Easy Air/Breathe, Bergamot and Geranium | Diffuser Blend

I’ve been doing a lot of personal development lately. A personal growth business wrapped up in an essential oil company. I am thankful for this growth and emotional support with the oils! My mental and physical health truly benefits every single day with every single drop!  2 drops Breathe/Easy Air, 2 drops Bergamot and 1Continue reading “Easy Air/Breathe, Bergamot and Geranium | Diffuser Blend”

Cough & Cold… Naturally! 

​Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I hit a brick wall! 😫 Exhausted, sore throat and stuffed up!  Of course I reached for some of my fav’s for supporting my body through a cough and cold!  I used these with my unscented lotion and applied on my chest, neck and behind my ears thoroughlyContinue reading “Cough & Cold… Naturally! “

Post CONVENTION Experience! | doTERRA Essential Oils – New Products, Education & More! 

​The count down is ON!  I am bursting with excitement to attend my first ever doTERRA Convention!!!  I am STOKED for the new products being announced AND… the education!!! DoTERRA invests a lot of resources for their wellness advocates to be properly educated with science backed research and amazing co-impact sourcing positively impacting people literallyContinue reading “Post CONVENTION Experience! | doTERRA Essential Oils – New Products, Education & More! “

Why Essential Oils? This is my Why!

Ive had some people asking, Why Essential Oils, do they really “work”, “are they just a fad?” “Can they really help me?” “Will it be a waste of money…” Ultimately this is a decision you must make on your own to be open to learning and the possibility of natural health and wellness … howeverContinue reading “Why Essential Oils? This is my Why!”