DoTERRA Essential Oil BOGO’s | February 20-25

BOGO’S are back!!!  One week of exclusive deals for oil lovers!  Everyone who knows me knows I don’t go anywhere without my oils! This week is a fantastic opportunity to try some oils at a fraction of the cost when you buy one and get one free!!! From general first aid to headaches, muscle achesContinue reading “DoTERRA Essential Oil BOGO’s | February 20-25”

Do You Have PCOS Or Hypothyroidism?

Do you or someone you love have PCOS and/or Hypothyroidism? Through infertility, raising children, working full time, trying to get a grasp on my health and figure out ‘why’… I am so thankful to have found a beautiful natural way to balance my body that works and is a simple addition to our life! ForContinue reading “Do You Have PCOS Or Hypothyroidism?”

DoTERRA Breathe Vapor Stick | Earn It & More For Free In February!

This is a FAV in our house!  With the benefits of our Breathe / Easy Air Respiratory blend!  So easy to just grab and apply. The vapor rub provides a nice cooling effect on the body as well!  Interested in tying this? You could get it free when you enroll this month with doTERRA!  WhatContinue reading “DoTERRA Breathe Vapor Stick | Earn It & More For Free In February!”

PCOS and Hypothyroidism

Updated December 8, 2019 Are you a woman who has been struggling with her physical and emotional health? Do you have an endocrine disorder/illness? Do you feel like something is wrong or off but keep hearing you are in the “normal ranges”! Are you sick and tired feeling sick and tired? Ladies, I hear you!Continue reading “PCOS and Hypothyroidism”

DoTERRA Essential Oils Live Online Class Series | Begins Tonight

​Hello family and friends,  A friend and mentor of mine, Dr Marissa Heisel, Holistic Chiropractor with a background in women’s health and midwifery, is teaching a series of classes for our community over the next week and a half! Marissa is brilliant and an absolute pleasure to listen to.  The first class is tonight atContinue reading “DoTERRA Essential Oils Live Online Class Series | Begins Tonight”

Gut Health and Happiness

Who had a fantastic time with Halloween last night!?!? I know we did with our kids… This morning the first thing they will be having will be their pro-biotics, PB Assist Jr, to help support their bodies in digesting all of the candy enjoyed and getting back on track 😉 Did you know that yourContinue reading “Gut Health and Happiness”

Women’s Hormonal Health 

​Women’s Hormonal Health.  As you all know I have PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis. All of which affect the hormonal balance within my body.  There is hope for us. After many years of feeling hopeless and broken. Even though our family is complete, I still live my daily life with  these invisible illnesses.  Clary Sage  •Continue reading “Women’s Hormonal Health “

With a soft and gentle Whisper

Hey all my oily lovers! This past week was emotionally tough for this Oily Photographer so I literally surrounded myself with loved ones ALL weekend from Friday night to Sunday night with of course some quiet downtime for myself as well. Saturday morning part of our oily team got together for some training, exactly whatContinue reading “With a soft and gentle Whisper”

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

Hello to all my oily lovers! What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? This optional program is designed to reward you for purchasing monthly with doTERRA. So for example if you make a purchase of 100PV (product value) you would receive 10-30PV back in points! These points are used just like dollars to purchase products! IveContinue reading “doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program”

Life as art… no matter the obstacles of life, it is beautiful

As many of my blog readers know, I have PCOS. An invisible illness that a lot of times goes un-diagnosed. PCOS  is extremely hard on a woman,  physically and mentally, and can prove to be difficult for her family as well.  8 years ago this month I was diagnosed, after almost a year of tryingContinue reading “Life as art… no matter the obstacles of life, it is beautiful”