April showers bring may flowers…

Or is it April snow brings colds…

We have had some crazy weather lately and the past couple days, although we have needed the rain, have been dark, dreary, damp, cold and raining. Of course its been raining, why? Because we did our front gardens on Sunday, then watered them and then washed both our van and truck… yes thats why it rained lol. But the rain certainly has freshened up the gardens and hopefully they will begin to show some growth.

This weather being warm then cold, has proved to be a challenge on the health front for everyone in our family with colds, one began taking me down and its still working hard at draining my energy. So this dark, dreary weather is not helping at all!

After a very productive day at work, that certainly felt good I totally still felt in a slump, amazing what a little sunshine can do, even coming home to my hubby cooking us dinner and walking in the door with two very happy and energetic kids, the 3 of them certainly give me so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to smile. This evening the clouds parted and a little sun began to shine giving us enough time to enjoy some time on the deck and the kids to wear off energy with the dog.

Its moments like the photo I am going to post next that really makes me smile, that and a quiet relaxing night with hubby just letting me literally do nothing! And that’s when I looked up and saw… the 2nd photo I’m going to post. Absolutely beautiful and a reminder that no matter what happened today or how I was feeling… the sun will always rise again!


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