Sunday – Real Life, Laundry and Renovations

I woke up this morning and said to my husband, “We have two things we need to get done today… finish the basement drop ceiling (him) and fold the kids 3 baskets of laundry (me).”  It’s after 330pm and I’m just getting started on laundry!  I slept until 830am new time, I took a coupleContinue reading “Sunday – Real Life, Laundry and Renovations”

What I love about Sunday

Sunday. A day of rest. A day to be spent with your loved ones. I typically do spend a longer amount of time in bed in the morning, it is awesome that the kids now sleep “in” but its still nice to relax in bed after waking up, not necessarily sleeping but resting. Listening toContinue reading “What I love about Sunday”