Gorgeous Fall Colours | Wellington North

Today I had the opportunity to take photos within our community for Doors Open Wellington North.  While out on our tour – I had my daughter Madison as my assistant with me – we enjoyed touring the back roads and enjoying the warm, fresh fall breeze and the gorgeous fall colours! I love fall andContinue reading “Gorgeous Fall Colours | Wellington North”

The Calm After The Storm

This morning was just beautiful with gorgeous warm sunshine I couldn’t resist to getting outside with the kids and capturing some of the winter beauty. Ok yes it was incredibly cold, the wind felt like it was going through me as it whipped the snow around, I could barely feel my fingers as I snappedContinue reading “The Calm After The Storm”

Winter Sunset Sky | Photography

The other night I literally gasped walking out to my jeep. The sky was spectacular! As most photographer’s do (well those of us who do not have our camera with us… ) I quickly came home to grab my camera before picking the kids up. Was I ever glad I did… I made a fewContinue reading “Winter Sunset Sky | Photography”

Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay

I love when I have the opportunity to drive and just take photos, stop wherever my heart desires and shoot. I really shoot have a sign on my van that says {Photographer At Work} for those wondering why this crazy lady keeps pulling over so much or why Im hoping the guardrail or sucking myselfContinue reading “Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay”