You Are Invited To A Unique Business Opportunity… 

In my 2 1/2 years using doTERRA Essential Oils and Products I have truly been blessed with a unique opportunity!  Are you someone who appreciates quality, is open to learning and making positive health changes for yourself, your family and people all over the world. Would you love to be a part of a powerfulContinue reading “You Are Invited To A Unique Business Opportunity… “

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!

Why we are going to work together to build our dreams and thrive as a leaders on our team! My doTERRA Business is blossoming and I am feeling the natural shift in health and wellness to being empowered within our homes. To learn to trust in our own bodies and souls, there is a betterContinue reading “Why we are going to work together to build our dreams!”

Canada Day Congratulations! | Deanna is Elite!!!

I am SO excited to announce that Deanna Wick Glazema had an amazing June, sharing these wonderful gifts of the earth with so many more, empowering and strengthening. Deanna and I are similar, we both have small business experience, those small businesses are very much relationship based, we are moms and we are growing togetherContinue reading “Canada Day Congratulations! | Deanna is Elite!!!”

I have a dream… Do you?

A dream of giving back, providing a helping hand. Discovering ME. My true passion, life purpose and taking action. Small business growth products and services. A solid backbone of every community. Financial Freedom. There is more to working than just paying bills. LOVING LIFE! Health and Happiness. More time with Family. Thirst for knowledge. SolidContinue reading “I have a dream… Do you?”