Backyard Nature Photography | Flowers and Birds

One of my favourite things about our back yard is nature. We have so many gorgeous flowers which over the years have multiplied and a gorgeous and calming sound of a great variety of birds as well!

20160716-IMG_6909-WM 20160716-IMG_6911-WM

20160716-IMG_6918-WM How gorgeous is the back of this flower? Isn’t it just beautiful. The range of colour, so deep and rich! I just had to capture it. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”!


Macro love ❤
20160716-IMG_6914-WM I was thrilled to see so many of these little birds in our back yard. I pulled up a chair under the tree and simply waited with my camera, happily enjoying the sounds of nature. This little one was a little timid at first, then was quite happy to flit around! 20160716-IMG_6949-WM

More new friends!
20160716-IMG_6965-WM 20160716-IMG_6957-WM

When getting up close and personal to nature I always like to keep my Terra Shield close by! SO many bugs are turned off by the smell – which leaves us happily bug free 😉

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