Embrace What You Have Been Given | Dear Universe

As part of my personal development journey this has become a big part of it – Embrace what you have been given. Something along the lines of “everything happens for a reason”, even when it can be frustrating to figure out the why – which we really and truly may not ever know. It couldContinue reading “Embrace What You Have Been Given | Dear Universe”

The most important work is…

It’s funny the things that make you giddy excited when you are an adult 😉 All summer we’ve been looking at various couches, pricing, fabric, location, layout etc. After the flood we had not just one sectional to replace, we had two. Long story short, when we began the basement renos (the first time), weContinue reading “The most important work is…”

Monday that feels like Sunday! | More For Me! 

My kids and I enjoyed the start of march break together with family as we enjoyed a magic show “March Break Magic” with Shawn Farquhar at the Dunfield Cambridge Theatre !  As we were driving home I was running through my head the list of things I needed to do when we got home. WeContinue reading “Monday that feels like Sunday! | More For Me! “