids.
  • Set limits before the events. This time of year there is a LOT of sweets. Some better than others, especially home made vs store bought, however set the limits with your children before you go. Help them understand WHY there are limits to how many cookies and chocolates they are allowed to have.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. You know your child best. If a family member or friend is trying to push “the limits” of food, drinks or time – politely say no thank you and re-direct your child.
  • Dress your children in nice comfortable clothing. Dress up “fancy” clothing can be fun, however for many ADHD children its very uncomfortable and irritable.
  • Drink Water! Ensure they are drinking adequate water for a couple reasons. 1. to stay hydrated and 2. to help their bodies process and flush the sweets they are eating even quicker.
  • Empower your child. If your child is sensitive to noise and a lot of people, ensure your child knows to come to you if they at anytime feel overwhelmed and need a break.
  • Involve your child! If your ADHD’er likes to help – let them feel important by asking them to help you or someone else with something!
  • Use your calendar! Write what you are doing on the calendar with times so the children know what to expect and when.
  • Comforts of Home. Encourage your child to bring something familiar from home. Especially for younger children, bring a toy, stuffy or blanket they are close to for comfort. This is important if you are going to events with people your children have not seen in a while or have never met.
  • Limit electronics. For many children this can be a crutch, however with already so much stimulation its important for their brains to have a break.
  • Whats the plan? Before going to a function – family or friends – go over with your children what they could expect – but don’t go into great detail. Let them know you will check in with them and at anytime if they feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable that its OK for them to tell you.
  • Be fair to you! If your child has a melt down – support them through it. The worst thing we can do as parents while an ADHD child is mid-melt down is to tell them to snap out of it and stop it. This is tough on the parent and child. Its more important to show the child love and support. Regardless of what others think or say – you know your child best.
  • Build them up! Praise works wonders for everyone, however for children with ADHD it really does lift them up so much higher! If you see them being respectful, polite, playing with the little ones in a gentle way, helping others – tell them!

We also use Essential Oils in our home to support our children. We apply them morning and night and I always have oils with me as well when we are out and about. There has been many times I will sneak off to a quiet place with the kids to comfort them, oil them up and talk. This lifestyle certainly is a learning experience and is one that is different for everyone. There are many ADHD signs and symptoms as well as many various things or “triggers” that will affect each child completely differently.

Wishing you and your’s a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season this year! 💓

Silence Is A Virtue

This evening I had over 2 hours alone to do some Christmas wrapping!

The past few days everything has been swirling around in my head of where things were, what we had bought, what was left to get and wondering when I was going to have some “responsibility free” couple of hours to get it done!

My hubby was home with me for a bit, long enough to make us a home made guacamole (yes woth oils!) before he got called out on an emergency call. After he left it was me, the dog, cat and bird… in complete Silence!


I love my kids. I adore them. My family is my rock.

Tonight, however, having time in complete Silence was absolutely refreshing. To get “all those things” swirling around in my head in anticipation for the holidays out and done!

At one point I considered turning on the tv and watch my pvr’d Young and the Restless since I was home alone… however my goodness… Silence is golden!

Feeling so grateful to my parents taking the kids for the evening! 💓

It was exactly what I needed to feel a bit more grounded.

Celebrating Goals and Reaching Up in this Journey of Life

I received a beautiful journal from a friend and mentor about closing off 2017 and opening up into 2018. To write about my challenges, forgiveness, growth, celebrations, happiness and where I am headed in my life!

To properly heal in every area of my life, finally, I need to always continue looking forward, looking up!

It’s the same for all of us. If we let that one (or two) nagging past experience or challenge influence the way we live our life, we are perpetually stuck in that space in time.

Looking back at any negative experience is exhausting and consuming, unless it is to look back on the life lesson we’ve been presented with and see the opportunity to grow!

So as we welcome 2018, I welcome so many great things into our life. People, experiences, health and happiness 💓🦋.

I celebrate what was, the life experiences necessary to get here and grow even more into my true me!

What are you doing to close off this year and open up to the goodness that is on its way?

Presence Over “Presents”

This year we made a decision to be more present in our life – taking a step back and slowing things down. For a lot of years we’ve lived a “busy” on the go life. We still have our “busy” days, however we’ve all learned how having downtime, together, is so valuable!

We have learned that having a lot of “stuff” physically and things “to do” is incredibly overwhelming and challenging for our physical and emotional health! In life we are sometimes challenged by our health, various life circumstances, people in our life, weather etc and its easy to sink into a “why me” mentality.

We are challenged each and everyday of our lives. The choice is how we choose to respond to these challenges. This year I began a transformation, this was so much more for me than physical.

Over the year and in the years previous, our family has taken on a more Presence over “Presents” in our life.

When I think back in my own life, my own childhood there are some select toys in my life which stand out as a significant memory, however the most prominent memories are the memories I have with my loved ones.

Our children have grown up with the ‘presence over presents’ appreciation. Yes its awesome to give and receive gifts, however it’s who is there and present in their life that they remember. Ever since we had our children, the reason for the season became them and the other little’s in our life. Seeing their faces light up opening their gifts and the memories made by the people in their lives. For me, capturing these memories with my camera is so heartfilling and rewarding! I love looking back and remembering and so do the kids! Their favourite books are our photo books! You can never take too many photos! 💓

We took a bigger step back this Christmas season. Made a larger family purchase to enjoy our winter time together and we are still so excited for how magical Christmas morning is going to be! Connection is more important than material things. Being together and it not being about the dollar value spent on gifts. Enjoying experiences rather than filling our home with “things”.

Being truly connected has been a strong driving force for us this past year. When anyone’s life is challenged in anyway there is a lesson you need to learn.

A couple weeks ago I went to a new ADHD Support Group in town and I allowed myself to open up and be vulnerable and I left feeling empowered and understood. One of the things said by the educators really hit home with me, “We live in an ADHD world”. Everyone has gotten so used to the busyness of life. Being “crazy busy” has become the norm for a lot of people. This statement hit home for me, because this used to be us. We used to be those people who had plans every single day of the weekend, many things going on during the week and yet craving downtime without actually knowing why.

What our children need most is us. Their parents, their family, pets, friends and community. They do not need the most up to date technology, all the brand name clothing, latest and greatest toys etc. They need US and our TIME together. Its truly priceless!

I think of how overwhelmed I used to feel. Always on the go, here and there, my response to others about how I was doing was “busy…”. Although we still have those days, we are living a much more balanced and serene life now than even at the beginning of this year and the years previous. Our ethics, values and own personal limits have strengthened and we still have incredible capacity for even more growth.

This year we have seen both of our children excel in life. In school, personally and in their favourite sports. I know this is not a coincidence. Over an emotionally up and down year we kept each other grounded, we taught each other grace and patience and we learned how to live with much less “stuff”. The life lesson in the past year has been transformational physically and emotionally!

This Christmas holiday season I challenge you to take a step back. Take more time for you, for your family and rather than it being about the “presents” bring back the value of presence.

Feeling incredibly grateful for our 2017 ~ Cheers to 2018!


Inspiring Words for YOU!

This time of year is so special. It brings people together, there is Love, laughing, good food and drinks! All the memories made fill the heart with even more love and happiness.

It’s also the time of year “Life” can feel even more stressful and heavy with whatever you may be challenged with in addition to the holidays.

You deserve YOU time. You deserve to be and feel loved, supported and encouraged. YOU are an important person to your family and friends.

YOU are amazing 💕