Beautiful Inspiring Winter Freezing Fog

We awoke this morning to a “freezing fog”… as mundane as that sounds its actually quite beautiful in the morning! A beautiful winter wonderland! I sat this morning enjoying my tea in our livingroom, I listened to a beautiful morning meditation by Angela Kontgen and upon opening my eyes I could see the daylight wasContinue reading “Beautiful Inspiring Winter Freezing Fog”

Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16

Winter has finally arrived in the most beautiful way! Im certainly not a cold weather person, however this is a wonderful way to start winter! Being the end of November is even better 😉 Such a gorgeous sky I woke up to early this morning. Combined with the diffuser blend of Cassia, Douglas Fir andContinue reading “Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16”

Wedded Bliss, Rest and Relaxation in CUBA! |January 2015

We were so very lucky to attend my dear friend (and cousin)’s wedding in Cuba a few weeks ago. We had a blast – the people, food, resort, weather – all fabulous! Not to forget that it was hubby and I’s first time “away” in 11 years… well deserved and we enjoyed every minute! IContinue reading “Wedded Bliss, Rest and Relaxation in CUBA! |January 2015”

Winter Warmth | January 22, 2015

The kids and I were ready well before the bus was to arrive, the snow had lightly frosted the tree tips and the sky was a warm orange. After feeling in a bit of a photography rut (which just so happened to be after we returned from Cuba – a post of these photos toContinue reading “Winter Warmth | January 22, 2015”

This is what WINTER is in a small town! | Mount Forest

This past Friday a bunch of family met up in Toronto to go to the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. There is NO snow anywhere IN the city. Our aunt and uncle have a ground cover in their backyard, however the streets, nothing, downtown at the Aquarium NOT a flake! My uncle was joking that heContinue reading “This is what WINTER is in a small town! | Mount Forest”

Enjoying the winter wonderland

If we must have 6 more weeks of winter before Spring, I certainly hope the days are just like yesterday! Gorgeous warm sunshine with light snow flakes. The photographer in me was just itching to burst out of work at lunch time to capture some of the gorgeous scene mother nature created. Pure 20 minutesContinue reading “Enjoying the winter wonderland”

The Polar Vortex Returns…

Just when we thought we had enough snow… the polar vortex returned! … and did it ever!!! It all began Friday night, thankfully my sis made it home safely, however not before my dad and hubby had to pull someone out of the ditch just down the road from our house. The drifts were incredibleContinue reading “The Polar Vortex Returns…”