The light!

The light!Sometimes it’s easy to see, when you get stuck in the darkness. When the light suddenly feels so good.That was today.The warming temperature, rain that smelled so fresh and the light!The beautiful evening light!My soul felt so recharged!Mercury was also doing something this week, it was a full moon and its Friday the 13th!Continue reading “The light!”

Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset

What a gorgeous weekend to be at the beach! The water, sand and sun was simply fabulous – so warm, refreshing and calming! In and out of the water proved to heat things up with some of us getting a little extra sun. Imagine that, me as a red head under an umbrella for theContinue reading “Fun in the Sun | Sunburn & Sunset”

Fall Sunset | September 2014

There is something about a fall sunset. Other than its my absolute favourite season. The other night I was doing some work on the computer while my hubby, bless his heart, was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. All he said was “Pam take your camera and go outside”… I had no clue what toContinue reading “Fall Sunset | September 2014”

Winter Sunset Sky | Photography

The other night I literally gasped walking out to my jeep. The sky was spectacular! As most photographer’s do (well those of us who do not have our camera with us… ) I quickly came home to grab my camera before picking the kids up. Was I ever glad I did… I made a fewContinue reading “Winter Sunset Sky | Photography”

Fire In The Sky… Home Sweet Home [HDR Photography]

20130602-328C0958-Edit-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. This gorgeous, amazing sky is what we had the pleasure of enjoying in our backyard. Literally… fire in the sky! I took this image with my Canon 5DMIII and my 100mm f2.8L macro lens in HDR mode on my camera. I LOVE the results!

Beginning & End of a beautiful weekend ~ Sunrise & Sunset

What a gorgeous way to being Summer with the weather we were blessed with this Victoria Day weekend. My family and I were lucky to spend the weekend at my Grama’s cottage in Port Elgin, it is just breathtakingly beautiful there! Not only was I lucky as a child to spend every summer there, butContinue reading “Beginning & End of a beautiful weekend ~ Sunrise & Sunset”

The sun will always rise again…

20120501-328C0751-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. This is the photo I spoke about in my post… Even though I may have had a down day today, the sun will always rise again tomorrow. When I looked up from the couch and saw this outside I had to capture the beauty.