Spearmint, Tangerine & Lime Spotlight

Three of my fav oils to use in the diffuser together… read more about why these 3 oils are a beautiful combo to uplift the mood, instill confidence, creativity and feeling grateful for life along with so many more uses! Check them out! For my fellow ADHD Moms… these oils have been truly a giftContinue reading “Spearmint, Tangerine & Lime Spotlight”

10 Tips For Boosting Your Energy!

Even though Spring is here and the days are getting longer, there are days when we can feel like we are loosing our motivation! One of the ways I personally LOVE to uplift is with our diffuser, citrus and mint essential oils!  Why citrus… ? Chemistry of Lemon Oil Main Chemical components: Limonene, ß pinenes,Continue reading “10 Tips For Boosting Your Energy!”

Buy 1 Spearmint get 1 Peppermint FREE | Day 2 doTERRA BOGO

Today’s fresh, minty BOGO will keep you invigorated and refreshed! This BOGO is for Canada, United States and New Newland! Please email or PM me by noon today to ensure orders are able to be processed in a timely manner! If you need assistance or would like this BOGO please connect!!! For more information beContinue reading “Buy 1 Spearmint get 1 Peppermint FREE | Day 2 doTERRA BOGO”