When I hear this I think of you

When I hear this I think of you

The other evening while sitting outside with the kids by their playset (see previous pic) I beard this faint jingle, a jingle that will always be remembered of our dog Elwood, for days after he had passed I heard this jingle, always of 2 tags on his collar. When hubby, my dad and brother built the playset shortly after Elwood got a new collar, this is where his old one stayed. Even when we moved hubby made sure that when it was built the collar got put back on, we still had Elwood at this time.

Sitting there the other evening hearing this jingle brought me back so many memories and also reminded me that he is still always with us and watching over. The kids still talk of him and mention they miss him but that he’s up in heaven watching us.

While out there with the kids and Beck I had to take a moment to capture this piece of him. That will still always be a piece of us! Even if he was only here with us at this home for two days.

RIP Elwood… ❤

Our kids will have a new adventure! (with a twist of change)

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Let the Soccer Season Begin!

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