A Refreshing Twist to Spring

What amazing weather we have been so blessed with this Spring – so nice I think we fast tracked directly to summer. Even the kids have taken on the summer mind set of being ready to be done with school. The count down is on!!! More time outside after school and work, BBQ’ing most nightsContinue reading “A Refreshing Twist to Spring”

Happy First Day of Spring | Spring Cleaning 2016

The sun is shining, the birds are singing… and there isn’t any snow !!! YAY! Happy First Day of Spring 😉 With Spring comes SPRING CLEANING!!! Did you know many cleaners contain chemicals which are not only toxic to us, our pets but also the environment? Clean your home safely with a few simple andContinue reading “Happy First Day of Spring | Spring Cleaning 2016”

Signs of Spring

In the tree beside our driveway is a tiny little nest… our kids are excited to see if someone might make this nest their home. Mady even called up asking “is anybody home in that nest?” LOL Children enjoying the outside ! Gorgeous green grass and very happy (and finally tired) dogs! The end ofContinue reading “Signs of Spring”