Southgate In The Fall

The other night as I left work a wee bit later than normal, the sky was bright and blue, the sun shining and lowering in the sky. I asked my husband to take me on a photo tour, a wee road not far from home. With incredible views. As the weather cools, the sun setsContinue reading “Southgate In The Fall”

Fall Sunset | September 2014

There is something about a fall sunset. Other than its my absolute favourite season. The other night I was doing some work on the computer while my hubby, bless his heart, was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. All he said was “Pam take your camera and go outside”… I had no clue what toContinue reading “Fall Sunset | September 2014”

The Calm After The Storm

This morning was just beautiful with gorgeous warm sunshine I couldn’t resist to getting outside with the kids and capturing some of the winter beauty. Ok yes it was incredibly cold, the wind felt like it was going through me as it whipped the snow around, I could barely feel my fingers as I snappedContinue reading “The Calm After The Storm”

Winter Sunset Sky | Photography

The other night I literally gasped walking out to my jeep. The sky was spectacular! As most photographer’s do (well those of us who do not have our camera with us… ) I quickly came home to grab my camera before picking the kids up. Was I ever glad I did… I made a fewContinue reading “Winter Sunset Sky | Photography”

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Feeling so very blessed <3

With each passing thanksgiving, much like each passing day, we are even more thankful for our loved ones in our lives. This year, although we are not extremely religious people we have had to say our share of prayers, thankfully those prayers have been heard and my husband’s father, my father in law is feelingContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving ~ Feeling so very blessed <3”

My Photography – Specializing in Natural Light Lifestyle Newborn, Children & Family!

Photography, a set on Flickr. My portfolio was due for an update 🙂 These photos are just a select few of my collection over the past 3 years specializing in Newborn, Children & Family Photography in our Mount Forest and surrounding area. To view my portfolio as a full screen slideshow please click on theContinue reading “My Photography – Specializing in Natural Light Lifestyle Newborn, Children & Family!”