Good Night | May 2021

As this month comes to an end I spent some time this evening reflecting. Mostly on who I am. Beyond my “normal roles” of wife, mom, business woman… Purposely stepping back from electronic usage. The eye doctor check up and ability to actually see without strain and discomfort has been a beautiful reminder to beContinue reading “Good Night | May 2021”

Who Are You?

It’s almost too easy to loose your true self. Who you really are. In a time when people are most connected, so many are actually disconnected. Relationships we “have” online begin taking over parts of our life where we should be expanding, naturally, outward into the world and most importantly inward to ourselves. The yearContinue reading “Who Are You?”

Girl, Stop Apologizing | My Review

I was so lucky to receive an advance copy of Girl, Stop Apologizing. I began reading this book unsure of what exactly it would be about. I had an inkling of an idea… stop making excuses! 😉 Just 48 pages in and whoa I could have written this myself! I can relate with the wordsContinue reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing | My Review”

Do you have boundaries? 

I’m willing to bet, like many of us, you don’t.   I am just realizing I totally don’t! How is your time divided up each day? Do you have time for just you, time for your spouse/partner, kids, extended family, friends, hobbies, work etc?  What are your priorities each day that must get done andContinue reading “Do you have boundaries? “